Westport Winery Earns Gold, Double Bronze at Seattle Wine Awards

SEATTLE, Wash. – The largest and most influential independent wine recognition program in the state, the Seattle Wine Awards (SWA), announces the winning wines in 26 categories spanning three retail price ranges and comprised exclusively of Washington state appellation wines. 

Seattle Wine Awards Executive Director, Christopher Chan, launched the awards as a wine-recognition program focused on Washington-grown grapes and wine in 2006. The inaugural event garnered only 274 entries. This year, however, the program received nearly one thousand bottles of Washington’s highest quality wines for consideration. A top-tier panel of experienced local and national wine-savvy professionals committed to tasting and evaluating this year’s entries.

Westport Winery’s voluptuous red blend Bella earned a gold medal at this year’s Seattle Wine Awards in April. A portion of the proceeds from Bella, a blend of Tempranillo, Refosco, Barbera, Primitivo, Merlot and Syrah, benefits the Mt. Rainier Chapter of the American Red Cross’s blood bank. This wine’s label is in homage to the region’s fame as home to the Twilight book and movie series.

Westport’s other red blends, Jetty Cat and Boom Runner, each earned bronze medals in this competition. Jetty Cat, a scrappy blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Franc, benefits the Harbor Association of Volunteers for Animals (HAVA). Boom Runner, a bold blend of Syrah and Merlot aged in French oak, benefit Hoquiam’s Polson Museum. Founded in 2006 by Christopher Chan the Seattle Wine Awards is the largest wine competition in Washington State.

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  • Hoquiam Farmers Market News – Ham And Bean Soup Edition

    Mmm. Ham and Bean soup. Two factors combine to make this the perfect recipe to cook this week; first, I actually have a ham bone and ham leftovers, thanks to a fabulously delectable Easter ham. Secondly ( this may not come as a surprise to you) it is cold outside. Not just slightly chilly, not merely add-another-layer-because-there’s-a-nip in the air- nope, this is downright cold weather we’re having. Perfect for a hearty and filling soup! If you kept my recipe for Grandma Bennett’s Rolls from a few weeks back, now is the time to try them out too!

    Not only is this a nutritious soup, but, like many of the finest soups ever created, it is made from ingredients that you already have on hand. That pleases the Scottish part of me immensely. I dislike wasting anything, particularly food. It is estimated that the average American family wastes 14% of the food which they purchase. I know, you wrap up some cheese and forget that it’s in the frig until curiosity prompts you to peak in that baggie. Instead of a tasty treat, a science project has overtaken what once was cheese, and it gets tossed into the garbage can. Six hundred dollars per year could be saved if we kept a better watch on what we buy and use it in a timely fashion. Refrigerator Soup is the term for the scrumptious meal that could be created from those bits and pieces from the food that you already have on hand! Making Refrigerator Soup is also extremely creative and a great way to shake off the shackles of always following a recipe. Be brave! Toss in the gravy from last nights chicken dinner, use the cheese to grate on top for a gourmet finish. Make croutons from the last slice of bread. Forget about exact proportions- this is your statement of ultimate freedom! Be the Boss of your kitchen!

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  • Le Mays Garbage Truck Rolls Over in Hoquiam

    On Wednesday 2/25/09 at about 1:00 PM Hoquiam police responded to the report of an overturned truck at Bay Avenue and 23rd Street. When officers arrived on the scene they saw a 1997 Le Mays garbage truck on his side against the fence on the south side of the roadway.

    The driver of the Mack Truck, 51 year old William Karr of Cosmopolis, told officers he was rounding the corner from 23rd Street onto Bay Avenue when he felt the truck “jolt” and it began to slowly tip over.  Several witness told officers that the truck was not traveling very fast when it began to roll over. The truck was fully loaded with garbage at the time it rolled over.

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