Washington Department of Corrections expands video visitations statewide

Similar to Skype, video visits are conducted through approved visitors’ home computers and video kiosks in the facilities. After completing a successful pilot project at Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women, the Prisons Division recently began offering video visitations in facilities throughout the state. The first test visit was conducted on Valentine’s Day 2013 at Mission […]

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  • Barbara Bennett Parsons With the Hoquiam Farmers Market News

    Community Tailgate Produce sale!
    Are the beans and squash threatening to take over the entire neighborhood?  Have your friends and relatives gone into hiding when they see you approaching with yet another giant zucchini?
    The Hoquiam Farmers Market has a solution to your too-much-of-a-good-thing problem; On Saturday, Aug. 29th the public is invited to bring their homegrown garden produce to The Market to sell! This is a free of charge chance for the gardeners to hook up with buyers!  Decide upon your prices and share your produce excess in an old-fashioned parking lot tailgate sale!  
    If you have garden goodies (vegetables, fruit, or flowers) to sell, we want to help.  Simply show up on Saturday the 29th, we’re open from 9 until6.
    The Market is always looking for sources of fresh local food products, so if you have goodies available right now today, give us a call at 538-9747
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  • Washington Attorney General Accuses Rent-a-center of Harassing, Deceiving Customers

    SEATTLE- Carol Hammons says she picked up a sofa, recliners, and a hide-a-bed from her local Rent-A-Center store. The sofa's fabric was torn, a foot was bent, and the recliner didn't work.  But, according to a sworn statement, that's just where Hammons' problems with the national lease-to-own chain started.

    When she stopped making payments in protest, Hammons says Rent-A-Center employees came to her home to find her 11-year-old autistic daughter being babysat by two neighbor girls. The employees refused to leave, telling the girls that Hammons would be jailed for theft. Hammons says that Rent-A-Center employees also passed on personal financial information to her neighbors, including the accusation that she wrote bad checks.

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