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Aberdeen, Hoquiam may merge fire departments

ABERDEEN, Wash. (AP) — The Grays Harbor twin cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam are talking about consolidating their fire departments and paramedic services…. …read more

From: AP Washington News

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Hoquiam police arrest two after gun and purse stolen from vehicle


On April 7, 2014 at about 1600 hours, Hoquiam officers were dispatched to the Hoquiam 7-11 Food Store in the 200 Block of Lincoln Street reference a vehicle prowl with theft having just occurred.

Two female cousins from Hoquiam, a 18 year old and 26 year old had left their purses in the younger cousin’s locked car.   Due to the nice weather, the sunroof was left open.   Both were inside for about five minutes and when they returned a juice bottle fell onto the ground when the driver’s door was opened.  

This seemed odd and the two looked and noticed the 26 year olds purse was missing from the vehicle.   Inside her purse was a fully loaded 9mm semi-automatic Tanfoglio pistol.  The 26 year old has a valid concealed weapons permit.   The two immediately called 911 to report the theft.  

The two females remembered seeing a couple of familiar faces standing near the corner of the store prior to entering the building. 

After about an hour the 18 year old learned the pistol had been taken over to relatives by the 26 year old Hoquiam male, who had been one of the persons the two females had recognized standing by 7-11 at the time of the theft.  The 26 year old knew the victim and did not want to be responsible for the pistol and turned it over to a family member who resides in Aberdeen. 

The 18 year old and her grandmother retrieved the pistol and advised police they had recovered the firearm. 

This led to officers going to several Hoquiam locations, interviewing multiple witnesses, recovering the 26 year olds purse, and locating and arresting the 26 year old who had returned the pistol and the 18 year old who had entered the vehicle and removed the purse.

Both suspects have extensive criminal history.  

Jon G. Parker, age 26 and Matt D. Orlaski, age 18, both of Hoquiam, were arrested and booked into jail.   Parker was booked into the Grays Harbor County jail for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm 1st Degree and Possession of a Stolen Firearm.  Orlaski was booked into the Hoquiam jail for Vehicle Prowl and Theft.

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No broken bones after garage falls on Hoquiam man

Humptulips garage falls on man
No broken bones for a Hoquiam man after a garage collapsed on him in Humptulips. His wife tells us he was working on the empty 800 square foot building in the 400 block of Walker Rd Saturday when a friend was about to leave and noticed the building begin to buckle.
The 52 year old Hoquiam man recounted those moments after the building pinned him under 6 inches of clearance.
“I feel lucky my friend was out there with me, he had to cut me out. [He] fired up my generator and the saws-all and started cutting tresses to release me because I was pinned down. I was totally trapped, if I had no one with me I would have been out there until someone came looking for me. Pretty rough day, I sure think that God was with me.”
He was transported to Grays Harbor Community Hospital by Hoquiam Ambulance, by late Saturday he was sore, but otherwise feeling very lucky.
The family wanted to thank their friend, who was in the right place at the right time.
Humptulips garage falls on man
Humptilups garage falls on man
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Man ditches car in Aberdeen after hit-and-run in Hoquiam, arrested in foot

Hoquiam Police Department

A Hit and Run driver was reported early this morning at speeds of over 70 miles per hour between Hoquiam and Aberdeen. He was picked up after attempting to ditch his car near the Aberdeen Animal Shelter.

Hoquiam Sgt. Mitchel tells us it started just after 1 this morning, when a silver car struck a parked car in the 2700 block of Cherry street. A witness followed the car and reported it, until they were outrun on Simpson.

Mitchel said Hoquiam and Aberdeen police found him walking on State street a short time later. The 32 year old Aberdeen man was arrested for DUI and Hit and Run, his vehicle was severely damaged.

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Hoquiam cuts off non-trauma ambulance service to District 8 over fraud allegations

The City of Hoquiam has again cut off non-trauma ambulance service to Fire District 8 on the North shore. A letter was sent to the district, that serves the Moclips, Pacific Beach, Aloha and Seabrook areas yesterday terminating services on the basis of non-payment, and fraud.

City Administrator Brian Shay tells us the district notified them earlier this month that they did not plan to pay for ambulance services between July 12th and December 31st of last year on the basis that they had no written agreement in place. As we reported then, the city terminated services due to non-payment.

Shay said the district also fraudulently altered the written contract before both parties signed it, adding language that the city would never have agreed to.

The letter concluded “The city is very disappointed that a governmental entity would engage in unscrupulous acts of this nature in dealing with another governmental entity.”

Hoquiam letter to District 8

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Emerson Manor cleanup continues in Hoquiam, re-opening the Senior Center a priority

Emerson Manor Apartments in Hoquiam

The clean-up at the Emerson Manor is in full swing with a large work force. Walls, ceilings and ductwork are being cleaned and dried. Work crews continue to inspect damaged areas of the building and are removing wet carpeting in hallways. Much work has been accomplished in the Senior Center as it has been made a priority by the Housing Authority. They are determined to open the Senior Center as soon as possible following test results insuring the safety of all who work and visit the Center.

Grays Harbor County Public Health conducted a meeting today with numerous churches and agencies to develop a plan to continue providing meals to the displaced tenants. Tentative plans have been made for the weekend.

Many agencies continue to work with the displaced tenants ensuring they have necessary health care and assistance. Travelling to multiple locations has made the task much harder, but all agencies are determined to provide the same level of assistance they had prior to the events at the Emerson Manor.

Work continues tomorrow and every day with a goal of an efficient, complete and quick clean-up, and restoration of the Emerson Manor. The safety of the tenants is and has been the top priority of the Housing Authority and all agencies connected with the evacuation.

The task is large and Anchor Bank (who was also displaced in this event,) has been gracious enough to set up a fund to assist the tenants in their time of need. Please visit any Anchor Bank location and make your monetary donation to the Emerson Manor Assistance Fund. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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Alleged Hoquiam Bank Robber back in Grays Harbor County Jail

Jay Randall Gladden
The man wanted for the bank robbery of Twin Star Credit Union in Hoquiam, and an espresso stand in Aberdeen is back in a Grays Harbor jail cell this morning. Hoquiam Detective Sergeant Shane Krohn tells us he and Detective Jeff Weiss flew down to California where 31 year old Jay Randall Gladden was scheduled to be released on time served for charges in Fontana.
Gladden allegedly left a trail of cash from the bank to a carport where he vanished September 17, 2012, police believe he is the same suspect in the robbery of Huckle-Bearies Espresso stand that same month. He fled the state at some point and was arrested March of last year in California on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, possession of stolen property, and resisting arrest.
Jay Randall Gladden
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