• Puget Sound Energy Urged to Break Coal Connection

    A new coalition considers Puget Sound Energy (PSE) a utility company with a split personality. On one hand, it is making impressive investments in wind and solar power. On the other, it is still a major owner of the second-largest coal plant in the western United States.

    Coal-Free PSE is urging the utility to give up its stake in the Colstrip Generating Facility in Montana, which is involved in its third lawsuit over water pollution in the past decade. Colstrip supplies about one-third of its power to PSE; the remainder is divided between other co-owner utilities, including two that also serve Washington customers, PacifiCorp and Avista.

    Anne Hedges, program director with the Montana Environmental Information Center, says utility customers in Washington may not realize they’re paying for electricity from an out-of-state plant that has been plagued with pollution problems.

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  • Hoquiam Farmers Market News

    You have survived the Holidays!  Congratulations!  Perhaps this is why we celebrate New Year’s with such unbridled enthusiasm, huh?  It isn’t really such a big deal that the calendar is changing over, it’s that you don’t have one more gift to buy or one more relative to attempt to please!
    King of all Sausage Makers, our own Anthony, has been working almost around the clock all month to keep up with the demand for his incredible Kielbasa, Italian, Summer Sausage, Pepperoni, and the rightfully world famous Razor Clam Sausage.  The word ‘slavedriver’ keeps cropping up in my conversations with him.  I just smile, flick my ladylike whip nonchalantly, and agree.  Poor man.  
    So, it’s because of my propensity for pushing poor peons to the limit that we have (drum roll please) Cranberry Sausage and Craisin Pepperoni!!!
    Oh yeah, this is gonna make the New Year’s Eve hors d’oeuvres platter complete! 
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