Tip # 8 Pet Disaster Preparedness

Preparing for disaster is harrowing enough when preparing for your family for disaster and possible evacuation and sheltering,  but how many think about you most beloved family member  – your pet(s)? Planning for your pets is your responsibility! Hurricane Katrina in 2005, helped realize the need for Pet Disaster Planning in all Federal, State and […]

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  • FEMA Tribal Guide

    Federal Emergency Management Agency releases Tribal Nations Pocket Guide

    Today, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced a new tool to better inform tribes about FEMA policies and programs. The document, FEMA and Tribal Nations: A Pocket Guide, provides FEMA’s tribal partners readily accessible information about FEMA. FEMA and Tribal Nations: A Pocket Guide explains FEMA’s policies on tribal engagement, outlines key FEMA programs […]

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  • Presidential Proclamation: September is National Preparedness Month

    MONTESANO, Wash. – The Grays Harbor County Emergency Management Agency would like to advise all citizens to become PRO-ACTIVE and prepare for the approaching fall and winter storm seasons. Essential preparation issues include:

    1)     Obtain an All Hazard Weather Radio, program it to the proper frequency and change the batteries in it every time we change the clocks. (next time change is Nov. 1st)


    2)    Sign up for the Grays Harbor County Notification System (You’ll receive a text message, phone call and an e-mail with information about any weather or disaster related issue)


    3)    Find out where the closest shelter is located and practice moving to that shelter with your entire family.


    4)    All members of your family should have a person to call outside of Grays Harbor County to inform of their situation in the event they are separated from your family during an emergency or weather situation.


    5)    Prepare a GO-KIT backpack with:  ** These are minimal amounts **

    a)      an AM/FM battery operated portable radio

    b)    Flashlight

    c)     1- 2 bottles of water for each person and for each pet in the household.

    d)    Matches in a waterproof container (plastic bag)

    e)     Snack bars for your family and a small plastic bag of food for each pet

    f)      Pocket knife

    g)     A sweatshirt or light jacket for each member

    h)    Disposable rain poncho for each member of your family

    i)       Hand warmer packets

    j)       Package of sanitary wipes


    For more information on becoming PRO-ACTIVE and to sign up for the Grays Harbor County Notification System, please go to the Grays Harbor County Emergency Management website at: or call (360) 249-3911.

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  • Quinault Nation Declares State of Emergency

    Fawn Sharp, President of the Quinault Indian Nation, declared a state of emergency Tuesday night due to a breach in the Taholah seawall and destruction of a smokehouse, other outbuildings and properties in the lower village. The damage was caused by high waves and intense winds. A press release from the Tribe said Sharp is […]

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  • Washington Fire Marshall Tips on Evacuation During a Wildfire

    The need to evacuate during a wildfire is a real possibility for anyone that lives in a wildfire prone area.  During the 2008 fire season the threat was real and the danger was very close to home for residents of East Wenatchee during the Badger Mountain Fire.  With above normal significant fire potential predicted for areas of Eastern Washington this summer, the State Fire Marshal's Office is asking homeowners:  Have you and your family talked about what you would do in the event you are asked to evacuate due to the danger of an approaching wildfire?

    It is the responsibility of local law enforcement and fire officials to order and execute an orderly evacuation.  This includes going door to door and making face-to-face contact whenever possible.

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