New home construction to begin in East Hoquiam, Summerhaven is also hiring

There’s some new developers at Summerhaven in East Hoquiam, Mayor Jack Durney told his city council last night “They have brought contractors down interested in investing and building some houses. It’s the first – really substantial housing development in Hoquiam since the 60’s or 70’s.”

The unfinished housing development past Hoquiam Plywood was once a senior-living community. Developer Michael Zblewski explained before the city council meeting “It was 55 and older, and now we’re developing single family homes. We’re just finishing the financing on Wednesday and hopefully we’ll begin construction within the next two weeks.
Co-Developer Michael Velanni said they’re also looking to hire as much local workers as possible on the new homes. They plan to launch a website with more details soon.

Hoquiam pursuit ends with good samaritan’s intervention

On Sunday, June 29, 2014 at approximately 1128 hours, Officer Ryan Pearson was dispatched to a residence in the 800 block of Rayonier Avenue for a malicious mischief complaint.

Four vehicles parked at the home, including a 2005 Lincoln Town Car belonging to a visiting relative, were deeply scratched and “keyed” at the location. The suspect was believed to be the 46-year old daughter who lives in an apartment at the house, which belongs to her father. The other three vehicles belong to her father.

The woman has a long history of mental illness and was arrested on April 16th for attacking her father with a knife.

As Officer Pearson investigated the scene, including one vehicle in which the suspect had carved her name in the paint, the suspect drove up in her pick-up. Officer Pearson attempted to talk to the woman about the allegations, but she refused to roll down the window, waved and backed out of the driveway.

Officer Pearson was able to overtake the pick-up on Broadway Avenue and attempted to stop the suspect. Instead, she led Officer Pearson and Sergeant Jeff Salstrom on a low-speed pursuit north out of Hoquiam and up the East Hoquiam Road.

A Good Samaritan who resides near MP 7.5 received a phone call from a friend who was listing to the pursuit on his scanner. The Good Samaritan used his pick-up with large car trailer to completely block both lanes of the East Hoquiam Road, thus forcing the suspect to stop.

Officers boxed in the pick-up and again tried to coax the woman from her vehicle. She refused to cooperate and started to back-up toward the patrol cars, forcing the officers to quickly jump out of the way to avoid being struck.

Sergeant Salstrom used his patrol knife to deflate three of the truck’s tires to stop the woman’s flight; Officer Pearson broke out the driver’s side window whereby the officers took the woman into custody.

The woman was transported to Community Hospital for a mental health evaluation. She will be submitted to the Grays Harbor County Prosecutor’s Office for felony charges.

Officer Pearson suffered minor lacerations to his hand from broken glass; he was treated and released at Community Hospital.

“This is yet another regular example of the failure of our mental health system in this state. This woman is certainly a danger to herself and others, yet she does not face criminal charges because of her mental state but at the same time is not detained in a mental health facility. There is just no capacity in our mental health system and the result places everyone at risk.”

Construction begins on East Hoquiam Fire Station

Pile Driving begins this week on the East Side Fire Station in Hoquiam. City Administrator Brian Shay said the project is funded through a $900,000 Community Development Block Grant from the State Department of Commerce, and should be complete by the end of the year.

The new station, – at the same address on Ontario Street, will house personnel and equipment critical to providing fire and emergency medical services to residents, businesses and industrial companies along the waterfront.

For more information on this Hometown Hoquiam Project, please contact Fire Chief Paul Dean at 538-3962 or City Administrator Brian Shay at 538-3983.


