Confirmed human skull found in Westport crab pot

What has been confirmed as a portion of a human skull has turned up in a crab pot near Westport. Undersheriff Dave Pimentel tells KBKW, a fisherman pulled it up Friday morning about 2 miles off the coast, he told officers that he had set the pot last week.

The King County Cornoer’s Officer confirmed later Friday that the skull was human, however they have not released a positive I.D.

Pimental said earlier Friday a crab fisherman found what appeared to be a human skull about 2.3 miles off of the coast.

The fisherman called the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office, who met him at the docks, and took the sample into evidence.

Death at Bishop Athletic Complex in Aberdeen ruled suicide

The Aberdeen Police Department, working with the Grays Harbor Coroners Office, has completed the investigation into the death of Steven Hyde. Police Captain John Green tells us the manner of death was ruled as suicide, he told KBKW from the scene on Tuesday “Aberdeen police received a call this afternoon, pedestrians at the Bishop Complex saw a man down next to the concession stand, police discovered a male subject deceased from an apparent gunshot wound.

APD Investigates Body

Hyde graduated from Hoquiam High School in 1981, and was a coach with the Grays Harbor College Softball program since early 2000. According to the college, he played a big role in getting them to the NWAACC Championship tournament in 2007.

Westport woman talked out of home after 6 hour standoff

A distraught woman with a handgun barricaded herself in a Westport home for hours this afternoon. Police Chief Bill Gibson tells KBKW a negotiator from the county was able to help talk the woman out of the house near the 800 block of Ocean Avenue after over 6 hours of securing the neighborhood and talking with her. Gibson said the woman was taken into protective custody, and reports no injuries. An automatic handgun was recovered, no shots were fired. Officers from Westport, Grays Harbor County and the State Patrol assisted.

Greater Grays Harbor Inc. Annual Legislative Sendoff – good food with good people

Business leaders throughout Grays Harbor had lunch with state legislators at the annual Legislative Send-Off luncheon held in Aberdeen yesterday by Greater Grays Harbor, Inc.  VP of Operations at Imperium Renewables John Gillespie said things are looking up at the Port. “We’re excited about our future at Grays Harbor, with organizations like Greater Grays Harbor [Inc.] who can foster continued growth by attracting business, and providing a conduit to policy makers – basically this event is an example of that. 
His company has expanded to 39 employees in the 5 years there, investing over 2 million in capitol improvements in the past year.
As they head to Olympia to convene for the state’s regular session that begins on January 13, State Senator Jim Hargrove noted recent strides in cost cutting. “Over the last 5 years, through the great recession we have resized government. We have cut 12 billion dollars out of carry-forward government in this state. Like we eliminated the General Assistance Unemployment Cash Program, that’s probably why you see so many people pan handling out here because there’s no cash available for some of those people that are unemployable. We’ve cut the TANF or the welfare program -the grants, and put a hard 5 year time limit on it, so that’s definitely affecting people, budget savings.
Hargrove also said they’ll be discussing ways to keep businesses in Washington, noting the recent Boeing contract extension with Machinists in Washington.
Representative Steve Tharinger (D-Dungeness) speaks to business leaders in Aberdeen.
Representative Steve Tharinger (D-Dungeness) speaks to business leaders in Aberdeen.

Larry Kahl introduced guest speaker John Gillespie, VP of Operations at Imperium Renewables

Former House Speaker Lynn Kessler emceed the event

Man with gun tackled at News Year’s celebration in Aberdeen

ABERDEEN, Wash. – A group of people celebrating the New Year in Aberdeen had to wrestle a handgun from one party goer, after he began threatening to shoot them.
Corporal Darrin King with the Aberdeen Police Department tells KBKW they were called to the home, in the 1000 block of Arthur Street just before 6 Wednesday morning, after a 22 year old man reportedly began pointing the gun at several people and threatening to shoot them. King said the man was arrested on an outstanding warrant, Felony Assault, and Illegal Possession of a Firearm. King added that the investigation continues.

Hoquiam to rethink new fire station after bids come back too high

HOQUIAM, Wash. – The city of Hoquiam will likely remodel, instead of rebuild, the Eastside fire station after learning that a grant for nearly a million dollars won’t cover the costs. Mayor Jack Durney tells us even though they had no matching requirements on the grant “We called for bids and the bids were quite a bit higher than the estimate. So we’re cancelling all of the bids and we’re going to go back to the drawing table and come up maybe with a remodel instead of a new building.
The State Department of Commerce awarded Hoquiam $900,000 to demolish and rebuild the Eastside Fire Station in May of 2012. Durney said the city did not have the resources to add another 4 -or $500-thousand to fully fund that.

Commissioner Frank Gordon demands resignation of County Assessor Rick Hole

MONTESANO, Wash. – A Grays Harbor County Commissioner is demanding the resignation of their Assessor, Rick Hole.
Commissioner Frank Gordon tells KBKW he submitted a letter to the Assessor’s office on Tuesday outlining several areas where he feels the elected official has failed the voters. Beginning with backed up revaluations that he says are placing a burden on local cities, and the decision to develop software for annual audits in-house. “We have a non-functional system. I myself, personally, feel that the system is not going to ever work.”
The letter, signed by only Commission Gordon, was also sent to the Washington Auditor’s Office and Department of Revenue.