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Grays Harbor Transit to cut special shuttle service after FTA warning

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Grays Harbor Transit is dropping another service to the community, this time it’s not their decision. General Manager Mark Carlin asked a specialist with the Department of Transportation recently if they were jeopardizing their funding by offering shuttle services for events like the Festival of Lights in Montesano “The answer to that is “Yes” they gave me a stern warning that any shuttle service we provide has to be along the currently established route.” Carlin said he’ll be contacting cities that have used the service in the past “Really there’s, there’s just really not a lot that we’re going to be able to do for people anymore.”
Federal public transportation grants make up 14% of the transit’s annual budget, which could be lost if the Federal Transportation Authority were to cite them for continuing to offer the services.

Grays Harbor Transit to keep bus pass program for GHC students

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Grays Harbor Transit will keep the student bus pass program for college students. Grays Harbor College President Ed Brewster pled with the transit authority last night, “We can do some more…” He said the college provides the passes to about 500 students per quarter, saving them on monthly passes. “If you make the change to cancel those all together, where students have to get a monthly pass, that could be as much as $80 per quarter.”
After board president Jack Durney broke the tie, the transit authority adopted a motion to increase the fee from 30 to $45 per quarter, per student, and to keep the bus pass program. Board members Frank Gordon and Wes Cormier both agreed that sanctions to one entity could encourage more to ask for special treatment.
The first day of class at the college is September 23rd, the program was set to expire when reductions in service take effect on September 1st.

Grays Harbor Transit cuts weekend service

HOQUIAM, Wash. – Grays Harbor Transit will be cutting weekend service, and asking the public for a .01% sales tax increase to correct an $800-thousand budget deficit. “The option entails laying off 8 employees.” General Manager Mark Carlin told the Transit Authority at a special meeting last night, the option uprights an $80-thousand monthly deficit when the changes go into effect September third. “We just feel that eliminating weekends will affect the least amount of customers.
Four full time runs will be removed, as well as service to Centralia and eight hours of SVS service Monday through Friday. Employees include six drivers, one maintenance person and one part time customer service person.

The Authority last night also adopted a resolution that places a request on the November countywide ballot, asking for a .01% sales tax increase. Carlin says if it passes it will return them to a state-approved budget. He hoped to see a return to weekend service by 2015.

Grays Harbor Transit stalls on budget decisions that could affect service, rates, and sales tax

HOQUIAM, Wash. – The Grays Harbor County Transit last night tabled a decision on cuts to service, as the board works to correct an $800-thousand budget deficit.
A sales tax increase could still make the ballot, but board president, and Hoquiam Mayor Jack Durney said last night “the issue you come back to is what happens if the ballot doesn’t pass? What do we do between now and then?
A sales tax increase of .2% would fill the budget gap twice, but would take 8 months to a year before they’d see funding.
General Manager Mark Carlin said he would craft a contingency plan if the vote was placed on the ballot and failed in November.  The Transit Authority needs to cut 8 employees, and decide on cutting weekend bus runs, or portions of the 7-day schedule -along with raising rates.
After a heated discussion last night between several board members, the vote was tabled and a special meeting planned for 5pm July 17th at the transit’s main office.