Results of retail marijuana store license lottery announced

The Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) today posted the results of marijuana retail store lotteries on the public records section of its website. Earlier this week applicants were notified of their standing on each ranked-ordered list produced by 75 lotteries. =&0=& The independent, double-blind process took place April 21-25, 2014, and produced ordered lists of applicants that the agency will use to continue its retail licensing process. If an applicant is within the maximum allotted number of stores allotted for that jurisdiction but fails to pass the licensing process, the WSCLB will withdraw the application and move to the next license application on the list.

Jurisdictions Requiring a Lottery
1,174 applicants were included in the lottery

o    75 jurisdictions required a lottery o    47 jurisdictions did not require a lottery

The agency contracted with the Social and Economic Sciences Research Center of Washington State University and

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Hoquiam looks to ban all marijuana business until it’s federally legal

The Hoquiam city council last night took one step closer to a ban on all marijuana businesses. Councilman Paul McMillan amended their planning commission report that recommended all marijuana processing, producing, and retailing businesses be located in the city’s industrial zones. “Until federal law is amended to permit the growing, distribution, and possession of marijuana, or until a court of competent jurisdiction determines that local governments in Washington state may permit such uses, the city of Hoquiam will adhere to federal law and will not authorize these activities.” City council adopted the amended report, with “no” votes from councils Ben Winkleman and Jasmine Dickoff. Mayor Jack Durney also recommended that council Richard Pennant recuse himself from the vote and conversation as he admitted that he has applied for a business license. The report also recommends prohibiting all collective gardens within city limits. It will now be moved on to their land use hearing examiner, and will come back to the council in the form of a proposed ordinance in the coming month.

Cantwell Statement on NOAA Withholding Requested Information

Today, Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) issued the following statement upon receiving information she requested from the National Oceans and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) just hours after she issued her public statement yesterday:

“Two months ago, I requested that NOAA submit information regarding its decision to move its Marine Operations Center-Pacific (MOC-P) location from the Puget Sound to Newport, Oregon.  Just hours after I issued my public statement criticizing the agency for failing to respond to my request, NOAA delivered many of the requested documents to my office. 

Counterfeit bills surfacing in Kitsap County

Silverdale, Wash. -- They've struck restaurants and shown up in espresso stands. Commercial retail stores have become victims, as has a dentist's office, a casino, a family hosting a garage sale and an Internet entrepreneur on Craig's List.

Counterfeit money has appeared in Kitsap County over the past several years in certain denominations and for brief periods of time. The current spate of phony bills started to show-up around mid-May, according to compiled data. The most recent report was filed yesterday. While numerous case reports have been initiated with the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office, some containing multiple victims, it's highly likely that there are additional victims who haven't yet reported that they have been saddled with worthless money. They may not realize that they're victims.

What deputies are finding this time around are $5 bills that have been "washed" and then re-printed to appear as if they are a larger denomination, typically a $50 bill. However, that's just a start. Some counterfeiters are proficient enough to be able to wash and re-print money in various denominations: $10, $20 and $100.