Hoquiam Farmer’s Market News – Spring Madness Edition

I’ve had it with trying to grow plants that just plain do not like to grow in Grays Harbor! This must be the beginnings of wisdom. I will plant only those botanical wonders which I know to thrive in my garden. It seems like a simple concept, but last year’s non-summer really drove the point home. On top of that, I’m tired of buying expensive plants that the deer figure is their picnic lunch. It is with great sadness that I walk away from my valiant efforts to grow roses. Deer food. I’ll visit the Polson Museum rose garden instead. They have a really good fence around theirs.
The past 3 weekends have given gardeners high hopes for a good season, and we’re ready at the Hoquiam farmers market to provide the plants that you need. We have plants for the soul and plants for the tummy- yours, not the deers. You may recall that I made a vow to uphold the Bennett family honor and grow Artichokes- my new plants arrive Friday morning, good size artichoke plants that are sure to provide me with good eating for many years to come. Deer hate artichoke plants! Deer also ignore Hosta, Foxgloves, Hellebores, and Lupine. Consequently, those are my favorite plants now. I also love the plants that thrive in our less than scorching temperatures; pansies, violas, fuschias, begonias, mosses, primroses, campanulas, columbine, forget-me-nots, astilbe, strawberries, and sedum. My first crop of lettuce is in the ground, seeds for my favorites flowers have been sowed, and I’m ready to fill in with our new shipment of starter plants and herbs.
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  • Hoquiam Farmer’s Market News – Plump Tuesday Edition

    Fat Tuesday?  Mardi Gras sounds so much more exotic. Why, you may be asking yourself, should an otherwise boring weekday in March be one of the major party days in the world?  Did someone just wake up one dreary winter morning and say 
    ‘ I think we need a party- right now!’ ?  Was it merely a spontaneous reaction to the bleary blues of boredom?  No, no my friends, the history of Mardi Gras, aka Fat Tuesday is much more solemn than wild drunken parades with lots of bright flashy beads.  Fat Tuesday is supposed to be the final day of indulgence before the forty days of Lenten fasting begins.  Fasting, you say?  What fasting?  Let’s get back instead to the indulgence part. 

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