I would like to add a sincere thanks to Brian Shay and Alissa Thurman who worked on the grant proposal in a very short time window to make the case that we needed an updated facility to handle calls to the growing industrial area in the Port area.  Also it is important to assist our partners at the City of Aberdeen when needed.  As the recent issues with the aging Simpson Avenue Bridge have proven, there must be a fire/ambulance presence on the east side of the Hoquiam River. – Hoquiam Mayor Jack Durney

Hoquiam woman arrested at scene of vehicle collision with motorcycle

A Hoquiam woman was arrested at the scene of a motorcycle versus vehicle accident on the East Hoquiam Road over the weekend. Grays Harbor County Undersheriff Dave Pimentel says the rider of the motorcycle, a 32 year old Aberdeen man, was transported to Harborview in serious condition. The accident was reported in the 2400 block of the East Hoquiam just after 5 Saturday night, Pimentel said the investigation at the scene indicated the 44 year old woman crossed the center line and collided with the motorcycle head on, she remains in county custody on charges of vehicular assault.

Hoquiam accident claims woman in electric wheelchair

UPDATE: Victim identified, no charges filed in tragic accident

HOQUIAM, Wash. – A woman on an electric wheelchair was killed in the crosswalk of 22nd street in East Hoquiam yesterday, when a semi truck drove over her in front of several witnesses.

Hoquiam Sgt. Mitchell confirmed this morning that the woman was declared deceased at the scene her name is being withheld until family can be notified. The accident remains under investigation.

An eye witness to the accident tells us she was crossing 22nd street near the base of the Simpson Avenue bridge when a semi truck for Ocean Gold Seafood pulled onto Simpson Avenue driving over the woman and dragging her some distance. Our source tells us the cries of witnesses were what got the attention of the driver who stopped with the woman still pinned under the truck.

Eastbound State route 101 traffic was detoured over the Riverside bridge until around 8 last night.

Semi truck drives over woman in East Hoquiam crosswalk

HOQUIAM, Wash. – The investigation of an accident on the East side of the Simpson Avenue bridge in Hoquiam this afternoon will require the re-route of Eastbound traffic over the Riverside bridge.
E-911 dispatch tells us DOT crews are planning the detour to accommodate the investigation. An eye witness to the accident tells us a woman in a wheelchair was crossing 22nd street in Hoquiam when a semi truck for Ocean Gold seafood turned onto Simpson Avenue driving over the woman in the crosswalk and dragging her about 75 yards.
Our source tells us the cries of witnesses were what got the attention of the driver who stopped with the woman and her chair still pinned under the semi.
Hoquiam police and State Patrol will be investigating to determine a cause and whether any charges will be filed. The status of the woman is not being released at this time.
Eastbound State route 101 traffic will be detoured over the Riverside bridge for several hours this afternoon.

