Nurses Celebrate National Nurses Week by Uniting to Protect Patient Care

OLYMPIA, Wash. – It’s National Nurses Week, and just as pioneering nurse Florence Nightingale tended to wounded soldiers, nurses today are also on the front lines, fighting to protect patient care. The Affordable Care Act has come under attack, but nurses across the country say there’s too much at stake to take away the benefits of the law.

Norberto Molina of Miami has worked as a nurse for over 20 years. He says he cared for one little girl who had cancer but was denied coverage by three different insurance companies when she had a recurrence. He credits the Affordable Care Act for changing that practice.

This is a little four-year-old girl that was being treated for something, and then three years later she comes back to the same thing. The father told me it was like night and day the problems that he had to go through with the insurance companies. – Norberto Molina

The Affordable Care Act is also ensuring that young adults can extend coverage through their parent’s plans, make preventive care free, crack down on waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare, and subject insurance company rate hikes to a more thorough review. 

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