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Montesano softens changes to water bill, may reconsider strict leak policy

MONTESANO, Wash. - After taking heat over a drastic change to the city's water leak policy, Montesano Mayor Ken Estes said last night that they will phase in the new policy that offers no forgiveness for leaks that

Montesano Public Works employees settle union grievance over suspensions

MONTESANO, Wash. - Union grievances filed against the city of Montesano over employee suspensions have been settled, Mayor Ken Estes tells us he was notified yesterday that Teamsters Local 252 will not be going forward with grievances filed by three

City employees suspended after investigation finds thousands of hours wasted online

MONTESANO, Wash. - Three employees of the City of Montesano have been suspended without pay after an investigation of their computers found inappropriate images, and thousands of hours wasted surfing the internet. Montesano Mayor Ken Estes said at their council

Town history found on the shelf of garage sale

MONTESANO, Wash. - Snagging Montesano's history, right off the shelf of a garage sale. Carol Beck of Elma was out garage sailing recently when she spotted, and recognized, a lost piece of the town's history. She

Montesano council fails to overturn Mayor’s veto of “Downtown Plan”

MONTESANO, Wash. - The Montesano City Council last night failed to overturn the mayor’s veto of the downtown plan, adopted earlier this month. Mayor Ken Estes vetoed the ordinance adopting the plan last week, citing concerns over the city's

Montesano Mayor repeals ordinance adopting “Downtown Plan”

MONTESANO, Wash. - Citing concerns over the city's ability to enforce it, Montesano Mayor Ken Estes has vetoed the "Downtown Plan" adopted by city council earlier this month. In a letter to council the mayor said portions of

Union drops two grievances with city of Montesano

MONTESANO, Wash. - Two union grievances filed against the city of Montesano are being dropped, Mayor Ken Estes tells us city staff learned Friday that Teamsters Local 252 will not be going forward with either the discipline or termination hearing

Montesano, Powell, earn award for budget

MONTESANO, Wash. - The city of Montesano, and City Administrator Kristy Powell are being honored for the third year in a row by the Government Finance Officers Association. Powell, and the city, are among 1340 being recognized for their budget.