• Water on tap

    Tip # 3 Sources of Water in a Disaster

    Water will become your most precious commodity during any disaster event. Because of our susceptibility to major flooding incidents and the possibility of earthquake, it is recommended you keep a ready supply of water in your home, auto and at work. One Gallon of water per day for each person in the household is suggested. […]

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  • WA 502

    Hoquiam council passes on marijuana laws, again

    The Hoquiam city council failed to adopt any of 4 proposed ordinances last night, “OK Fellas, let’s do something. We’re a deliberative body and we’re supposed to make decisions.” Mayor Jack Durney expressed some frustration after the council failed to pass either of two resolutions to further extend moratoriums, one was on Medicinal Marijuana Collective Gardens, […]

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  • “Drive Hammered, Get Nailed” Program Returns to Grays Harbor County

    Grays Harbor County –Between August 14 and September 7 extra DUI patrols will traverse Grays Harbor County roadways in search of impaired drivers.

    Participating in this summer’s Drive Hammered, Get Nailed enforcement campaign are the Aberdeen, Cosmopolis, Elma, Hoquiam, McCleary, Montesano and Ocean Shores Police Departments, the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office and the Washington State Patrol, with the support of the Grays Harbor Target Zero Traffic Safety Task Force.

    There are numerous myths surrounding impaired driving, chief of which is that one must have consumed alcohol in order to be arrested for DUI. Drivers can become impaired by the use of illegal, prescription, and even over-the-counter drugs, or some combination of these, with or without the presence of alcohol.

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  • Washington State Capitol in Olympia

    Lawmakers pass bipartisan state budget that fully funds education, averts government shutdown

    The Legislature OK’d a bipartisan two-year state budget Monday night in Olympia. Dan Frizzell reports after several months of work and several weeks of high drama, Washington lawmakers gave their stamp of approval to an operating budget that beefs up K-12 spending, lowers tuition at colleges and universities, and avoids a threatened government shutdown. Lawmakers […]

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  • Traffic Resumes Friday Morning After Grays Harbor Transit Collides With Semi

    ABERDEEN, Wash. – A Semi and a Grays Harbor Transit collided this morning at the intersection of Heron and H street, On-Scene officers tell us it appears the semi truck driver could not stop for the flashing red light in time and was in the intersection when the Grays Harbor transit, travelling Eastbound on Heron street, collided with the front of the semi. The transit bus then veered into the parking area by the Olympic Candy Factory building, colliding with the building, doing significant damage to both the bus and the building.

    The Aberdeen Fire Department tells KBKW that two passengers were on the bus at the time, one passenger and the driver of the bus were transported to Community Hospital with minor injuries, the bus driver may have a broken arm, the second passenger, and driver of the semi were both determined OK at the scene, the driver was cited for failure to stop at the stoplight.

    Traffic resumes on H and Heron in downtown Aberdeen this morning, the semi truck has been towed to the nearby empty lot, the Transit bus remains at the scene.

    The semi is totalled, the bus sustained $50,000 in damages and may be totalled, the building sustained $20,000 in damages.


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