National Night Out party lists for Aberdeen and Hoquiam

National Night Out locations 
August 5th from 6 – 10 PM

National Night Out provides an opportunity for all community members to get to know one another and build strong networks of communication throughout neighborhoods. Last year, neighborhoods throughout the state hosted block parties, some of which included BBQ’s, games and fun for the kids and adults alike. Public Officials, Police Officers, CRIME WATCH volunteers and Firefighters from local municipalities dropped in and visited with neighbors and talked about important crime prevention.
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State Patrol Bomb Squad destroys sparkler bombs in Ocean Shores

The Washington State Patrol sent their bomb squad to Ocean Shores today, local police tells KBKW someone found and reported a couple of “pipe bomb-looking devices” in the parking lot of the Shilo Inn at 10:45 Saturday morning. Sgt. David McManus said it was likely they were improvised fireworks, but the precaution was necessary. The area was cordoned off and the Washington State Patrol Bomb Squad was called. The bomb technicians moved the items to a safe container for transport, then the devices were taken to a remote location and destroyed.

A press release from the department this evening stated that Saturday morning, a guest at the Shilo Inn found two suspected explosive devices left on the back bumper of his truck. He moved them next to a trash can then notified the hotel staff. A maintenance worker placed a bucket over the items and called 911. The Ocean Shores Police and Fire Departments responded.

The devices were two small PVC pipes (about 4-6 inches long), sealed at both ends.

The area was cordoned off and the Washington State Patrol Bomb Squad was called. The bomb technicians moved the items to a safe container for transport, then the devices were taken to a remote location and destroyed.

The bomb technicians were able to determine that the devices were “sparkler bombs” – common sparklers packed into a tight container. The sparklers that would act as fuses had burned down without detonating the devices, so it appears that whoever made them just left them on the truck’s bumper. Sparkler bombs can produce fairly strong explosions and are very dangerous.

There are no suspects.

Bomb Squad 04 Bomb Squad 06 Bomb Squad 08



South Pacific a hit at 7th Street Theater in Hoquiam

A Good time was had by many at the 7th Street Theater showing of award-winning musical South Pacific over the weekend.
Facebook follower DiAnna Baker Malone posted the album: Movie Night at the 7th Street Theater.
“South Pacific Great Show tonight at the Awesome 7th Street Theater. Thank you KBKW for the Tickets & to the long list of people who keep the 7th Street Theater Up & Running!”

Distraught Hoquiam teen pulled from roof with new HFD ladder truck

A Hoquiam teen suffered only superficial injuries Friday night after firefighters used their new ladder truck to get Hoquiam Sgt. Brian Dayton to the roof of a in the 400 block of Emerson Avenue. Police Chief Jeff Myers tells us E911 Dispatch received several calls that night from worried friends of a 14-year old girl who had apparently posted suicidal comments on her Facebook page.

When officers first checked on her, and spoke with her family, she assured them she wasn’t going to harm herself. Myers said the family was aware of the circumstances and had taken steps to prevent any harm.

About 30-minutes later, police were called back to the home as the girl was reportedly cutting herself with a razor while barricaded in a bathroom.

Upon the arrival of Hoquiam officers, they found the teen at the peak of the roof of the large two-story home. The teen proceeded to cut herself with a small razor blade as she refused to talk with officers or get down off the steep-sloped roof.

A Hoquiam Fire Department ambulance responded to the scene; officers also requested the fire department deploy their ladder truck in an attempt to rescue the teen before she harmed herself further or slipped off the slick roof.

The teen heeded the pleas of the officers on the ground to throw down the razor, but then attempted to strangle herself with a cord from the TV mast at the top of the roof.

The fire department deployed the new ladder truck which was just recently purchased and placed into service. Sgt. Brian Dayton accompanied the firefighters to the roof in the bucket of the ladder. Sgt. Dayton reached the peak and was able to slide down the roof to a brick chimney where the teen had retreated. The teen was escorted to the bucket and transported to the ground on the ladder truck.

The teen was transported to Community Hospital by ambulance for treatment and referral to mental health assistance; she only suffered superficial injuries.
If you suspect that a teenager you know is suicidal, take immediate action! For 24-hour suicide prevention and support, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK.


On Monday Sgt. Brian Dayton said “Captain Tim Smith, EMT Tyler Newport, and Medic Brandon Ray were key components in helping resolve this situation.City of Hoquiam Government Fire Department has a bunch of Awesome folks working there and to have a great working realtionship with them makes some days a whole lot easier!”



Dinner and a movie for Wild Olympics supporters

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Over 120 Grays Harbor supporters of Wild Olympics, including business owners, and other community leaders, attended a screening of the film “Out of the Mist” about the forests and streams of the Olympic Peninsula at the Aberdeen Elks on Wednesday, October 2nd. Campaign consultant Al Carter tells us the dinner was a “Thank You” to their longtime supports.