Hoquiam Farmers Market News – Silver Turtle Edition

I love the idea of starting the season with setting up camp in our own backyard. There are plenty of practical reasons for doing this; the bathroom is very nearby, dinner can be cooked on a real stove and eaten outside, and most of all- you have a test run for your camping equipment. A systems failure of your air mattress could be a disaster is you are set up miles from civilization without a patch kit. But really, the very best reason of all is that it’s so much fun! One of my prime objectives in life is to never ever forget the joys of childhood. On a regular basis I do things that serious adults who have put their childhood behind them would never do. If you have children or grandchildren to share a backyard camp-out with, then you are twice blessed, because they will help you to regain your inner silliness. 

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  • Grays harbor Public Market News

     My birthday is today! Over the past 57 years, the glow of anticipation for the Big Day has dimmed a bit, and I have, surprisingly, arrived at the stage of contemplation. I wonder how my mother was feeling 57 years ago- I hope that she was excited!
    Some people claim to have memories of events when they were little babies. My first memory is just as clear as if it happened yesterday. I was three years old, and my parents were visiting the house that they would purchase. The house that I grew up in, the same house in which I still live. I was taken upstairs by the children who lived here. They revealed a delicious secret about the house- the floorboards in the closet had open knotholes, and whatever was dropped thru the hole disappeared! Oh, the wonder of it all! My three year old mind didn’t grasp that there was no retrieving of the goodies that went down that hole, I just remember the delight of that discovery. Ten years ago an earthquake brought down the dining room ceiling and all those childhood treasures finally returned to me. I was thrilled!

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  • Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain in Westport June 25th Through 28th


    Aberdeen – Grays Harbor's tall ships, the Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain, return to Grays Harbor June 25 after nearly nine months of touring California and Columbia River ports. The vessels will participate in Rusty Scupper's Pirate Daze June 26-28 at the Westport Marina in Westport, offering walk-on tours June 26, 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., and June 27, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Three-hour Battle Sails are scheduled for June 27 and 28 at 2 p.m. A three-hour family-oriented Adventure Sail takes place June 28 at 10 a.m. For tickets, visit www.historicalseaport.org or call 800-200-5239.

    Lady Washington Launch 1989 : Photos of Lady Washington undergoing preparations for launch on March 7, 1989.The ships then transit to Aberdeen for the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Lady Washington's two decades of service to the Grays Harbor community. Featuring VIP tours of the ships, food, drink, and entertainment by Northwest musicians, the event begins at 4 p.m. Monday June 29 at Aberdeen Landing, 701 E. Heron St., Aberdeen. Tickets are $50 per person. A table may be reserved for $500, which includes two tickets to the July 4 evening sailing. To reserve space for the anniversary party, call 800-200-5239 or visit www.historicalseaport.org.

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  • State Parks Commission to discuss budget reductions at Olympia meeting

    OLYMPIA – Feb. 26, 2009 – The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission will hear public comment on proposed 2009-11 budget reductions that could result in park transfers or mothballing at its regular meeting in Olympia next week.

    The regular Commission meeting is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. Thursday, March 5, at Commission Headquarters, 1111 Israel Road S.W., Olympia. The budget proposal agenda item and public comment are scheduled for no earlier than 1 p.m., beginning with a budget report. A full meeting agenda is available online at www.parks.wa.gov/commtg.asp.

    The Commission will hear a report on the status of agency work to potentially transfer 13 parks to other public operators as part of the Governor’s proposed 2009-11 budget, announced in December. The budget proposal, based on revenue forecasts predicting a state revenue shortfall of approximately $5.7 billion, would require State Parks to reduce expenditures by 10 percent or $10 million in General Fund support.

    State Parks participated in the Governor’s freeze in August and early autumn expenditure reductions to save money in the current budget. To meet requirements of the Governor’s budget proposal for next Biennium, the Commission will make other cuts first in order to mitigate park transfers or closures.

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  • Hoquiam Farmers Market News

    You would not believe how delicious The Market smells right now!  Nancy and her elves are baking Christmas cookies this morning- Spritz, Russion Teacakes, and Pecan tarts, to name a few.  The aromas speak to my deepest childhood memories, bringing a smile and a sense of complete happiness.  My recommendation to anyone who is feeling ever so slightly stressed or unhappy- just walk thru our front doors!  Simply stand there, eyes closed, and give yourself over to inhaling cookie aromas.  You don’t have to actually buy any, although that will help the euphoria to last longer.  Your day will have improved dramatically.  If you open your eyes, give us a smile, and then walk out, we’ll understand completely.  One dose of contentment provided, on the house.
    December brings more delights than I can take in all at once, and here is one of my favorites; Fresh Crab.  Even if I didn’t absolutely love living in Grays Harbor already, being able to buy just cooked straight from the ocean crab at bargain basement prices would cause me to be forever grateful for where I live.  
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  • Washington DFI Warns of Top 10 Financial Traps

    Olympia – With a new school year about to begin, the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions Securities Division reminds investors to take stock of their financial education and arm themselves with the knowledge to sidestep this year’s Top 10 Investor Traps.

    DFI’s Director of Securities Michael Stevenson says investors under pressure from the struggling economy need to resist the lure of sales pitches to rebuild their savings.

    “An educated investor should be alert at all times, but especially when money is tight,” Stevenson explained. “Falling into an investment trap makes it harder to get back on solid financial ground.”

    The following traps were determined to be the top 10 for 2009 by the Enforcement Trends Project Group of the North American Securities Administrators Association, of which DFI’s Securities Division is a member. Many of the traps identified promise high returns to cash-strapped investors — but provide little, if any, disclosure of risks and offer high commissions to aggressive sales forces.

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  • Hoquiam High School Takes Top Prize in National “Feed the Need” Program

    LOS ANGELES – (Business Wire) Over 1.2 million pounds of food were collected from food drives around the country under Participant Media’s and DoSomething.org’s “Feed the Need” program, in which more than 26,000 young people took part. Participant Media, the leading provider of content that inspires and compels social change, and DoSomething.org, an organization dedicated to empowering young people to take action in their communities, partnered for the social action initiative inspired by the upcoming film The Soloist.

    Throughout November and December, young people across the country registered their local food drives on DoSomething.org. Over 400 schools nationwide signed up, with individual schools collecting over 40,000 pounds of food. The five highest-collecting drives won $1,000 grants for an arts or music program for young people in their school or community and one grand prize winner also won a screening of The Soloist for their group.

    Hoquiam High School, in Hoquiam, Washington took the top prize. “It’s amazing to see the community pull together in needy times,” says Keaton Bradley, a junior at Hoquiam High. “Everyone was so supportive.”

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