Raid on suspected drug house in Ocean Shores nets three arrests

Serving a search warrant last week on a suspected drug house in Ocean Shores netted 3 arrests. Police Chief Mike Styner tells us On Thursday, April 9th, Officers from the Ocean Shores Police Department, the Hoquiam Police Department and Deputies from the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department served a search warrant on a suspected drug house in the 800 block of San Antonio Court NE in Ocean Shores.

During a search of the premises narcotics, paraphernalia, and packaging materials were located and seized. A vehicle belonging to the resident was seized. The 48 year old female resident was arrested and booked into the Grays Harbor County Jail for Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substance Act and two outstanding warrants.

A 31 year old transient male found inside the residence was arrested on an outstanding warrant out of the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office and booked into the Grays Harbor County jail. In addition, a 27 year old Ocean Shores man was arrested and booked into the Hoquiam Jail for outstanding warrants out of Department of Corrections and the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office.

Police receive multiple reports of broken windows in Hoquiam

Hoquiam Police responded to 4 separate reports of broken windows Thursday, and they’re asking the public if there were more. Police Chief Jeff Myers reports the first call came from a residence in the 100 block of West Chenault Avenue just before 4 Thrusday morning where a window to a home was broken, but no entry was made. Officers found footprints to and from the residence in the dew on the lawn.
Later yesterday officers took three more broken window reports, including two business locations. Myers said it appeared none of the homes or businesses were entered, and in all cases the damage occurred during the night.

Citizens are encouraged to call and report suspicious persons or activity immediately by calling 911 or the non-emergency dispatch line at 533-8765.

Anonymous information regarding these incidents can be reported to Detective Ryan Pearson at 360-532-0892 x 102.

Despondent man talked into mental care, as Hoquiam police seize his pistol

Just before 2 A.M. Thursday morning, officers responded to a possible suicidal subject in the area of 31st Street and Sumner Avenue.
Officers had earlier attempted to locate the 31-year old Cosmopolis man at a local motel to no avail. The man had made threats to harm himself via text to family members; Family members reported finding the man on the street where they tried to detain him until the police arrived.
As Sgt. Salstrom arrived in the area, the man fled down an alley on foot. Sgt. Salstrom was able to overtake the man and start a conversation regarding his thoughts to harm himself. Sgt. Salstrom was able to convince the man to be voluntarily transported to Community Hospital to talk to a Mental Health Professional.
Family members were concerned the man had been in possession of an old derringer-style pistol he may have been carrying inside a backpack earlier in the day. He did not have the backpack at the time he was contacted by Sgt. Salstrom.
Officer Grossi checked the alley and located an abandoned backpack as described. He located items inside the backpack which appeared to belong to the despondent man, as well as a pistol with ammunition.

Hoquiam Seized Weapon
The firearm was seized as evidence as the man is a respondent in a domestic violence no-contact protection order from Cosmopolis whereby he is prohibited from possessing a firearm. The man was transported to the hospital for a mental health evaluation; the case for unlawful possession of a firearm will be forwarded to the Grays Harbor County Prosecutor’s Office for charges.

Aberdeen Police Officers respond to display of handgun

Aberdeen Police responded to a reported display of a firearm near City Hall. Detective Sergeant Art Laur tells us at about 12:24 pm, there were advised of a display of a pistol in the area of Market and F St. Initial information was that an off-duty deputy from a neighboring agency had been driving his vehicle in that area when his vehicle was approached by a green colored suburban style vehicle. The occupants of the suburban began making hand gestures towards him and then displayed a firearm before driving away.

About 20 minutes later, the suburban was observed in the area of Market and I St. Officers from the Aberdeen Police Department were assisted by members of the Hoquiam Police Department and Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office in detaining the 4 occupants of the suburban.

As a result of the investigation, two Aberdeen residents (a 19 year-old male and 20 year-old male) were taken into custody and transported to the Aberdeen Police Department where they face charges of Unlawful Display of a Weapon and Obstructing a Law Enforcement Officer. The vehicle they were driving was seized pending the execution of a search warrant. It is believed that this was a random act and the persons arrested were not aware of the victim’s employment.

Active Shooter Training at Miller Junior High School in Aberdeen – just a drill

Police will storm Miller Junior High School in Aberdeen this weekend, over and over again. It’s part of Active Shooter Training for local departments. Aberdeen Police Captain John Green tells us his department, in conjunction with the Aberdeen Fire Department and numerous other Law Enforcement and Fire Agencies within Grays Harbor, is conducting a multi-agency Active Shooter Training Drill will be held at Miller Jr. Hi the morning of November 1st.

This training drill is the second in a series of events planned by local law enforcement and fire departments to test and evaluate our joint response to active shooter type incidents. The November 1st drill has been in the planning phase for over two months.

The drill is expected to last a total of five hours and involves the following agencies.

Aberdeen Police Department

Aberdeen Fire Department

Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office

Hoquiam Police Department

Hoquiam Fire Department

Grays Harbor Fire District 2

Grays Harbor Communications (911)

Grays Harbor Community Hospital

Aberdeen School District

Drug Takeback Day everyday at the Hoquiam Police Department

Got Drugs? You can now drop off your unused or unwanted prescription drugs at the Hoquiam Police Department any time. Thanks in part to Jefferson County who donated the large metal drop box.

