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Emerson Manor evacuated due to high bacteria levels

The Emerson Manor in Hoquiam was evacuated yesterday, over 60 tenants were told yesterday afternoon that they needed to collect their valuables as they were moved to the Immanuel Baptist Church in Hoquiam for the evening.

As a result of the Thursday morning fire and extensive water damage in the Emerson Manor Apartments in Hoquiam, sample bacteria reports from runoff water returned today have been found to be excessively high, resulting in an evacuation of all 60+ tenants of the apartment building. Tenants were notified in a 4pm meeting Monday afternoon of the need to collect their valuables and necessary clothing to be transferred to the Immanuel Baptist Church in Hoquiam for the evening. Many tenants have also been separated from their pets which are being distributed to local area animal shelters and adoption homes until better living facilities can be arranged and they can be reunified with their owners.

The Department of Social & Health Services (DSHS), the Red Cross, Grays Harbor Community Hospital, Grays Harbor County Public Health and numerous local and regional agencies have been working tirelessly on this incident. Their efforts today were enormous, however it was the extreme cooperation of the Emerson Manor Apartment tenants who helped achieve the evacuation in less than 3 hours. The focus in the coming days is to find better, longer term living arrangements for all of the tenants.

The Emerson Manor tenants are mainly low income, senior citizen residents. Many have specific disabilities, yet they work hard to remain self-sufficient. Today, they had to leave their home, most of their personal belongings and furniture for an extended period of time. Some are lucky enough to have family and friends to assist and stay with during the building rehabilitation, but most have nowhere else to turn. They have left their home with literally the shirts on their back and little else.

The majority of tenants have no insurance covering them for this event. They have no assistance to help purchase new clothing, furniture and appliances lost due to the water damage. Anchor Bank, also displaced due to the fire, has graciously set up a fund to assist the residents of the Emersion Manor Apartments called the Emerson Manor Assistance Fund. Anchor Bank locations throughout Grays Harbor County will accept monetary donations for the displaced Emerson Manor Apartment tenants. Please, ONLY monetary donations will be accepted for this incident, because each tenant requiring assistance has specific needs. Anchor Bank has taken the lead. Let’s follow their example and help neighboring Harborites in need.

Hoquiam standoff ends peacefully, neighbor finds shooting suspect in garage

A Hoquiam man allegedly fired a shotgun at his neighbor then hid, prompting SWAT team response and a standoff at a home on Burns street in Hoquiam Friday night.

Detective Sgt. Shane Krohn tells us just after 9 Friday, officers were dispatched to a report of a shooting incident in the 1400 block of Burns Street in Hoquiam.

A 29 year old male victim, a Hoquiam resident, had called to report being involved in a verbal argument with his neighbor, a 37 year old male. The victim reported the suspected neighbor allededly had fired a shot at him and ran back into his garage.

Officers from the Hoquiam, Aberdeen, Cosmopolis police departments along with a deputy from the Grays Harbor Sherriff’s Office arrived on scene and set up containment. Hoquiam paramedics also responded to the area to stage if needed.

The 37 year old suspect, also a Hoquiam resident, was believed to still be inside the residence. Several attempts were made by the Public Address System from a patrol car for the suspect to exit the residence. Numerous attempts were also made to contact the suspect by phone by officers and family members.

A search warrant for the residence was obtained.

At 0330 hours, the multi-agency Crisis Response Unit (CRU) was activated and responded to the scene.

At about 0800 hours, CRU deployed CS gas, entered and searched the residence which met with negative results on locating the suspect. The CRU cleared the scene and Hoquiam detectives and officers started processing the scene and collected several items as evidence to include a spent shotgun shell and the shotgun believed to be used in the incident.

At 0915 hours, Detective Sergeant Krohn was contacted by the next door neighbor (who was the brother of the suspect), stating she had just returned home and found the suspect hiding inside her garage.

Detective Sergeant Krohn contacted the suspect in the garage and took him into custody without incident. The suspect was interviewed at the station and gave a similar account as the victim with the addition of the victim allegedly coming at him with an unknown object.

The suspect was transported and booked into the county jail for Assault in the 2nd Degree and is awaiting filing of formal charges.

