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Stolen vehicle recovered after thieves switch plates in front of Aberdeen officer

ABERDEEN, Wash. – An Aberdeen officer watched from his unmarked car as two men attempted to mask their stolen car by stealing the license plates from a similar car in the Gateway Plaza parking lot Tuesday afternoon.
Police Captain John Green tells us one of their Sergeants was parked in an unmarked police SUV in the Staples parking lot around 2 P.M. Tuesday. While the officer was speaking on a cell phone he noticed a male subject standing by two very similar Honda Accords.
The Sergeant reported that the subject was scanning the parking, looking around, as he looked at the license plates of one of the Honda Accords. Another male wearing a red hoodie sweatshirt removed a license plate from one of the Hondas, and the two males began to drive away from the location in one of the Honda Accords.
The Aberdeen Police Sergeant stopped the vehicle, and discovered that the vehicle theywere in was reported stolen from Tumwater on 9/23/13.

The two suspects, a 34 year old Tacoma man and a 31 Shelton Man, were arrested for possession of stolen property and booked into the City of Aberdeen Jail.
A search warrant is being applied for by Aberdeen Detectives this morning for the recovered stolen vehicle.

The investigation is continuing.

Port of Grays Harbor to match federal funds for traffic study at Gateway Plaza

ABERDEEN, Wash. – The Port of Grays Harbor will pay just over $100-thousand to kick off a planning project that will resolve traffic issues at the Gateway Plaza in Aberdeen.
Vicki Cummings with the Council of Governments told port commissioners yesterday “Neither the Council of Governments, nor the city of Aberdeen or the county has had it in our budgets to be able to fund that matching portion, so we are very grateful to the port for stepping forward and taking this on.” The money will be used to match a federal grant, releasing $600,000 for the traffic solution study. The funds approved will come out of the port’s operating budget.
Cummings said the study will review all types of traffic at Highway 12 intersections across the entire plaza, from Fleet to F streets.  They’d like to see a solution in place and complete within two years “There is absolutely nothing that precludes us from taking that long, we’d love to see it done much sooner. But what really tends to be the time hog in the process is the environmental documentation.”