• Barbara Bennett Parsons With the Hoquiam Farmers Market News

    Summer Fun; def.- food, art, music, festivals, fairs, and more food!
    Your Hoquiam Farmers Market is intent on making every final moment of this summer season so filled with good times that you will be able to slip happily into fall, content in the knowledge that you didn’t miss a darn thing!
    In order to fortify yourself for a very busy week ahead, I highly recommend that you saunter into Deidra’s Deli on Thursday.  Any day is just fine, but on Thursday you will find a gourmet specialty that is so rare and fine that Hoquiam might just find itself known far and wide for gastronomic excellence.  Have I tantalized you enough?      Fresh Chanterelle Mushroom Soup !!!!!!!!!
    Yup.  Right here in little old Hometown Hoquiam.  Julia Childs would be so proud.
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