Port of Grays Harbor to make repairs to West Hoquiam levee

Hoquiam Levee - Port of Grays Harbor
The Port of Grays Harbor will begin repairs to the Hoquiam levee this month. Port Commissioner last week approved a plan to move stockpiled rock from Westport to the South side of port property in Hoquiam. Director Marc Horton told Port Commissioners “The problem we’re having right now is that we’ve got a lot of erosion along water, specifically along the South side, and I think it’s severe enough that it’s actually threatening breaching of the dike.”
Horton said they’ll begin by rebuilding the access road at the end of Early Industrial Way. “So that we can get larger equipment and trucks out to replace rock as the second phase large rock along the face of this to protect the property.
Meanwhile repairs are being made to the rail bridge nearby over the Hoquiam river, funded by a $350,000 grant from the Federal Railroad Administration. Washington State Department of Transportation contractors will replace the mid-river pier, damaged in a 2009 flood, with a dolphin barrier that will prevent boats from hitting the bridge.
The port will also be using some of the Westport rock to improve a parcel on Commerce street, adding about 2 acres of lease space.

Hoquiam to begin Draft Environment Impact Statement for crude by rail projects

Port of Grays Harbor
The city of Hoquiam is moving forward on drafting an Environmental Impact Statement for two of three companies that want to export crude oil from Grays Harbor. “We’ve selected our top consultant, ICF Jones & Stokes.” City Administrator Brian Shay told the Port Commissioners last week that they are negotiating a contract with the firm now. “With any luck 30 days from now we will be formally launching the EIS, and done 12 months from now.
The consultant, ICF Jones & Stokes is currently drafting an EIS for Millennium Bulk Terminals Project to export coal from Longview, Shay added “We hope to identify all of the issues that the Shoreline’s Board and the appellants identified in the appeals when we make our public notice on the scoping. We’re going to look at this long list of issues.
Shay said Westway Terminals and Imperium Renewables will reimburse the city for costs of the EIS review “I think the reason the companies have chosen to do an EIS is that they hope it will address all of the issues that were outlined by the Shorelines Board and that it won’t end up in appeal again.
Projects for both companies were put on hold last year when the Shoreline’s Hearings Board remanded the permits for further review.

High Wind Watch in effect for the coast Saturday afternoon

WA State

The National Weather Service In Seattle Has Issued A High Wind Watch…Which Is In Effect From Saturday Afternoon Through Late Saturday Night.

Note: The image may not reflect the current alert state for your county due to a several minute delay between the issuance of the alert and the map processing.

• Wind…Southerly 30 To 40 Mph With Gusts To 65 Mph Possible Saturday Afternoon And Night.
• Some Affected Locations…Westport…Ocean Shores…Hoquiam… Forks…And La Push.
• Timing…Very Strong…Possibly Damaging…Winds Are Expected To Develop Saturday Afternoon…With The Highest Speeds Anticipated Late In The Day Saturday Or Early Saturday Evening.
• Impacts…High Winds Can Down Trees And Power Lines As Well As Damage Property And Cause Power Outages.

Precautionary/Preparedness Actions…

A High Wind Watch Means There Is The Potential For A Damaging Wind Event. Sustained Winds Of At Least 40 Mph And/Or Gusts Of 58 Mph Or Stronger May Occur.

All local school levies now passing as Oakville pulls within 1 vote

With a new batch of ballots counted Thursday, the Grays Harbor County Auditor’s Office reports Oakville School District is now passing their multi-county M&O Levy, by one vote. In Lewis County, the levy is failing 8-3, but Grays Harbor’s stronger support pushed yes votes over the top; 207 to 206 – total for the two counties.
The new ballots brought Grays Harbor’s voter turnout up to 36% for the February Special Election. Hoquiam is among 12 area school districts showing support for their levies School Superintendent Mike Parker said “I’d like to thank the Hoquiam community for supporting our school levy again, with a strong 66% “Yes” vote, we will continue to make you proud, thank you.”
School Districts in Aberdeen, Hoquiam, North Beach, McCleary, Elma, Quinault, Cosmopolis, Wishkah, Ocosta, and Mary M Knight are all passing their M&O Levies.
Elma Voters are rejecting the 8.4 million bond measure to replace the grandstands at Davis Field. Election results will be certified on the 25th.

High Wind Warning In Effect From 6 PM This Evening To 4 AM Wednesday


Note: The image may not reflect the current alert state for your county, click the image to visit the weatherbug site for local weather alerts.

The National Weather Service In Seattle Has Issued A High Wind Warning…Which Is In Effect From 6 PM This Evening To 4 AM Pst Wednesday. The High Wind Watch Is No Longer In Effect.

• Some Affected Locations…Westport…Ocean Shores…Pacific Beach…Hoquiam And Aberdeen.
• Timing…Winds Will Increase This Afternoon. By Late This Evening Some Points Could Experience High Wind For A Few Hours.
• Wind…South Wind Of 30 To 40 Mph With Gusts To 60 Mph Are Possible.
• Impacts…Winds Of These Speeds Can Knock Down Trees And Large Tree Branches. Scattered Power Outages Are Possible.

