• Grays Harbor Democrats reply to request for new list of prosecutor candidates

    MONTESANO, Wash. – Grays Harbor’s Democratic Party has responded to the request to present 3 new nominees for the Prosecutor position to the County Commissioners this week. One of the three from the first list, Grays Harbor Democratic Chair George Smylie, wrote in the letter that the demands are unreasonable, and that asking for a placeholder to fill the position for one year is begging for mediocrity. The state attorney says that the request does not follow the guidelines set out by the state constitution.

    The Grays Harbor Democrats received a letter from the Commissioners earlier this month “demanding” another list of three candidates to fill the position of county prosecutor by December 18th. According to Smylie, if that is necessary, it could only happen in January, after giving proper notice to the Precinct Committee Officers.

    Commissioner Frank Gordon said at this week’s regular meeting “What we would like to have from the Democratic party is a list of three names, of good democrats that would like to take the office for the one year left.” Gordon went on to say that they hoped the list would not include those interested in running for the position a year from now, when former Prosecutor Stew Menefee’s term expires.

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  • Grays Harbor’s reluctant Prosecutor-appointee worries Superior Court Judge

    MONTESANO, Wash. – Grays Harbor County still doesn’t have a prosecutor, commissioners yesterday asked appointee Vini Samuel to take the oath of office, she replied at the podium “While I appreciate the question, I am going to defer that question until Wednesday, I’ll answer you on Wednesday.”
    Superior Court Judge Gordon Godfrey said he’s worried that he hasn’t had a prosecutor since the commissioners appointed Samuel a month ago. “You have an interim prosecuting attorney, is he even authorized to be doing what he’s doing? ‘Until appointment is made’ you made the appointment, so who’s running that operation?” Godfrey said the standoff could start costing the county, in court.
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