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Displaced Emerson Manor tenants have homes until March 31st, as cleanup continues

Emerson Manor Apartments in Hoquiam

All of the Emerson Manor tenants have been placed in temporary housing until repairs and cleanup work can be completed on their building. Over 60 residents were evacuated and the building quarantined Monday after hazardous bacteria levels were found in runoff water from a fire.
As of yesterday afternoon, most of them had their pets back as well. Three local hotels, the Econolodge, Travelodge and Guest House Inn have contracted with the county to provide housing until March 31st. The county reports the cost of which will run about 1,700 per person, a special meeting has been announced for Friday to consider amending their contract with Coastal Community Action Program to cover the difference.

Chuck Wallace with the Grays Harbor County Emergency Management Agency tells us they have funding for the rooms until March 31st for all displaced tenants, anyone who left to stay with family or friends can call 532-0570 for details . A chief concern is what to do if repairs are not complete by March 31st? Where does the funding come from to assist at that time?

The exciting part of the day was the reunification of most owners with their pets. Special thanks goes out to all of the local foster home providers for the numerous pets belonging to the tenants who needed to be housed last night because there was no way to care for them at Immanuel Baptist Church.

None of the motel rooms have kitchen facilities and some have no microwave. One of the tasks at hand is how to provide at least one hot meal per day to the tenants. A few local agencies have volunteered to assist for a few days but more are needed. Kitchen facilities are needed as well as a mode for delivery.


Cleaning of the building has begun. The clean-up crews are still waiting on additional test results before a complete and thorough cleaning of the building can begin. It is anticipated some tenants will return home to find some furniture has been removed due to water damage and possible mold growth. Hopefully it is limited however assistance will be needed to purchase replacement furniture.

Anchor Bank has set up a fund to assist the Emerson Manor tenants. Please help by going to any Anchor Bank location and ask for the Emerson Manor Assistance Fund. Your donation will be greatly appreciated. Only monetary donations will be accepted.

A tremendous amount of work was accomplished by an army of regional agencies who descended upon Hoquiam and the Emerson Manor Apartments. Words cannot express how much their efforts are appreciated however many are returning home leaving a skeleton staff remaining to see this event through until the last tenant is back in their apartment. Time goes quickly, funding will run low and there is still a task to accomplish. Please help us help the displaced tenants by donating to the Emerson Manor Assistance Fund at any Anchor Bank location

FEMA prepares for Cascadia Subduction Zone 2016 Earthquake and Tsunami Exercise

The Cascadia subduction zone (also referred to as the Cascadia fault) is a subduction zone, a type of convergent plate boundary that stretches from northern Vancouver Island to northern California.

Federal Emergency Management Agency staff, and emergency responders from around the state met in Ocean Shores last week to get the public involved in a major exercise planned for 2016.
Chuck Wallace with the Grays Harbor County Emergency Management Agency said on Thursday it’s all to prepare the public and private sectors for a mock 9.0 Earthquake in the Cascadia Subduction Zone, a major fault line that runs through the county.

The Cascadia subduction zone (also referred to as the Cascadia fault) is a subduction zone, a type of convergent plate boundary that stretches from northern Vancouver Island to northern California.

The Cascadia subduction zone (also referred to as the Cascadia fault) is a subduction zone, a type of convergent plate boundary that stretches from northern Vancouver Island to northern California.

“How prepared are you today, to handle this? What do you believe will happen once this occures? And what kind of help do you need to get back in service? Because if this happens to our county, this impacts everybody.
Wallace said besides a tsunami, a CSZ earthquake will take out infrastructure “You’re going to feel the ground shake, you’re going to rattle and roll for a couple of minutes. You’re going to have some liquefaction where the ground becomes unstable, maybe water comes up through the ground [where] you normally wouldn’t think of. There’s some subsidence where they believe that the coastal area is going to drop about 4 to 6 feet and that will go probably almost to the county line before it levels out again.

The Exercise is from some of the same FEMA Region 10 crew that brought us The Great Washington Shake Out – registration for which just opened online by the way. Expect to hear more in the coming years about the Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) 2016 Earthquake and Tsunami Exercise.

AHAB Siren testing Monday February 3rd

AHAB Siren

MONTESANO, Wash. – Washington State Emergency Management will conduct its monthly countywide AHAB (All Hazard Alert Broadcast) Siren test on Monday, February 3, at noon.

AHAB sirens are located in Pacific Beach, Copalis Beach, Ocean City, Ocean Shores, Hoquiam, Aberdeen, Moclips, Westport and Grayland. All Grays Harbor County sirens will be included in the test beginning at noon.

