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Greater Grays Harbor Inc. Annual Legislative Sendoff – good food with good people

Representative Steve Tharinger (D-Dungeness) speaks to business leaders in Aberdeen.
Business leaders throughout Grays Harbor had lunch with state legislators at the annual Legislative Send-Off luncheon held in Aberdeen yesterday by Greater Grays Harbor, Inc.  VP of Operations at Imperium Renewables John Gillespie said things are looking up at the Port. “We’re excited about our future at Grays Harbor, with organizations like Greater Grays Harbor [Inc.] who can foster continued growth by attracting business, and providing a conduit to policy makers – basically this event is an example of that. 
His company has expanded to 39 employees in the 5 years there, investing over 2 million in capitol improvements in the past year.
As they head to Olympia to convene for the state’s regular session that begins on January 13, State Senator Jim Hargrove noted recent strides in cost cutting. “Over the last 5 years, through the great recession we have resized government. We have cut 12 billion dollars out of carry-forward government in this state. Like we eliminated the General Assistance Unemployment Cash Program, that’s probably why you see so many people pan handling out here because there’s no cash available for some of those people that are unemployable. We’ve cut the TANF or the welfare program -the grants, and put a hard 5 year time limit on it, so that’s definitely affecting people, budget savings.
Hargrove also said they’ll be discussing ways to keep businesses in Washington, noting the recent Boeing contract extension with Machinists in Washington.
Representative Steve Tharinger (D-Dungeness) speaks to business leaders in Aberdeen.

Representative Steve Tharinger (D-Dungeness) speaks to business leaders in Aberdeen.

Larry Kahl introduced guest speaker John Gillespie, VP of Operations at Imperium Renewables

Former House Speaker Lynn Kessler emceed the event

GGH Inc. celebrates Business Recognition Awards at annual Leaders Banquet

If you missed the banquet, here’s a short review of those recognized.  Here’s a link to a YouTube video of the winners with an explanation in their own words of who and what their business is and why they are a part of the Grays Harbor County business community:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHXWmlDPwS8  “GGHI Business Recognition Award and Leaders Banquet 2013.”

Included in the celebration activities was a newly established award honoring a long time supporter of Grays Harbor’s employment and businesses.  The “John Loyle Award Spirit of the Community” award was presented to Linda Loyle and family in honor of John’s selfless dedication to the Grays Harbor community.  Another award that was given for the first time was the “Ambassador of the Year Award”.  Angie West of Express Employment Professionals to recognize her outstanding contributions to our county and the businesses that call Grays Harbor home.

  The banquet was attended by over 200 members of the business community of Grays Harbor.  Along with the celebration of the Business Recognition Awards, the attendees had the opportunity to raise funds for the GGHI (Greater Grays Harbor, Inc.) Education Fund that supports career, technical education and entrepreneurial activities and allows local schools to compete in the application process for the award of the $6,340 raised at the banquet through the raffle and auction.  This was the biggest amount ever raised for the Education Fund. 



Synopsis of Winners and Finalists:

Category                      Winner                                                                 Finalist

Non-profit                    Grays Harbor Community College             Coast Harvest

New Business            Wishkah River Distillery                                 Flowers by Pollen

Small Business           Dunsire Printers                                               Techline

Large Business          Five Star Dealerships                                      Levee Lumber