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Hoquiam to celebrate Arbor Day, 6th year as Tree City USA, with new trees along 28th Street

Hoquiam Tree City USA

In honor of Arbor Day, the City of Hoquiam Urban Forestry Committee, in partnership with  local Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts, will plant two Tschonski flowering crab trees on the west side of Olympic Stadium along 28th Street.

The scouts will join Mayor Jack Durney, Committee Members, and City Staff for the celebration and planting at 4:00 pm on April 25 at Olympic Stadium. Community members are invited to participate in this event. 

An Arbor Day celebration is one of the requirements to become a Tree City USA, a designation the City of Hoquiam has held for the past six years.  Hoquiam is also the only City in Grays Harbor to hold this distinction. 

Micki McNaughton from the Washington Department of Natural Resources will also attend the event to present the Mayor with Hoquiam’s sixth consecutive Tree City USA award.

For more information please contact Joshua Beach, City Planner, at (360) 538-3971 or email at [email protected].

The city has several youtube videos on their website from previous celebrations.

Hoquiam raises ambulance rates for non-residents


Ambulance rates are on the rise in Hoquiam, but only if you are a non-resident that needs help within city limits. Finance Director Mike Folkers said Monday “We’ve ran some numbers on the previous runs that we’ve had and if the pay amounts continue, as apposed to the amounts that are written off through medicare, we estimate about [a] $30-thousand increase into the ambulance fund.

Mayor Jack Durney said that the fund was ‘underwater’ about $100-thousand.

City council adopted the ordinance raising the rate 25% higher than what Hoquiam residents pay if they need an ambulance. Hoquiam residents ‘pay it forward’ on their utility bill, with a monthly Ambulance Utility Rate.

Hoquiam looks to ban all marijuana business until it’s federally legal

The Hoquiam city council last night took one step closer to a ban on all marijuana businesses. Councilman Paul McMillan amended their planning commission report that recommended all marijuana processing, producing, and retailing businesses be located in the city’s industrial zones. “Until federal law is amended to permit the growing, distribution, and possession of marijuana, or until a court of competent jurisdiction determines that local governments in Washington state may permit such uses, the city of Hoquiam will adhere to federal law and will not authorize these activities.”
City council adopted the amended report, with “no” votes from councils Ben Winkleman and Jasmine Dickoff. Mayor Jack Durney also recommended that council Richard Pennant recuse himself from the vote and conversation as he admitted that he has applied for a business license.
The report also recommends prohibiting all collective gardens within city limits. It will now be moved on to their land use hearing examiner, and will come back to the council in the form of a proposed ordinance in the coming month.

Hoquiam to rethink new fire station after bids come back too high

HOQUIAM, Wash. – The city of Hoquiam will likely remodel, instead of rebuild, the Eastside fire station after learning that a grant for nearly a million dollars won’t cover the costs. Mayor Jack Durney tells us even though they had no matching requirements on the grant “We called for bids and the bids were quite a bit higher than the estimate. So we’re cancelling all of the bids and we’re going to go back to the drawing table and come up maybe with a remodel instead of a new building.
The State Department of Commerce awarded Hoquiam $900,000 to demolish and rebuild the Eastside Fire Station in May of 2012. Durney said the city did not have the resources to add another 4 -or $500-thousand to fully fund that.

Hoquiam Adopts first Downtown Historic District in Grays Harbor

HOQUIAM, Wash. – The Hoquiam city council adopted the ordinance on Monday, creating their  Downtown Historic District, a district that’s historic in it’s own way. Mayor Jack Durney explains “in the sense that it’s been a three year process, it’s important that we preserver our heritage, and those buildings. And then, we’re the first one’s in Grays Harbor County to have a Historic District.”
The new district snakes through downtown Hoquiam and includes about 45 buildings, Durney adds “When you look at the map, it’s kind of an odd shape. There isn’t a lot of old downtown left in Hoquiam. People will remember in the ’60s we had an urban renewal project. A lot of buildings were torn down. As a result there’s a section of Hoquiam that has newer office buildings, medical clinics and so on – a new motel, that wasn’t there before.”

Hoquiam Downtown Historic District
The district will help with building restoration by bridging the gap between today’s strict building codes, and well, back when they thought sandstone was structural.

Hoquiam one step closer to Downtown Historic District

Corrected story

HOQUIAM, Wash. – The Hoquiam city council last night adopted the report for their historic district, the new district will snake through downtown Hoquiam and includes about 45 buildings, some already on the Local Registrar of Historic Places. The district would also exempt historic buildings from some flood plain requirements when undergoing historical restoration. Mayor Jack Durney said this morning that city staff will return with an official ordinance for adoption in September.

Correction: Hoquiam council last night adopted the report, an ordinance will be returned for adoption sometime in September.