• Hoquiam accident claims woman in electric wheelchair

    UPDATE: Victim identified, no charges filed in tragic accident

    HOQUIAM, Wash. – A woman on an electric wheelchair was killed in the crosswalk of 22nd street in East Hoquiam yesterday, when a semi truck drove over her in front of several witnesses.

    Hoquiam Sgt. Mitchell confirmed this morning that the woman was declared deceased at the scene her name is being withheld until family can be notified. The accident remains under investigation.

    An eye witness to the accident tells us she was crossing 22nd street near the base of the Simpson Avenue bridge when a semi truck for Ocean Gold Seafood pulled onto Simpson Avenue driving over the woman and dragging her some distance. Our source tells us the cries of witnesses were what got the attention of the driver who stopped with the woman still pinned under the truck.

    Eastbound State route 101 traffic was detoured over the Riverside bridge until around 8 last night.

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  • APD Badge

    UPDATE: Sorry Chief…. Tips sought after child reports man asking her to get in a vehicle while walking to school

    Aberdeen and Hoquiam Police are asking for the public’s help identifying a possible luring suspect who followed a girl with his truck across Myrtle street Wednesday. Hoquiam Sgt. Jeff Salstrom¬†tells us at about 6 p.m. Wednesday, Aberdeen Police officers were dispatched to contact a 13 year old girl who advised she was walking to school […]

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  • Hoquiam dog attack sends three to hospital

    HOQUIAM, Wash. – Two children and a babysitter were attacked by the family dog Friday afternoon, while a two year old was inside the home. Hoquiam Sgt. Jef Salstrom was the first to arrive to the fenced yard in the 2300 block of Sumner Avenue just after 4 Friday. He reported seeing a large mastiff type dog biting the head of an 8 year old boy, a 15 year old babysitter, and a three year old girl were taking shelter in an open shed in the yard.
    Salstrom said he used his tazer at first because the boy was in the line of fire for lethal force, however when the dog began to charge at him he said the wires got caught up in bushes. He fired one round at the dog with his weapon, which gave him time get the boy to safety but when he returned for the girls, the dog charged him again. Salstrom said he fired two more rounds at the dog, which staggered and ran behind a shed.
    Hoquiam Fire Captain Tim Smith told officers on scene that the boy’s injuries were “extensive,” all three children were transported to Community Hospital for treatment. The babysitter, who’s name we are not releasing, said on facebook that only the boy received stitches for his injuries.

    Salstrom said after the children were removed from the yard, Raintree Vet was called in to euthanize the dog at the owner’s request. There was also a two year old boy inside the home at the time of the attack, but he was not involved.
    Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers tells us “the dog is owned by the residents and parents of the three youngest children. Apparently the dog is normally kept inside, but somehow escaped the home and possibly became enraged by the children jumping on the trampoline in the yard.”

    This was a dynamic incident and I want to thank the neighbors and other citizens who came to the aid of Sgt. Salstrom as he rescued the children from the yard. I know this was traumatic incident for everyone involved, especially the children, and it will now be a matter of time and patience as the family focuses on healing.” – Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers
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  • Reckless Driving/Minor in Possession Incident Tuesday Morning in Hoquiam

    Early Tuesday morning, 1:15 AM, (4/21/09), Sgt. Joe Strong was traveling northbound on Ontario to assist another officer in the 2500 block of Cherry Street.  As Strong stopped for the stop sign at the intersection of Sumner Avenue he saw headlights from a vehicle traveling westbound on Sumner.  It was slightly foggy with a visibility of about three blocks.  As Sgt. Strong crossed Sumner Avenue he saw the vehicle approaching him at an extremely high rate of speed and it had closed to approximately 200 feet of the intersection.  Strong had to accelerate rapidly in order to avoid being struck by the fast approaching vehicle.  As the vehicle passed behind him the officer saw that it was a dark colored Jeep traveling at a speed estimated to be in excess of 75 mph in the 30 mph speed zone.  There were no other vehicles in the vicinity on Sumner.

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