Police Chief Jeff Myers tells us they have participated in the Drug Enforcement Agency’s National Drug Takeback day twice a year for the past four years, collecting and safely disposing of over 1,307 pounds of unwanted medications.

Myers said the program provided an opportunity for citizens to safely dispose of unwanted prescription and over the- counter medications. Safe disposal prevents diversion of medications to children, teens and drug abusers; it also prevents chemical derivatives from ending up in the water table from medications being flushed into the sewer system.

For most teens, drug abuse starts from within the family medicine cabinet, not from the drug dealer.

The DEA provided boxes for each collection day and the department shipped the filled boxes back to the DEA for incineration. The most recent DEA Take Back-Day was September 27, 2014 whereby the department collected 165 pounds of medication from 58 people. This volume of medications filled six large boxes.

To date, the Hoquiam Police Department has successfully collected and safely disposed of 1,307 pounds of unwanted medications. Myers said it’s a great program, but limited to certain dates.

“Inevitably, within a few days of the last Drug Take-Back day, citizens came in with medication wondering when the next collection day would be? Each year it was not clear if the federal government would continue to fund Take-Back days. Our sergeants felt it was important to provide safe medication disposal more than just twice per year.”

While at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department on a recent investigation, Det. Sgt. Shane Krohn was able to obtain a brand-new, metal Drug Take-Back box; Jefferson County donated it to HPD.

Image Signs of Hoquiam marked the box before it was installed by Police Services Officer Roy Kinney in the police department lobby. PSO Kinney recognized the important need of this service and finished the installation on his day-off.

Myers said “I am very proud of the ingenuity and dedication of our staff in serving the citizens of Hoquiam with programs such as this Drug Take-Back drop box. HPD is the first law enforcement agency with this service, so we hope all citizens in Grays Harbor will take advantage of safely disposing of medication 24/7 in our lobby drop-box. Although there is a nominal measure of work added to our evidence custodians, as well as a small fee for incinerating these medications, our department leadership team felt the benefit outweighs the cost.

The Grays Harbor County Health Department is currently applying for a $2000 grant to assist in supporting and promoting this valuable service. I would like to commend Det. Sgt. Krohn, Officer Gaddis and PSO Kinney for their work in implementing this program.


No injuries after car slides into Hoquiam store backwards

Investigators are trying to determine if speed was a factor when a car lost control near the Grays Harbor YMCA in Hoquiam, spun out and collided with the dark steel card and gaming store across from the Hoquiam Shell station.

Hoquiam Police Deputy Chief Don Wertanen tells KBKW the driver reported he was trying to pass a car on the left, when it changed lanes and caused him to lose control. The Dodge Avenger spun around in traffic and skipped across the Ontario street intersection backwards before it collided with the building, narrowly missing a fire hydrant and another truck.
The driver was uninjured, a store employee was inside at the time, he was shaken up but not injured. Wertanen said the city is inspecting the building to determine if it is still structurally sound.

Car wrecks into Hoquiam business

Hoquiam driver makes his own detour through one-way traffic

Traffic backed up through Hoquiam yesterday after the driver of a loaded chip truck sideswiped the guard rail on the Simpson Avenue Bridge, breaking the front axle and flattening several tires on the truck. It happened just after 8 Monday morning. Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers tell us the truck was wedged against the side of the bridge and needed a commercial tow truck to be removed. His officers directed traffic all morning, while they waited for tow trucks from Shelton.

The traffic was apparently too much for one Hoquiam driver who tried to carve his own detour across the Riverside bridge, and the wrong way down Riverside Avenue into three lanes of oncoming traffic. It happened just as tow trucks were arriving to remove the truck, and officers had a bird’s eye view of the car from the Simpson Avenue bridge. They intercepted the vehicle and cited the driver for negligent driving in the second degree. He told officer that he had to get to work, adding that he did have his hazard lights on.

Photos from the Simpson Avenue Bridge Monday provided by HPD Chief Jeff Myers

Hoquiam’s new Chief of Police tours jail, pilots tug

On Monday, August 19, 2014, Hoquiam Police Department’s “Chief for a Day”, Dylan Ellefson, was sworn-in at City Hall by Mayor Jack Durney.
Chief Ellefson took the oath of office to include a promise to enjoy the time with his family and new law enforcement friends while representing the Hoquiam Police Department at “2014 Chief for a Day” at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission this Thursday, August 21st.
In addition to a station tour, walk-through to check on his prisoners in the City Jail and visit to the Hoquiam Fire Department, Chief Ellefson was escorted in a Hoquiam fire engine to the Levee Street docks. Dylan and his family were treated to a private ride on a Brusco tractor tug-boat, including time at the controls of the $11 million vessel.
Since the tug is “drive by wire technology” and acts like a giant jet-propelled watercraft, Chief Ellefson maneuvered the vessel up the river. Being a kid with great familiarity with video games, Dylan was a natural and drove the tug like a pro!
The day ended with a table full of thoughtful gifts for Dylan and his family- gifts and funds all so graciously donated by our friends and neighbors here in Grays Harbor. Monday was just the first of several events for Chief Ellefson and his family.


Dylan is a 12-year old from Grays Harbor who is being treated for leukemia for the second time after being cancer free for seven years. Dylan has been chosen to be CHIEF FOR A DAY of the Hoquiam Police Department; he will participate in the Chief for A Day Celebration with 34 other chiefs and sheriffs from around the state at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission on Thursday, August 21, 2014.