Wind Advisory in effect for Olympic Penninsula

ABERDEEN, Wash. – The National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory for a large portion of the Olympic Penninsula effective at 3 this morning until 8 Thursday night. Strong Southerly winds are expected at 20 To 30 MPH with local gusts possible around 45 MPH.

ALERT 1 – Wind Advisory


Event Start: Thursday, November 07, 2013 3:00 AM PST

Event End: Thursday, November 07, 2013 8:00 PM PST


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  • Forest Service seeks comment on two Olympic Penninsula thinning projects

    JEFFERSON COUNTY, Wash. – The US Forest Service is proposing the thinning of about 5,000 acres in the Queets River watershed, north of Lake Quinault.
    The purpose of the project is to restore and improve late-successional habitat conditions, generate economic activity, and provide jobs in the area.

    The thinning would take place in Jefferson County, on Olympic National Forest, Pacific Ranger District, Sam’s River, Matheny Creek, Queets River, and Salmon River subwatersheds in the Queets River watershed, north of Lake Quinault. The department is seeking public comment on the proposed project.

    Also open for public comment is the proposed thinning of 3,300 acres in the East Fork Humptulips watershed. To view the entire list, visit

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  • Cosmopolis to Draft Resolution Against Wild Olympics Proposal

    COSMOPOLIS, Wash. – The city of Cosmopolis could be next in line to make a stand on the Wild Olympics campaign, Mayor Vickie Raines said last night that Councilman Frank Chestnut requested a resolution in opposition be drafted and presented to the council at their June meeting, Hoquiam this week made a similar request. Aberdeen adopted a resolution last year opposing the campaign that seeks to place more control over Forest lands and rivers on the Olympic Penninsula.

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  • Wild Olympics Discussed Last Night

    ABERDEEN, Wash. – The Working Wild Olympics Coalition held their first public meeting last night, Dan Wood with the Grays Harbor and Pacific County Farm Bureau told us “This is bad for recreation, this is bad for jobs, and this is bad for taxpayers.”

    Around 130 gathered at the Aberdeen High School Commons area, Connie Galant, president of the wildolympics group said their plan to redesignate acreage in the Olympic Penninsula has evolved since it’s inception about 2 years ago “We are listening to stakeholders, getting their input, we’ve made a lot of changes from our first draft.”

    Spokesperson John Owen said the group wants positive and negative input on their website at, the oposing group, and the hosts of last night’s meeting directed concerned citizens to their website at

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  • JBLM training, not attacks, along Olympic Penninsula overnight

    OCEAN PARK, Wash. – The Pacific County Emergency Management Agency reports Joint Base Lewis McChord was conducting training in Pacific County overnight. JBLM flew MH 47 Chinook aircraft over the Peninsula just before sunset and 3:00 a.m.

    Training on a simulation of threats to the aircraft, Air Force personnel were on the ground carrying what may appear to be large weapons (possibly over the shoulder weapons). They may have been seen simulating shooting the aircraft down.

    This was planned to occur somewhere between Ocean Park and Long Beach.

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  • Aberdeen-Built Pontoons Head to Hoquiam June 1

    ABERDEEN, Wash. – Replacement pontoons for the State Route 520 floating bridge will begin their journey to Lake Washington this summer, but June first, they leave the casting basin in Aberdeen and make a short trip to Hoquiam.
    We have the contract to get them to the Port, then there’s another contract to take them up the coast. We’re thinking WSDOT that we’re working with here will buy the pontoons within 24 hours – Project Director Phil Wallace
    Wallace, with Kiewit General, told Port Commissioners on Tuesday that the six pontoons will rotate out of Terminal 4 in Hoquiam while the Washington State Department of Transportation works on towing the biggest pontoons every built 260 nautical miles around the Olympic Penninsula to Lake Washington.
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