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Hanford Whistleblower settles into Union President position at Grays Harbor Transit

Ed Bricker
The Grays Harbor Transit Authority last week met their new Union President, Hanford whistleblower Ed Bricker introduced himself at their regular meeting. Bricker became one of the  nuclear industry’s first whistle-blowers in the 1980’s when he worked with Congress to expose health hazards at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, a federal facility in Eastern Washington that processed plutonium for the Department of Energy(DOE) at the time.
Ed Bricker“I did tell a story when I was set apart as Union President where Abe Lincoln was walking down the street with two balling boys under both arms. Somebody yelled out ‘what’s the problem Abe?’ and he yelled back ‘same old problem since time began; two boys and one piece of candy’ and sometimes it’s the same thing with running a transit company or running a union.
Now Union President for the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1765, Bricker added “I’ve seen both sides of labor and management, and I’ve heard lots of good things about what you guys do down here.”
General Manager Mark Carlin welcomed Bricker, also taking a moment to commend former president Karen Stites and the Union as a whole for their agreement to a wage freeze in the coming year “I know that the Transit Board over the summer was looking for the Union members to “buy in” and do something financial to help out our situation, and I feel that they have really stepped up.”
The Transit Authority last year made drastic cuts to stay in the black, including dropping weekend bus service throughout the county.

Grays Harbor Transit to offer free bus service for holiday shopping

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Grays Harbor Transit will offer free bus service for holiday shoppers again this year, the Authority’s board approved the schedule this week. Board President Jack Durney supported the service. “This is the time of year that helps a lot of businesses make it into the next year, and some of our revenue comes from sales tax so it looks like a good way to prime the pump.”
The Grays Harbor Transit Authority will offer free rides anywhere in Grays Harbor from December 18th through the 24th, However unlike previous years, the busses no longer run on weekends and will not be running on that weekend either.
General Manager Mark Carlin told the board at their last meeting that the lost revenue from offering the ‘free rides’ would be about $5,000 (mostly in quarters).

Grays Harbor voters supporting local levies, Transit, in November General election

In Elma, incumbent council Jim Taylor is loosing to Pat Miller, while David Blackett appears to be holding on to his seat. While in McCleary Mayor Gary Dent is leading for what will be his sixth term as mayor.

Fire District levies are getting support throughout the county, district 5 voters are approving a levy to purchase two new ambulances for East Grays Harbor, District 7 in Ocean City is approving an EMS levy. District 8 in Pacific Beach is passing a levy to purchase a new firetruck. District 16 in Copalis Crossing is passing two levies, one for EMS, the other for M and O.
District 14 in Ocosta is less than 1% away from the supermajority vote required to approve their EMS levy.

With just over 38% voter turnout in Grays Harbor, the next ballot count will be on Friday.

Statewide, initatives 517 and 522 both appear to be failing. 522, which seeks to label genetically modified foods, and 517 would add protections for signature gatherers.
Because of the state’s vote-by mail system, counties will be updating their numbers daily throughout the week, the election results will be certified on the 26th of November.

The expensive race for State Senator of the 26th Legeslative District is within 770 votes. Jan Angel leads over Nathan Schlicher 51 to 48% for the seat vacated when Derek Kilmer was elected to US Congress.

Pacific County reports 42% voter turnout, South Bend mayor Kirk Church’s attempt at a write-in campaign is loosing to Rose Struck.

Vote YES on Grays Harbor Transit (Part 2) Transportation Authority Proposition No. 1

Vote YES on Grays Harbor Transit (Part 1) Transportation Authority Proposition No. 1

Grays Harbor Transit adds runs for park and ride college students

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Grays Harbor College students are being encouraged to park and ride when classes begin at the Aberdeen campus on Monday (9/23). Jane Goldberg with the college tells us due to on-going construction activities, access to some parking areas of the upper campus is limited and students will be directed to the lower parking areas.

Working with Grays Harbor Transit, regularly scheduled transit buses will add two new bus stops in the lower parking area and shuttle students up to the upper campus and back for free. Students will need to show their GHC student ID when boarding the shuttle.

UPDATE: Sword-wielding man arrested in Aberdeen

ABERDEEN, Wash. – The Aberdeen police department has arrested their sword-wielding man, after he was caught on camera last Tuesday swinging a 12 inch blade at the Grays Harbor Transit bus station. The 23 year old Port Angelas man was reported swinging a samurai sword in the Wal-Mart parking lot Friday afternoon. Police Captain John Green tells us he, and two other Lewis County men, were taken into custody on various charges, the sword was recovered from their vehicle.

Sword-wielding man caught on camera threatening bus patron in Aberdeen

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Police are searching for a sword-wielding 23 year old man from Port Angeles, after he threatened a patron at the Grays Harbor Transit mall in Aberdeen Tuesday afternoon.
Police Captain John Green tells us they were called to the Park and Ride at 320 E. Wishkah St to the report of unlawful display of a weapon just before 4 p.m. Tuesday. 
A 37 year old Westport man told officers that when he tried to tell a group of people that they were parked in the “bus only” lot, one of the men in the car charged him with the sword. Green said surveillance video confirmed the report, and the suspects fled in a white car.

The Aberdeen Police have been in contact with the suspect and the investigation is continuing.

Last weekend to catch the bus in Grays Harbor

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Today begins the last weekend of transit service for Grays Harbor. Despite the need to drum up support for a sales tax increase on the November ballot, after the Labor Day weekend, Grays Harbor Transit will eliminate weekends, holidays, transfers, and the route to Centralia, but keeping the College Sticker Program for students.
The transit will ask the public for a .01% sales tax increase on the November countywide ballot to upright an $800-thousand budget deficit. General Manager Mark Carlin says if the tax passes it will return them to a state-approved budget. He hoped to see a return to weekend service by 2015.

Last weekend of service for Grays Harbor Transit, new schedule September 2

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Big changes on the bus take effect next Monday, and this is the last weekend of service from Grays Harbor Transit. Effective September 2nd, the main line is eliminating weekends, holidays, transfers, and the route to Centralia, but keeping the College Sticker Program for students.

General Manager Mark Carlin told the Transit Authority last month that the cuts will correct an $800-thousand budget deficit “We just feel that eliminating weekends will affect the least amount of customers.”

The transit will as the public for a .01% sales tax increase on the November countywide ballot. Carlin says if it passes it will return them to a state-approved budget. He hoped to see a return to weekend service by 2015.