• Hoquiam accident claims woman in electric wheelchair

    UPDATE: Victim identified, no charges filed in tragic accident

    HOQUIAM, Wash. – A woman on an electric wheelchair was killed in the crosswalk of 22nd street in East Hoquiam yesterday, when a semi truck drove over her in front of several witnesses.

    Hoquiam Sgt. Mitchell confirmed this morning that the woman was declared deceased at the scene her name is being withheld until family can be notified. The accident remains under investigation.

    An eye witness to the accident tells us she was crossing 22nd street near the base of the Simpson Avenue bridge when a semi truck for Ocean Gold Seafood pulled onto Simpson Avenue driving over the woman and dragging her some distance. Our source tells us the cries of witnesses were what got the attention of the driver who stopped with the woman still pinned under the truck.

    Eastbound State route 101 traffic was detoured over the Riverside bridge until around 8 last night.

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  • Hoquiam Police Arrest High-Speed Suspect

    HOQUIAM, Wash. – A 53 year old Grays Harbor man is in custody after two Hoquiam Patrol cars were used to block his vehicle in yesterday. The Aberdeen resident was known to officers and had eluded police in May, when a high speed pursuit was called off by Hoquiam police due to dangerous driving on East Hoquiam roads, and speeds of around 90 miles per hour.

    When A Hoquiam police officer located the man yesterday afternoon in the 2600 block of Bay Avenue, he called for backup, but saw the suspect walking towards a 1986 Honda CRX, so he attempted to pin the vehicle before it could leave.

    The suspect drove back and forth and was able to break free just as the second officer arrived and successfully executed a PIT maneuver, causing the fleeing vehicle to spin out.

    After still attempting to start his vehicle and flee, the driver had to be forcibly removed and was taken into custody on multiple felony warrants, Felony Eluding for yesterday’s attempt, and one warrant stemming from the previous eluding in May The man was booked into the Grays Harbor County Jail.

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  • Semi truck drives over woman in East Hoquiam crosswalk

    HOQUIAM, Wash. – The investigation of an accident on the East side of the Simpson Avenue bridge in Hoquiam this afternoon will require the re-route of Eastbound traffic over the Riverside bridge.
    E-911 dispatch tells us DOT crews are planning the detour to accommodate the investigation. An eye witness to the accident tells us a woman in a wheelchair was crossing 22nd street in Hoquiam when a semi truck for Ocean Gold seafood turned onto Simpson Avenue driving over the woman in the crosswalk and dragging her about 75 yards.
    Our source tells us the cries of witnesses were what got the attention of the driver who stopped with the woman and her chair still pinned under the semi.
    Hoquiam police and State Patrol will be investigating to determine a cause and whether any charges will be filed. The status of the woman is not being released at this time.
    Eastbound State route 101 traffic will be detoured over the Riverside bridge for several hours this afternoon.
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  • Hoquiam Farmer’s Market News – Memorial Day Edition

    It may be raining right now, but the forecast for Memorial Day weekend is excellent! The rain just makes it easier to concentrate on getting your work finished before rummaging around to find last years’ bottle of sunscreen lotion.
    We have the perfect cut flower for your Memorial Weekend bouquets- glorious deep red Peonies! Our grower, Frank, was featured on the front page of The Daily World yesterday. He tells me that the fields are rather soggy today, but since the blossoms are cut while in tight bud, the rain doesn’t affect the quality of the flowers at all. Three stems of Red Charm Peonies are enough to make a lavish bouquet, but for only $2.00 per stem, you can splurge on as many as you want. The perfume fragrance will scent your home. You will feel like a princess, pampered with lavish flowers. It’s okay, you deserve it!
    WE aslo have the exotic and highly esteemed Garlic Scapes available right now.
    These come from Judy’s Elephant garlic plants. She trims the green growth and bud so that the strength will return to growing the garlic bulb under the soil.
    These are a gourmet’s delight- delicate enough to chop and toss into a green salad, lovely to saute with vegetables. The flavor is delicate, rather than the robust assertive flavor of the garlic clove. Only .25 each!
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