Precautionary/Preparedness Actions…
A High Wind Warning Means That A Hazardous Wind Event Is Imminent Or Occurring.

Hoquiam extends moratorium on marijuana – public hearing planned, not scheduled

WA 502
The City of Hoquiam last night again extended their moratorium on medical Marijuana collective gardens, as well as a 6 month hold on the processing, production, or retail of the substance. Councilman Paul McMillain said it was only a technicality of sorts “We need to extend it, our other ordinance is going to end at the end of this month and we do not have anything ready.”
The council first enacted a moratorium on the dispensaries in April of 2011, adopting extensions every 6 months since, with plans to develop zoning regulations to accommodate both business models.
The council took a step in that direction last night, referring both matters to the Land Use Hearing Examiner to hold a public hearing on zoning regulations, details on that meeting are pending.
At their last meeting in January, the council adopted a planning commission report recommending they place all marijuana related businesses in the city’s industrial zone, with an amendment suggested by McMillain that the city not authorize any activity until it is federally legal.

Level 1 Registered Sex Offender upgraded to Level 2 after harassing Hoquiam neighbors

700 Block Polk Street, Hoquiam 

LEVEL II; CONVICTED 05/1995, Sex Abuse 2nd Degree, Marion County, Oregon Court Cause # 93C20564.

A Level 1 Registered Sex Offender who repeatedly harassed his elderly neighbor, and attempted to panhandle from other Hoquiam neighbors, has been upgraded to a Level 2. Detective Sgt Shane Krohn tells us As a Level 2 offender, 52 year old Christoper Grim was classified as likely to re-offend, his neighbors in the 700 Block Polk Street will also receive notification of Grim pursuant to RCW 4.24.550.

Krohn said currently there are over 19000 sex or kidnapping offenders who have registered (since 02/28/90) and are living in Washington State. Approximately 400 of these are registered to Grays Harbor County addresses. Approximately 50 are registered to addresses within the city limits of Hoquiam.

Questions: Contact the Hoquiam Police Department Investigations Division at 532-0892 ext 102.

700 Block Polk Street, Hoquiam  LEVEL II; CONVICTED 05/1995, Sex Abuse 2nd Degree, Marion County, Oregon Court Cause # 93C20564.

700 Block Polk Street, Hoquiam
LEVEL II; CONVICTED 05/1995, Sex Abuse 2nd Degree, Marion County, Oregon Court Cause # 93C20564.


Aberdeen man sells nearly 5k in stolen metal for $139.60, shipping label included

Stolen Metal

Hoquiam investigators are working to identify a second person responsible for nearly $5,000 in metal cuttings heads and brackets that were scrapped for 139.60 recently. Chief Jeff Myers tells us a scrap processing company in Hoquiam notified Officer Hergert after a suspicious purchase last week. The cutting heads were still in bubble wrap, and a box of brackets still had a shipping label addressed to Vaughn Pump in Montesano.

Antonio B. Sarabia, age 22 of Aberdeen, was arrested and booked into the Grays Harbor County Jail for Trafficking in Stolen Property 1st Degree after he sold $4,500 in machine cutting-heads stolen from Vaughn Pump for $139.60 in scrap.

Myers said on January 30, 2014 at about 10 A.M. employees at a scrap processing company in Hoquiam notified Officer Hergert of a suspicious purchase which had come in just prior to closing the day before.

Stolen MetalOfficer Hergert examined a brass propeller, a box of orange shelf brackets and another box of machined solid metal pipe boring cutting heads. The cutting heads appeared to be new as they were still in a box in bubble wrap. The box of shelf brackets still had a shipping label attached for Vaughn Pump in Montesano.

The propeller, shelf brackets and cutter heads had been sold by Antonio Sarabia for a total of $139.60 in scrap.

Officer Hergert contacted Vaughn Pump which verified the shelf brackets and cutting heads were from the company. They reported a series of ongoing thefts where these sort of industrial items had come up missing. No one knew Sarabia nor had he been given permission to possess or sell the equipment.

The 140 shelf brackets had a total value of around $280 while the 19 cutter heads were valued at $4,500. Ownership of the propeller was not determined.

Sarabia admitted he knew the items were stolen. He indicated he was tasked to sell the stolen items and split the proceeds with another person. Sarabia denied he had stolen the items himself.

Sarabia was booked for Trafficking in Stolen Property in the First Degree which is a Class B felony. The investigation is ongoing to identify the other person involved.