• Kilmer at Kompany

    Representative Derek Kilmer End of Year Report

    Since taking office in January, Representative Derek Kilmer has been active both at home and in Washington, DC to work for his constituents. The following report presents Representative Kilmer’s accessibility in the region, a snapshot of benefits secured for his constituents, and a summary of his legislative efforts and accomplishments in his first year in […]

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  • QIN: Advising the new White House Council on Native American Affairs

    Washington, D.C. – The Quinault government issued a white paper to the recently formed White House Council on Native American Affairs during its inaugural session in Washington, D.C. Tuesday. The Quinault paper, issued by Quinault President Fawn Sharp, responds to President Barack Obama’s directives to the new Council that it must work to facilitate “efficient delivery of government services” to Indian communities, and engage Indian and Native Alaskan governments for a “true and lasting government-to-government relationship.”

    The document stated that the Quinault government “welcomes this opportunity to offer concrete comments and recommendations … that will strengthen the nation-to-nation relationship” and offered seven specific suggestions for success. It referred to the economic disaster of the last five and-a-half years that has undermined many tribal businesses across the country, and the sequestration of federal funding resulting in an “economic disaster among many tribes creating a profound sense of desperation in Indian Country.”

    Commenting on the “chronic underfunding of Indian Country from federal agencies” starting with the Ronald Reagan Administration the Quinault government urged the new White House Council to send representatives to each tribe and Rancheria in the country to “engage in intergovernmental meetings”

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  • BPA proposes rate increase to sustain hydro system value

    Portland, Ore. – The Bonneville Power Administration today proposed an 8.5 percent average wholesale power rate increase primarily to support much-needed maintenance and refurbishment of Northwest hydroelectric and nuclear generating facilities to ensure continued delivery of affordable power to the region.

    The proposed rate would affect Northwest consumer-owned utilities such as public utility districts, tribal utilities, cooperatives, municipalities and federal entities. These are known as preference customers because, by law, BPA must serve their resource needs.  BPA also sells power to investor-owned utilities and direct-service industries, but under different rate structures.

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  • New rebates available on more appliances through Cash for Appliances Washington

    Washington State – The Cash for Appliances Washington rebate program has received almost 15,000 rebate applications and distributed nearly $1.2M in rebate checks. The program has delivered nearly one quarter of the available $5.6M in rebate funds to Washington residents. In order to make more products available to consumers, Cash for Appliances Washington is rolling out a second phase of the program this summer, offering residents even more opportunities to save energy and money through the purchase of qualified ENERGY STAR high-efficiency appliances.

    "The federal recovery act investment in Cash for Appliances has already generated over $13.5 million in retail appliance sales in Washington," said Rogers Weed, director of the Washington State Department of Commerce. "We’re looking forward to the next, expanded phase of the program to pump more of those stimulus dollars into our economy."

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  • Aberdeen WA Police Department

    Aberdeen man robbed while walking home

    Aberdeen Police are looking for tips to an armed robbery that took place outside an F street apartment earlier this week. Police Captain John Green tells KBKW on 10/13/14 at about 10:29 A.M. Aberdeen Police Officers responded to the report of a robbery that occurred the night before in the area of the 200 Block […]

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  • Army Corps of Engineers to begin annual dredging of Grays Harbor

    SEATTLE, Wash. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District, announced that the annual maintenance dredging of the Federal navigation channel in the Grays Harbor Inner Harbor will begin today and continue through Feb. 14, 2014 – the time of year particularly suited for dredging to ensure the least impact to aquatic species and resources.

    Removal of approximately 1 million cubic yards of material will begin in the inner harbor near Aberdeen, Wash., extending to the middle of the harbor. The Corps’ Seattle District awarded a $4.2 million dredging contract to American Construction Co., Inc., of Tacoma, Wash. The project is expected to be completed by Feb. 15.

    The channel requires annual dredging to allow shipping from the Pacific Ocean to the head of the navigation channel at Cosmopolis, Wash. Shoaling, sedimentation filling in the channel, reduces the ability of ships to enter and leave safely under full load or during low tide conditions.

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  • Suspect Sought in Mason County Double Homicide

    SHELTON, Wash. – Police are searching for a suspect in a double homicide investigation in Mason county after two bodies were found at a Shelton home yesterday morning.

    Mason County Coroner Wes Stockwell has identified the bodies as 19 year old Tyler W. Drake, and 37 year old Anitrea (Roxy) Leigh Taber of Shelton.
    Shelton Police Lt. Les Watson tells us officers found a man and woman shot dead inside a trailer in the 200 Block of Harvard 1:00 yesterday morning. Watson said two “persons of interest” were detained.


    Police said in a statement last night that the “Investigation has led to the identification of 22-year-old Charles Sydney Longshore as the shooter. Longshore is described as a Native American male, 6-foot-2, 186 (pounds), with reddish brown hair and hazel eyes. He has a large tattoo on the left side of his neck.”
    Longshore is considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with information that might assist in this investigation is urged to call the Shelton Police Department at 360-426-4441

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  • Report Gives Thumbs-Up to Pacific NW Legacy Roads Program

    SEATTLE, Wash. – A new federal report says the U.S. Forest Service’s Legacy Roads Program is getting the job done in the Pacific Northwest when it comes to forest restoration and protecting water resources, and now there is a call to expand the program to create more employment.

    Federal statistics show up to 24 jobs are created for every $1 million spent on these projects. That’s a big reason Congressman Norm Dicks wants to see the program expanded, along the lines of the old Civilian Conservation Corps.

    “This thing keeps people at work; in fact, I think we should really accelerate it because the people in the rural areas need jobs. These are the kind of things we need to do to help people, rather than just unemployment comp.”

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