Winds, Flooding, and Storms Expected for The Harbor

   The National Weather Service has issued many warnings for the Grays Harbor Area. All Hazards Weather Radios were activated to all coastal residents, informing of the Coastal Flood Watch issued for Tuesday. Grays harbor Emergency Management has notified all Coastal authorities of the impending weather situation.

 1)       The first is a High Wind Watch which will actually happen in 2 stages. The first stage forecasted will likely give damaging winds to the coast and North interior and will be in effect from Sunday around midnight and lasting thru early Monday with winds expected to be sustained at 40-50 MPH with gusts up to 75 MPH. The second stage will  produce more widespread damage and begin around 12 hours later after midnight Tuesday morning thru Tuesday afternoon. These winds will be more intense, along the coast and felt inland also and will produce sustained winds of 50-60 MPH with gusts up to 85 MPH.
   Widespread damage can occur at either time as well as power outages and tree limbs breaking. Grays Harbor County Emergency Management is suggesting that all citizens prepare for potential power outages, secure items in their yard and to be aware of falling trees and power lines.
2)       The second is a Flood Watch for the Satsop River area. The projection is that the River will become Bank Full on Tuesday Morning. All residents are being advised to keep aware of the situation and monitor their radio stations. A flood watch means that conditions are favorable for flooding but flooding IS NOT imminent or occurring
3)       There is a flood watch for Aberdeen on Tuesday where the 12:45pm high tide could exceed 14’ due to a number of factors. All low lying coastal areas could see flooding over roadways then.

National Weather Service Issues Coastal Weather Information

South Bend, Washington – The National Weather Service, Portland Office notified the Pacific County Emergency Management Agency of potential weather hazards that may affect the coastal areas over the next 24 hours. 

At this time, no rivers in Grays Harbor County are under a flood watch

A Coastal Flood Advisory is in effect from Noon to 4:00 p.m. PST Thursday.  A Coastal Flood Advisory means that there may be minor tidal overflow along low lying sections of the southwest coast, including the City of Raymond. 

A high tide of 10.3 feet with an anomaly of approximately one foot will bring the high tide level to 11.1 feet on Thursday afternoon.  This may result in the closure of lanes of State Route 101, in the central Raymond area.  The National Weather Service indicated that minor flooding is expected near the city. 
Tides will be lower at subsequent high tides.  Residents should consult local tide tables for times and heights within their community. 
This event will likely be accompanied by a Pacific frontal system with high winds increasing Thursday morning through Thursday evening.  The National Weather Service has issued a High Wind Watch indicating that Thursday morning winds will shift to the south with sustained winds increasing to 35 mph with gusts to 50 mph.  Gusts to 60 mph are possible on the beaches and headlands from mid-morning Thursday, peaking Thursday afternoon as the front approaches landfall.