• Hoquiam Police Seek Assistance in Grays Harbor Transit Burglary

    Lockboxes like this one were stolen recently from several Grays Harbor Transit buses.

    HOQUIAM, Wash. – The Hoquiam police are investigating a burglary that took place at Grays Harbor Transit Authority, 700 block of 30th Street, sometime between 10:30 pm on Friday May 21st and 6:30 am on Saturday May 22, 2010.

    An employee arrived for work at the transit facility to begin work and discovered that a number of the buses had been entered and the metal “vaults” (the metal lock boxes used to collect the fare from bus riders) had actually been removed from the buses. The boxes are described as being about 16” tall, by 5” wide and 6” deep. They are black in color with an assigned number written in white lettering on the front of the box. An example of the lettering is “X37.”

    Investigation at the scene revealed that the suspect(s) apparently cut a chain link fence on the north side of the property to gain entrance into the parking area. Once inside the yard the suspect(s) entered 16 buses and either removed the metal vault completely or pried it open and removed the coins from the box. 12 of 16 vaults (boxes) were physically removed from the busses and from the property.


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