Montesano Mayor thanks Flood Authority for support

MONTESANO, Wash. - Montesano Mayor Ken Estes released a big thank you to members of the Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority this week. He added that the city plans to stay involved until every member has a solution to flooding on the Chehalis River.

The Flood Authority earlier this week voted to shift funding from three other Grays Harbor County projects, in order to fully fund and complete the Mary's River Lumber project in South Montesano. Estes said in his release that the city also plans to stick around for the duration of the process to create a basin wide approach to reduce flood damage when the Chehalis River swells.

Other communities in Lewis, Thurston and Grays Harbor put the interests of Montesano at the head of the line now. We won’t forget. Our community is committed to stay involved until we have finished all of the needed local projects and found a basin wide solution to catastrophic flooding. - Estes

The following editorial was submitted by Montesano Mayor Ken Estes.

In Montesano we’re used to trying to solve our own problems. But year by year as the Chehalis River has eroded land and moved closer and closer to our wastewater treatment plant and Mary’s River lumber company we realized this problem was bigger than we could handle alone. Locally we worked hard to come up with a workable solution to stop the erosion and protect the infrastructure that supports our community. However, the project is cost is beyond the capacity of the city to fund. The Chehalis Basin Flood Authority supported our request for state funding. Our local legislators and both Governor Gregoire and now Governor Inslee, as well as the Chehalis Tribe, worked hard to see that the entire Chehalis basin funding package was adopted including the Montesano project.

Montesano, Powell, earn award for budget

MONTESANO, Wash. - The city of Montesano, and City Administrator Kristy Powell are being honored for the third year in a row by the Government Finance Officers Association. Powell, and the city, are among 1340 being recognized for their budget. In a press release, Mayor Ken Estes praised Powell.

...this is the third year in a row she has gotten this award. Only 1300 cities in the USA and Canada have accomplished this feat. She deserves our appreciation and congratulations. - Montesano Mayor Ken Estes

The GFOA reviews nearly 18,000 budgets throughout the US for the awards.