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US Army conducting helicopter exercises at Satsop Business Park

ELMA, Wash. – We’ll see some helicopters over the Satsop Business Park next week. The Regional Education and Training Center client, US Army SOAR(A) team, will be conducting aerial helicopter exercises the night of Wednesday, December 4, 2013. The exercises will begin approximately 7:00 pm and conclude approximately 11:00 pm.

Army SOAR(A) will also be conducting aerial recon on Monday, December 2, 2013, during the daytime for a daylight view of the Park and landing zones.

For their evening exercise on the 4th, the Army will be potentially utilizing all the Park helicopter landing zones. The Army does not anticipate landing at the Park – just flying over the zones for airborne drop of and pick up.

The RETC tells us they “do not anticipate this will cause any interference for the nearby community, or with normal Park business activities.

County eager to lease Grays Harbor Raceway, seeking promoters

ELMA, Wash. – The Grays Harbor County Commissioners are hoping to open the gates on the Race track in Elma by early next year, but for right now, they’re under a red flag until they figure out what they own. County Commissioner Frank Gordon said last week “There’s some issues going on now about who owns which.” 
The commissioners canceled the contract with Great Northwest Promotions LLC in October, citing unpaid bills. Gordon said they have a more clear contract written up for future promoters. “So whoever we get in next we won’t be having this problem, but things are kind of on hold – their lawyer is talking to our lawyer.”
Meanwhile the county is looking for a promoter to lease the Grays Harbor Raceway “By the first of the year we’re hoping to get this leased to somebody so they can start working out the races for the summer.” Anyone interested should email contact information to for details.

Grays Harbor rest area near Elma to close for maintenance

ELMA, Wash. – Motorists who travel along State Route 8 are advised that the Washington State Department of Transportation rest area on eastbound SR 8 near Elma will be closed Wednesday for maintenance activities.

The rest area will be closed from about 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. for a number of activities that range from vegetation control to upgrading pumps for sewer and water service.

No WSDOT-operated rest areas are in the vicinity. The nearest rest areas are on Interstate 5 in the Grand Mound area south of Olympia.

Paramount Pictures hiring extras for local filming

ELMA, Wash. – The Transformers are coming to the Satsop Business Park this week, and they’re looking for some extras.
A Casting Coordinator with Paramount Pictures tells us they’re looking for clean-cut athletic, business, military, and law enforcement men and women 18 years or older, all ethnicities.
Email your current casual picture and cell phone number to ASAP
Scenes for the fourth installment of the live-action series directed by Michael Bay are being filmed in Elma this month.

‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ filming scenes in Grays Harbor

Satsop Business Park Wastewater Treatment Plant Receives Outstanding Performance Award

ELMA, Wash. – For the fifth consecutive year, Satsop Business Park received the Washington State Department of Ecology’s “Wastewater Treatment Plant Outstanding Performance” award. 


The award recognizes wastewater treatment plants that achieve full compliance with effluent limits, monitoring and reporting requirements, spill prevention planning, pretreatment, and overall operational demands of the National Pollutant Elimination System (NPDES) permit.  


“We are extremely proud of our employees that oversee the wastewater treatment plant’s operations.  They are truly dedicated to ensuring successful operation of the plant on a daily basis – which is no easy task when you factor in events such as storms, flooding and aging equipment.  The wastewater treatment plan is a valuable asset to our existing tenants and is important to attracting new business to the Park”, noted Alissa Shay, Manager of Business Development at the Park.

Record breaking attendance at the Grays Harbor County Fair for second year in a row

ELMA, Wash. – Record breaking attendance at the Grays Harbor County Fair this year, Director Mike Bruner tells us a strong weekend crowd brought the total 2013 attendance to 65,641 through the turnstiles, shattering last year’s record attendance of 63,106 by 2,535. “Which was a shock, you know we figured if we got anywhere close to it we were going to be happy.” Bruner said he hoped you walk the whole fair this year “There is a lot of kid who put a lot of work into the 4-H equestrian program, and they’re kind of in the back 40. We try to link things together to kind of coax people out there.”
The stages were buzzing with more than just bees from the shaved ice vendor, Events Supervisor Rod Easton said on Sunday the acts did great “They came out in droves. and we’re happy to see that. Humptulips packed ‘em in, and it was a great show last night, and of course Clay Walker did great.”
Grace Succo with Predators of the Heart said “We had a great time at the fair, we did three shows a day and it was great to have it on the main stage. We got more people and the bigger crowds, that was good.” The animals were moved to the Little Creek Casino Stage this year, after packing the barn in the past.
You might have seen some changes this year, Bruner said you might see more next year “You know we like to try to change little things on a yearly basis, some work and some don’t work, but that’s where you live and learn and you make adjustments.” Bruner said Several food vendors that have been attending the Fair for many years reported record sales, as did the Davis Carnival, which operate the amusement rides and games.  

Elma woman learns of her overturned conviction on the news

 ELMA, Wash. – The State Supreme Court has unanimously thrown out an Elma woman’s conviction for controlled substances homicide due to a defect in the charging papers filed against her. Although someone forgot to tell Brenda Zillyette, she tells KBKW  “I just heard it on the radio that the case was overturned, so I looked you up.”
She’s already done serving 36 months of a 55 month sentence, Zillyette was charged with providing Xanax and methadone that caused the overdose death of 18-year-old Austin Burrows in 2009. However, prosecutors didn’t specify what drugs she was accused of providing.
Now 4 years sober, she tells us “There will never be closure for me, that’s something I’m going to remember for the rest of my life.” She said she remains active in recovery, “I’m able to go in and tell my story to people, and hope that they learn something from it.
Because only certain drugs can support a charge of controlled substances homicide, the high court found that in effect, the charging papers didn’t necessarily accuse her of committing a crime. On Thursday the high court overturned the trial court that convicted her and the state appeals court panel that upheld the conviction, dismissing the charge against Zillyette.