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Local schools get continued Levee support as February special election results certified


Election results were certified last night for the February special election, locally all replacement Maintenance and Operations levies passed, with Oakville’s multi-county race passing by only 4 votes, 210 to 206 with 13 Lewis County voters. Grays Harbor’s voter turnout ended at 36.3%, while Pacific County reports 53.76% and Lewis 38.7% voter turnout. Hoquiam is…

Local businesses warned of check writing scam hitting Western Washington

OCEAN SHORES, Wash. – The North Beach Chamber of Commerce in Ocean Shores tells us they have been advised that there is a large ring of people involved in a check writing scam who have hit 45 businesses from Grays Harbor to Pacific County and as far south as Astoria. Local businesses are circulating a list of names associated with the scam, the chamber says you should be suspicious of any large check amounts even if the name does not appear on the list.

Low income pet altering November 2nd at North Beach PAWS

North Beach PAWS still has room available for the November 2nd spay and neuter clinic. This service is offered to pet owners of the North Beach area who are low-income and otherwise unable to afford the cost of getting their pets altered. This service is free to qualifying applicants, but donations of any size are greatly appreciated to help fund this project. Those outside of the North Beach Area may also apply and will be put on an alternate list pending space available. There is a limit of two animals per household. Call 289-0409 to apply.

North Beach PAWS teams with PetSense for kitten adoptions in Aberdeen

ABERDEEN, Wash. - PetSense in Aberdeen has some new kittens and cats up for adoption, thanks to a recent adoption of their own, that spawned a new partnership with North Beach PAWS. They supplied the furry orphans for the Petsense National Adoption event earlier this month. Brittanie, the new manager of the local PetSense adopted “Dexter,” and that got the ball rolling.

Molly High of North Beach PAWS tells us they are grateful for the opportunity and thanked PetSense for their hospitality. The cats will be rotated every 2-3 days so check back often. For each cat adopted, PetSense gives a cardboard carrier, a blanket, one month of flea treatment, and a goodie bag, as well as 10% off purchases the day of the adoption.

ADOPT-A-CAT at PetSense and support North Beach PAWS

If you are looking for a kitten or a cat, we are now doing adoptions out of PetSense in Aberdeen as well as through the shelter! Please go see our purr-babies if you would like to add to your family. We have cats and kittens of all ages, sizes and color. Those who have not been adopted after a couple of days will return to the shelter for a break and others will take their place, so check back often. Or if you are looking for a particular kitty, let us know! We might have one just waiting at our shelter for the purr-fect fur-ever home with you! Due to the high numbers of kitties needing rehomed at this time, we are offering a special adoption fee of one for $80 or two for $100. When considering adopting, understand that kittens and teenage litter mates often do better in pairs as they will entertain each other and not rely on you (or your house) for their primary means of entertainment. They are less mischievous if they can wear each other out! They all come spayed/neutered and all vaccinations, deworming, and flea control is current. The shelter has invested up to $250 per kitty, so this is much more economical than getting a free kitten you have to pay for the altering, initial vaccinations, veterinary care and wellness check, as this has already been done! Your purr-fect feline companion awaits you!

Ocean Shores dog passes away, after found in such poor health he bled when he walked

UPDATE: The Irish wolf hound mix that North Beach PAWS had named Adonis for their brief time with him passed away Monday afternoon. “Romeo” was brought in to their shelter Saturday in such poor health that he was given only a 50% chance to live.
Deputy Police Chief Russ Fitts with Ocean Shore PD tells us his owners “told investigators that they have been dealing with expensive, medical issues with the dog for years,” adding that “while it is unfortunate to see, the situation did not appear to fit the criteria for neglect.” The case remains under investigation.
North Beach PAWS reports an influx of donations toward his care will help to cover the vet bills.

OCEAN SHORES, Wash. – North Beach PAWS operator Molly High tells us a malnourished Irish wolf hound mix was apparently found near the Ocean Shores Marina Saturday afternoon, infested with fleas, and yeast infections. High said  his face is covered in scabs. “His eyes are infected, and he’s miserable. His paws are swollen about twice the size of what they should be.” High said just walking makes him bleed.
On Sunday High talked with Ocean Shores Police and the owner, at that time they wanted to file charges against the shelter, and whoever had dropped him off. Molly said they talked the owner into relinquishing the dog to their care, and not filing charges. Police also declined charges against the owner.
Adonis recovering
if you’d like to help with animal rescue on the North beach,

Grays Harbor residential burglaries increase with summer heat

MONTESANO, Wash. – The Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office is warning of an increase in the number of property crimes they are seeing during the summer months. Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate telss us over the last 30 days, they have responded to 26 reported burglaries.   The most common items taken in the burglaries include: laptop computers, TV’s, tools, guns, money, lawn and garden equipment such as chainsaws and trimmers, electrical wiring, etc.


“We have seen an increase in the number of home owners who are installing alarm systems or surveillance equipment.  Alarm systems range from about $250.00 on up.  An item that is less expensive but has been a huge benefit in the deterrence of these crimes is Game Cameras.  These types of cameras can be purchased from $50.00 on up.  Just last month, the Sheriff’s Department was able to solve a residential burglary to an East County home because of a game camera.  A total of 4 suspects were charged with that crime.”