• Washington State Capitol in Olympia

    State Commissioner of Public Lands will run for third term

    Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark announced that he will seek re-election in 2016 at Monday’s meeting of the Washington State Democrats, A rancher, farmer, scientist, and volunteer firefighter from Okanogan County, Commissioner Goldmark leads the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, where he commands the state’s largest firefighting force and sustainably manages more than 5.7 […]

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  • Washington Windstorms

    Tip # 9 Windstorm Preparedness

    We just witnessed a preview to the fall and winter windstorms two weeks ago. According to the WA State Climatologist Office, the 63 MPH wind speeds that blew through Hoquiam and Westport on August 29th relate to a major wind event with an occurrence of every 2-3 years. It seems storms are appearing more frequently […]

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  • Seal pups

    Watch Your Step, Harbor Seals Pupping

    OLYMPIA, Wash. – The harbor seal pupping season has started, nursing pups remain with their mothers for four to six weeks, and then are weaned to forage and survive on their own. Mothers will often leave their pups on the beach for several hours at a time while they’re foraging for food. It’s normal for seal pups to be alone on the beach. This does not mean they’re abandoned.

    Time of Year
    Columbia River, Willapa Bay, Grays Harbor
    Mid-April – June
    Olympic Peninsula
    May – July
    San Juan Islands, Eastern Puget Sound
    June – August
    Southern Puget Sound
    July – September
    Hood Canal
    August – January
    * Table provided by Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife, Marine Mammal Investigations.

    Human disturbance near the pup may cause stress and delay the mother’s return because of natural wariness. The best thing you can do is leave the pup alone and keep your distance so its mom will return. 

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