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Hoquiam Mayor disappointed in Port communication on safety

HOQUIAM, Wash. – Hoquiam Mayor Jack Durney last night said he was getting a little bitter over recent comments about safety in his city “this crude-to-rail has certainly created an awful lot of media attention, and other attention, and I think some of it has become kind of disturbing. Mostly because of the unfortunate thing that happened in Quebec, and some headlines – comments made by people, about lack of safety, and that the same kind of thing could happen in Hoquiam.
Durney said he didn’t want the city’s proactive involvement in the permitting process to be seen as a promotion of crude-by-rail projects, all three of which are private firms leasing Port of Grays Harbor property. “And it’s disappointing to me, that they remain mute during all these conversations, and all the headlines, all the articles, and all the public meetings about safety.
In an update on crude-by-rail last night City Administrator Brian Shay told us they have combined the appeals filed against both the Westway and Imperium permits “Both cases will be heard, roughly beginning at the end of September, first week of October.” Shay said the Shoreline hearings board made the decision last week, the merge bumps up the deadline for the Imperium appeal, which was filed later.
The third company interested in exporting crude oil from Grays Harbor, US Development has not filed any permits or applications recently.

Grays Harbor Transit stalls on budget decisions that could affect service, rates, and sales tax

HOQUIAM, Wash. – The Grays Harbor County Transit last night tabled a decision on cuts to service, as the board works to correct an $800-thousand budget deficit.
A sales tax increase could still make the ballot, but board president, and Hoquiam Mayor Jack Durney said last night “the issue you come back to is what happens if the ballot doesn’t pass? What do we do between now and then?
A sales tax increase of .2% would fill the budget gap twice, but would take 8 months to a year before they’d see funding.
General Manager Mark Carlin said he would craft a contingency plan if the vote was placed on the ballot and failed in November.  The Transit Authority needs to cut 8 employees, and decide on cutting weekend bus runs, or portions of the 7-day schedule -along with raising rates.
After a heated discussion last night between several board members, the vote was tabled and a special meeting planned for 5pm July 17th at the transit’s main office.