AHAB sirens have a range of about one mile in radius depending on topography and weather. The activation will be Westminster Chimes followed by a test voice message. These sirens are meant to provide emergency notification to people who are OUTDOORS! Residents and businesses located within a tsunami inundation area are encouraged to maintain a working NOAA Weather Radio.

Please DO NOT CALL 911 regarding this testing. If you have any questions or reports regarding the test, please contact Grays Harbor County Emergency Management at 360-249-3911 or [email protected].

Pacific County Emergency Management Agency Coordinating Animal Emergency Plan Workshop


South Bend, WA – The Pacific County Emergency Management Agency will be coordinating an Animal Emergency Plan Workshop on February 4, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. in the Commissioners Meeting Room at the Pacific County Annex located at 1216 W. Robert Bush Drive South Bend, WA 98586. Recent experiences from other areas around the nation have underscored the importance of having a coordinated Animal Emergency Plan. The Pacific County Emergency Management Agency has identified this as a goal for 2014.


The Public is welcome to attend. If you would like to have your comments heard but are unable to attend, you may email them to Scott McDougall, Deputy Director, PCEMA [email protected] by the end of business on February 3, 2014.

Grays Harbor AHAB sirens test successful, connection issues identified

AHAB Siren

The AHAB test on Monday, January 13th at noon, was successful in activating all AHAB sirens. Washington State Emergency Management Division as well as the Grays Harbor County Radio Shop monitored the test activation. Minor connection issues were found in five AHAB Sirens; Westport, Aberdeen, Ocean City and two in Grayland. Every AHAB siren was activated during the test. Washington State Emergency Management will be sending a crew to inspect each of the five identified sirens this week. The minor connection issues would have no effect in a true activation of the AHAB Siren with the wailing siren used in a true emergency.

Each day, Washington State Emergency Management sends a silent test message to every AHAB Siren in the State. All Sirens in Grays Harbor County passed the daily test this morning, prior to the activation of the test mode by Grays Harbor County Emergency Management.

Washington State Emergency Management is scheduled to activate the AHAB test in February. In order to ensure all sirens are operating optimally, Grays Harbor County Emergency Management will activate the Monthly Test on Monday February 3rd, the regularly scheduled test activation day. Washington State Emergency Management and Grays Harbor County Radio Shop will once again, be monitoring the test.

Just a test: AHAB sirens manually activated at noon on Monday

AHAB Siren

All Hazard Alert Broadcast sirens will again blare the familiar Westminster Chimes and a brief voice message at noon today. After failing their monthly test last Monday, technicians accidentally fired the AHAB sirens Tuedsay morning. Chuck Wallace with the county’s emergency management agency tells us had there been an actual emergency the state EMD could have also triggered the sirens. Wallace said they plan to trigger another test, consisting of the Westminster Chimes and a brief voice message, Monday at noon.


Grays Harbor County Emergency Management: Avoid rumors during a disaster

1)    There are numerous way citizens can become notified and receive information on severe weather or emergency/disaster events. AHAB Sirens, All Hazard ALERT Weather Radios, the Grays Harbor County Emergency Notification System, AM/FM Radio, The Grays Harbor County Emergency Website and the Grays Harbor County Emergency Management Twitter and Facebook pages. See below for information.

a)     Be aware the message television sends may NOT pertain to your site specific location!

b)    Local newspapers do present  pertinent information although the information will not be the most up to date at the time of reading.

c)     The internet presents another situation where the information you receive may not be relevant for your site specific location. Beware of the information you obtain and please check with a bonafide resource such as the numerous sources Grays Harbor Emergency Management provides.

d)    DO NOT call 911 for information. They will be overwhelmed with life threatening, emergency situations and will have no time to answer questions about the event.


2)    The All Hazard Alert Broadcast (AHAB) Sirens are designed to be heard within a 1 mile radius and OUTDOORS only. Be extremely aware that wind and rain can distort the voice message and also greatly reduce the distance you can hear the siren during severe weather. For notification if you are INDOORS, you will need to purchase an All Hazard Alert Weather Radio. The radios are available at various locations and range between $25.00 – $50.00. Be sure the radio is an ALERT radio. Many purchase radios that need to be tuned and turned on. Those radios WILL NOT provide the necessary protection and alerting your family needs. You’ll need an All Hazard ALERT Weather Radio that activates on its own.


3)    Misinformation causes confusion and rumor. If you are not sure about anything related to Emergency Management, severe weather or disaster preparation, please contact Grays Harbor County Emergency Management at: [email protected] or call (360) 249-3911.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


4)    AM/FM radio as well as your All Hazard Alert Weather Radio WILL provide you with pertinent information provided by Grays Harbor County Emergency Management for all Grays Harbor County residents.


