• Hoquiam Farmers Market News

    Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved to lie in bed listening to the wind & rain.  The phrase ‘snug as a bug in a rug” applied perfectly as I wrapped my quilt a little closer.  It never occurred to me to worry about the roof blowing away or trees falling down.  I was safe and loved.  My quilt was made just for me by my Grandma Bennett, a flashlight was hidden under the covers ( I always read a book, thinking I was being sneaky, but the flashlight mysteriously appeared on the bed stand in the morning).  I still revel in the snugness of my cozy bed on a stormy night!
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  • StoresOnline no thrift shop for hopeful Internet entrepreneurs

    SEATTLE – All they wanted was to start an online business. But many Washington residents who agreed to pay thousands of dollars to a company called StoresOnline claim they were suckered.

    “StoresOnline made it seem that their software was so easy to use that anyone could start an online company overnight and be successful – even someone who didn’t own a computer or knew nada about the Internet,” Attorney General Rob McKenna said. “Naturally, that wasn’t the case for many customers who were encouraged to pay more and more.”

    After accusing the company of deceptive sales practices, the Washington Attorney General’s Office today announced an agreement that provides refunds for StoresOnline customers, who include many elderly and people on limited incomes.

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