Public comments sought on Weatherwax Wetland and Habitat Mitigation Bank in Ocean Shores

The city of Ocean Shores is getting into the Mitigation Banking business the Department of Ecology is accepting public comment on certification of the Weatherwax Wetland and Habitat Mitigation

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Humpback whale washes ashore on Grayland beach

A 30 foot humpback whale washed ashore in Grayland over the weekend. Kathryn Myrsell with the Westport Aquarium tells us it appears to have been dead for at least a week, and had lacerations

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Grays Harbor AHAB sirens test successful, connection issues identified

The AHAB test on Monday, January 13th at noon, was successful in activating all AHAB sirens. Washington State Emergency Management Division as well as the Grays Harbor County Radio

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Ecology publishes updated Grays Harbor oil-spill response plan

OLYMPIA — The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) and U.S. Coast Guard published an updated Grays Harbor Geographic Response Plan this week to improve site-specific, oil-spill

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Westport votes to support Visitor Information Center as VIC loses PUD contract

WESTPORT, Wash. - Change is coming to the Westport Visitor Information Center. Regardless of continued support from the city of Westport, the Grays Harbor PUD is pulling it's pay station and a contract that makes up almost a 1/4 of the chamber's budget at the end of the month.
At a special session Friday morning, the city council approved a contract with the Chamber for a 1 year term on a similar deal as the previous, with additional reporting requirements, and a kiosk to be setup at city hall. Executive Director with the chamber, Leslie Eichner tells us this helps, but they've just lost another 20% of their budget "We are of course in another transitional phase because of the PUD [contract]"
Due to new regulations, the PUD will be moving pay services to Anchor Savings Bank branches, closing current pay stations at Hoquiam Ace Hardware, D & K Grocery in Pacific Beach, Grayland Hardware, Image Flowers in Elma, Pick Rite Thriftway in Montesano, and the Westport-Grayland Chamber of Commerce effective the first of December.

Grays Harbor PUD to close pay stations in several areas

ABERDEEN, Wash. - The Grays Harbor PUD will be changing the locations for pay stations in outlying areas of the county.  Current pay stations located at Hoquiam Ace Hardware, D & K Grocery in Pacific Beach, Grayland Hardware, Image Flowers in Elma, Pick Rite Thriftway in Montesano, and the Westport-Grayland Chamber of Commerce will no longer accept payments on behalf of the Grays Harbor PUD effective November 30, 2013. 


Beginning Monday December 2, 2013 payments can be made at any Anchor Bank location in Grays Harbor County, including Aberdeen, Elma, Hoquiam, Montesano, Ocean Shores, and Westport.  The change is being made due to increased regulations around personal information related to customer accounts. 


“The District appreciates the relationship and the quality of work that each pay station has provided; however, regulatory requirements have prompted these necessary changes.” said PUD General Manager Dave Ward.

Council stalls decision on funding for Westport/Grayland Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center

WESTPORT, Wash. - The City Council last night tabled the decision on what to do with the Westport/Grayland Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center. At a standing room only council meeting, they considered cutting funding, and moving the VIC to City Hall.Local business owner Bill Wolfenbarger* said they weren't looking at the bigger picture "the bigger picture is not Westport versus Grayland, which is unincorporated, and whether Westport puts money into the chamber or not. The question is whether the city of Westport should contribute to the greater welfare of the whole South beach area. Can't you do that? Don't you recognize that people who go to Grayland come to Westport?"
Council Desire Dodson said the idea has been discussed for years, but she's changed her mind "when I took some time to actually go out and talk to some of you, I wondered why this is happening without having talked to anybody. Here we are at a year when we're going into a centennial and we have so much coordinating to do and so much information to get out there. This is a really bad year to be doing this." Council voted to take the issue up again at their second meeting in November.
*Note: Bill Wolfenbarger is the President of Jodesha Broadcasting, owner of this radio station.

Grayland whale removal almost complete, on display in Westport within a year

GRAYLAND, Wash. - Just about all of the gray whale that washed up on the beach in Grayland late last month is gone, you'll be able to visit it's 40 foot skeleton at the Westport Aquarium in about a year.
Store owner Marc Myrsell updated the Westport Council at this week's meeting "All that's left on the beach right now is just the Skull...we're keeping all the bones, I have every single stitch of bone out of that 40 foot whale." The state Fish and Wildlife Department and Cascadia Research said the adult female apparently died in a collision with a vessel.
A few gray whales wash up on state beaches each year, but removal efforts can be costly. When the body of a baleen whale washed ashore near Ocean Shores in June parks officials were given an $8,000 quote to bury it on the beach, it was swept out with the tide days later.
Grays whale washes ashore near Grayland

Dead whale washes ashore near Grayland

GRAYLAND, Wash. - The body of a gray whale washed up on the beach in Grayland on Monday, you can visit it's 40 foot skeleton at the Westport Aquarium later this summer. Store owner Marc Myrsell tells us they assisted crews from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Cascadia Research Center with the necropsy on Tuesday, and will begin stripping the whale to it's skeletal frame today. He plans to put the skeleton on display in his aquarium once it's been prepared.

The dead gray whale washed up Monday on the beach at Grayland, just south of Westport on the Washington coast.

The state Fish and Wildlife Department and Cascadia Research took tissue samples Tuesday to investigate what may have caused the whale to die. A few gray whales wash up on state beaches each year.

Myrsell said NOAA has approved the acquisition, and the Parks department was gracious that they wanted to remove it for them. However the clock is ticking, they have three days to help move the body parts to a piece of nearby property, where it can be prepared. The property is about 1000 feet away and the private landowner is donating the use of it to the Aquarium, pursuant to  preparing the skeleton.
Courtesy Westport AquariumCourtesy Westport Aquarium

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Grays Harbor County is located on the Southwest corner of the Olympic Peninsula along the Pacific Ocean. In no other county can you stick your toe in the Pacific Ocean one hour, and the next hour, be in the lush rain forest. 

There are over 50 miles of pristine beaches to walk, beach comb or just get cozy in your room or at your campsite and watch and hear the majestic waves lapping the beaches. There are many photo opportunities to create memories for your family album. 

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