5)    Please like follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.


6)    If you are interested in signing up for the Grays Harbor Emergency Notification System which will provide you with a phone call, text message and an e-mail in the event of severe weather or an emergency or disaster situation, please follow the link and we will add you to our service. http://www.co.grays-harbor.wa.us/info/DEM/EMailTWS.asp


7)    Remember Grays Harbor County Emergency Management has a website at:

http://www.co.grays-harbor.wa.us/info/DEM/Index.asp  There is a great deal of information posted there.


8)    Emergency Preparedness is your responsibility. Local jurisdictions do not have the capability to assist you in the event of a disaster event. Please plan today for what will impact you in the future. Please call Grays Harbor County Emergency management at (360) 249-3911 or e-mail us at: [email protected] for assistance in planning or to answer any further questions you may have.

Grays Harbor County to test notification system Tuesday, October 22

MONTESANO, Wash. – Grays Harbor County Emergency Management will be testing the County Wide Disaster Notification System on Tuesday, October 22nd at 10:30am. The notifications will go out to all who have voluntarily signed up for the notifications. To date over 6,500 Grays Harbor County Citizens have been added to our system. All who are currently in the system as of October 15th should receive a phone call, e-mail and text message if your phone has those capabilities. The associated phone number with the phone call will be (360) 249-3911. Newer additions will be added following the system test.

If you believe you are in the system and do not receive a call, text or e-mail, it could be as a result of many issues such as new phone number or e-mail address. If you did not receive all of the notifications you believe you should have, please fill out the form using the link below and we will update your information. If you are NOT currently part of the notification system, and would like to be added, please feel free to click the link below and fill in the information.

Tsunami sirens will be part of Great ShakeOut earthquake drill on 10/17 at 10:17

This test will help familiarize residents with the sound made by the AHAB sirens during an actual tsunami warning. It will differ from the routine monthly testing that occurs on the first Monday of each month since it will broadcast an audible siren wail tone for the full three minute warning instead of a chime tone. In addition, the voice message will differ from the monthly test.

In conjunction with this event, the Pacific County Emergency Management Agency will also test the use of the emergency notification system, calling all landlines and registered cell and VoIP phones in the county.  Calls are expected to take place during the afternoon and evening on October 17th. To receive emergency notifications on your cell or VoIP phone, you must register at http://www.hyper-reach.com/wapacificsignup.html.

NOAA weather radios set to receive the required monthly test will also activate during this test. 


Washington residents are encouraged to participate in the Great Washington ShakeOut by registering at www.shakeout.org/washington/ and by conducting a personal drill such as Drop, Cover, and Hold or an evacuation walk.   

Millions of people worldwide will practice how to Drop, Cover, and Hold On at 10:17 a.m. on October 17* during Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills!

Washingtonians can join them today by registeringfor the 2013 Great Washington ShakeOut. Participating is a great way for your family or organization to be prepared to survive and recover quickly from big earthquakes– wherever you live, work, or travel.

Individuals or families that register for the Great Washington ShakeOut today may be eligible to win a home earthquake retrofit worth $10,000! Learn more and see official rules.

Strong weather expected Sunday into Monday on the harbor

4)  A FLOOD WATCH has been issued for Grays Harbor County until Monday morning, due to the heavy rainfall. Western Washington Rivers are expected to rise to near or just above flood stage although all Grays Harbor County rivers are very low at this point. No Grays Harbor County rivers are expected to flood at this time. Roadways may become flooded during periods of heavy rain and cause dangerous driving conditions.
5)  A HIGH SURF WARNING has been issued for the Coast from 5pm Sunday thru 11am Monday with surf building to 27-30 feet.Seas will rapidly build behind the storm front and subside Monday morning.
6)  Grays Harbor County Emergency Management is urging all residents to prepare for the severe weather arriving today:
1)    Prepare for high winds and the possibility of down trees and power lines resulting in power outages throughout the county. 
2)    Use extreme caution while driving in heavy downpours as roadways may become flooded. 
3)    Use caution along the beaches. DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK TO THE SEA. Waves will run up the beaches much farther and be strong enough to pull a person into the sea. Use extreme caution on rocks and jetties as debris can be thrown about in the surf. Considerable beach erosion will occur. DO NOT venture into the water.
4)    NEVER USE PORTABLE GENERATORS INDOORS. Please make every effort to keep any gas or propane powered equipment far away from the interior of your home due to the possibility of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. If you suspect you or any family member may be ill due to Carbon Monoxide poisoning, CALL 911 and LEAVE THE PROPERTY IMMEDIATELY