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Grays Harbor Community Foundation takes a step torward addressing Intergenerational Poverty

Grays Harbor Community Foundation

The Grays Harbor Community Foundation is pleased to announce that they have officially approved a contract for consulting and data-gathering services with Washington Nonprofits, a state-wide support and advocacy organization for the Nonprofit sector. They plan to take the first step in addressing intergenerational poverty through their shared work.

The Grays Harbor Community Foundation was named a partner of the “Building Community Philanthropy” Initiative by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in September of 2013. Building Community Philanthropy is a statewide initiative where 19 communities, most spearheaded by Community Foundations, United Ways or a partnership of both, have been chosen to participate in a learning collaboration and engage their communities to address intergenerational poverty, strengthen nonprofit networks, and expand community philanthropy’s role in building strong communities.


Since embarking on the “Building Community Philanthropy” Initiative last fall, staff and Board Members of the Community Foundation have facilitated and participated in countless conversations with community leaders, citizen groups, nonprofit organizations and donors to gather information about this crucial topic and how it applies to our community. Following these conversations the Board of Directors of the Grays Harbor Community Foundation held a Strategic Planning Session to discuss the overall direction and goals of the Foundation, and how they might work in conjunction with and complimentary to the work of BCP.


The Grays Harbor Community Foundation is in a unique position to bring many stakeholders together to have a common discussion about what intergenerational poverty looks like in our area, the problems it creates and how to address the symptoms as well as the underlying causes of those issues.

The Community Foundation is looking forward to learning more about the true issues inside the community it serves and incorporating those findings into current and future grant-making practices. Strong, connected and educated networks between both organizations and individuals are the key to making an impact, and GHCF is working to strengthen those connections.


Immediately following the Strategic Planning Session, Grays Harbor Community Foundation Board and Staff Members attended the bi-annual convening of BCP Partners in Seattle where they learned about resources such as Washington Nonprofits, and how the Foundation might engage their services in support of our efforts.


Taking the information gathered from the community conversations, Board goals and structure of the BCP Initiative, GHCF Staff and Board Members worked with Rick Anderson, a consultant from Washington Nonprofits to formulate a scope of work that would help the Foundation move forward.


The Proposal includes 5 Tasks to be completed and then individually evaluated by GHCF Staff and Board before moving forward to the next task to ensure goals and expectations are being met. The Scope of Work largely addresses a theme that was constant in community conversations-“What resources do we have that are already here in Grays Harbor?” and “What might be missing in the resources available?” Washington Nonprofits will work to gather, organize and present data in a meaningful way that will facilitate future conversations at the Foundation Board level, as well as within our community.


The Grays Harbor Community Foundation is hopeful that beginning this work with Washington Nonprofits and our community partners will begin to paint a comprehensive picture of the environment in which we live and work. Addressing a topic such as Intergenerational Poverty will take careful planning, open communication, and time, but it is vital to the continued growth and success of our community.

To learn more about the Grays Harbor Community Foundation visit their website at www.gh-cf.org, or contact the office at 360-532-1600 or [email protected]

Grays Harbor Community Foundation Celebrates 20th Anniversary

The Grays Harbor Community Foundation celebrated their 20th Anniversary Friday night, March 28th, at the Aberdeen Museum of History.  The event included a dinner and a presentation detailing the work in Grays Harbor that the Community Foundation has accomplished over the years.

Tom Quigg, Chair of the Foundation, welcomed everyone and read the letter delivered by Nicholas Carr, “Recognizing the Service and Commitment of the Grays Harbor Community Foundation…” that was read into the 113th Congressional Record by Congressman Derek Kilmer.

Quigg said the giving nature of the community was a huge part of their success, but equally important is an earned reputation of good stewardship and consistent fiduciary responsibility.

The presentation showed history, though the main focus was on the accomplishments in 2013.  Examples of grants, endowments, initiatives, and scholarships were shown in videos that are on the Foundation website:  www.gh-cf.org.  Donors, grant recipients, and scholarship winners also delivered testimonials to the benefit of the Grays Harbor Community Foundation.

The GHCF recently released their annual report for 2013.  The report showed the Foundation started the year with $37.36 million in assets and ended the year $46.96 million all-the-while helping local nonprofits and schools, and providing scholarships to the tune of $1.6 million.  There were slightly over $400,000 in expenses which also helped to fuel the local economy.

The 2013 earnings of 19.60% on investments, with total expenses of 0.88%, contributions of $4.5 million, and 260 scholarships were also shown.  Several stories of donors and grant recipients are also included in the annual report.

Tom Quigg also said that a year and a half ago, Jim Daly, Executive Director, proposed a goal of $50 million in assets by their 20th year anniversary, which the Board thought was quite intimidating.  But, he said, we are confident now we will reach that goal in the next few months.

The foundation is even more committed than ever to its mission:  To improve the quality of life in the communities throughout Grays Harbor.

If you would like to know more, please see the foundation website:  www.gh-cf.org or you may contact:  Jim Daly at 532-1600 or by e-mail at:  [email protected]