Montesano rejects bids after learning lowest bidder is “Main Street Phase 2” contractor

MONTESANO, Wash. – The city of Montesano last night rejected all bids for upgrades to a portion of their water distribution system, after council learned that the lowest bidder was the contractor responsible for the Main Street Phase 2 project. Outgoing councilman Doug Streeter spoke his mind “That was probably the worst project I’ve ever experienced in my entire life, they’re horrible.”
Downtown businesses in Montesano went without sidewalks or a main street for weeks at a time while South Bay Excavating of Olympia worked between the raindrops in August and September. The work completed in October.
Regardless of track record, the state’s competitive bidding process requires that cities award contracts to the lowest and best bidder. After city staff couldn’t find a legal reason to reject their bid, council voted to reject all four bids and go back to the drawing board. The project will make upgrades to the distribution system for residents in the Wilder Hill area. City staff said the vote to go back to the bidding process will delay the project by months. The number two bid was Roglins of Aberdeen, at $214,632 the difference was $135.50.
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  • Road work continues in downtown Montesano, expected to complete in October

    MONTESANO, Wash. – The construction continues in downtown Montesano, Public Works Director Rocky Howard told the council at this week’s meeting that base rock will be down by the weekend, so downtown Montesano should be a little smoother than last weekend.
    “The roads will be open on the weekend. September 12 roads and gutters are done, September 20th blacktop is placed.” Howard added that the Main Street Phase 2 project should be complete in October “First week in October we should be complete and ready for striping and some of the fine details.”

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