Hoquiam Farmer’s Market News – Memorial Day Edition

We have Ruth’s hanging tomato baskets, direct from her East Hoquiam Road greenhouse. Baskets are the perfect way to grow tomatoes- slugs can’t reach them, the soil moisture is up to you, not the weather, and they can be placed in the sunniest spot you have. You’ll be plucking tomatoes from them all summer long!
Our bedding plants are thriving, ready to go into your garden.
My experience last year with planting leeks from seed means that this year I’m beginning with nice starts. I didn’t harvest mine until October, these will be hitting the dinner plate in August at the latest. We have a multitude of choices, from beans, lettuce, kale, kohlrabi, squash, pumpkins, herbs- oh, and seed potatoes! We have 7 varieties of seed potatoes, and now is the perfect time to get them in the ground. You need some depth for growing good potatoes. If you’ve been creating a compost pile that needs some attention, just smooth it over and plant your potatoes there. You’ll have an abundant crop that will see you through next winter.
One of my best friends is going to France this summer. Not only that, she and her husband are riding their bicycles through France! Now this is a trip I would love to make, but I haven’t yet convinced my Joe that he wants to go biking through France. Not that I don’t have some powerful forces of persuasion at my disposal, but he can be remarkably stubborn at times. I may be an old ( older!) lady before he caves in, so for now I am quite content with make believe. When I announce to Joe that I’d like to go biking in France on Saturday, he smiles and nods, secure in the knowledge that I’m only asking that we go to the Preacher’s Slough Trail outside of Montesano.
Why, you may ask, does this compare to riding the rolling hills of Alsace or pulling up to a chateau in Bourgogne?
The very first time that we rode this trail I was overwhelmed by the beauty and mystery of a forest that was set apart from all time or place. In this small three mile trail, the outside world is blocked as completely as though by an invisible shield. The trees lean protectively, as if embracing and welcoming those who venture in. There are informational signs that speak of communities which once inhabited the backwater sloughs of the Chehalis River. No trace remains. The last abandoned house crumbled back into the earth several years ago, leaving only wisps of memory and imagination to tell its’ story. We usually chatter on bike rides, or at least I do- Joe being more the strong silent type. But the Preacher’s Slough trail subdues my instincts to talk. The great cathedrals of the world always reduce me to respectful and awestruck silence. The sunlight filtering down through the mossy branches is as achingly beautiful as any stained glass cathedral window, the chirping birds more sweet to the ear than an angelic cathedral choir.
It is when we reach the Alder tree allee that I know we have arrived in the French countryside. I have imbedded in my memory the picture of a rustic unpaved lane leading through symmetrical trees, a bicycle with a wicker basket holding the classic long loaf of French bread. There it is, the essence of France. Someday I will buy myself a beret so that the picture is complete. I already have the wicker bike basket and frequently have the bread close at hand. As we ride along I congratulate myself that our little fantasy of France is unspoiled by crowds, the air is fresh and clear, we know the language, and home is only minutes away. No passport required for our trips to France, and the exhilaration of discovery never fades. We have been to Preacher’s Slough Trail during every season of the year, each leaving us with precious memories. One winter the trees were heavy laden with snow, the snow too deep to ride our bikes. We walked along with our faces lifted upwards, marveling at the lacelike tracery of the leafless snow-covered branches silhouetted against the brilliant blue sky. The cathedral was glorious that day, outfitted in swathes of white, ready for a celestial wedding.
Every day of my life I give thanks for living in such an abundantly stunning corner of this planet. Even though I watch travel shows and know all of Rick Steves episodes by heart, there is no place else that I wish to live. Life is always a choice; you can waste rare moments wishing to be someplace else, wanting to be someone else. Or you can embrace who you are and where you live. You can choose to seek out the beauty around you and preserve it for the future. Thanks to the hard work of volunteers, especially Jay Sterling, I can go to France every day if I wish. Just head south out of Montesano toward Raymond about 4 miles and watch for the trail-head sign on the right. There is good parking, and no crowds. We hardly ever encounter another soul on our pilgrimages. Bliss!
Word to the wise- you can find your crusty loaf of French bread at the Hoquiam Farmers Market ( Nancy bakes it on Fridays), along with local cheeses and sausages. I’ll try to get one of our seamstresses to make some berets. Adieu!
Barbara Bennett Parsons, manage of the Grays Harbor Farmers Market and Deidra’s Deli in Hoquiam, ph. 538-9747
Tue. Wed. Thu. 9-5:30
Fri. 9-6:00
Sat. 9-5:30
Sun. 10-4
Deidra’s Deli is open 7 days a week! Week-nights until 7pm- call 538-5880

Grays Harbor Public Market

Hoquiam Police Arrest High-Speed Suspect

HOQUIAM, Wash. – A 53 year old Grays Harbor man is in custody after two Hoquiam Patrol cars were used to block his vehicle in yesterday. The Aberdeen resident was known to officers and had eluded police in May, when a high speed pursuit was called off by Hoquiam police due to dangerous driving on East Hoquiam roads, and speeds of around 90 miles per hour.

When A Hoquiam police officer located the man yesterday afternoon in the 2600 block of Bay Avenue, he called for backup, but saw the suspect walking towards a 1986 Honda CRX, so he attempted to pin the vehicle before it could leave.

The suspect drove back and forth and was able to break free just as the second officer arrived and successfully executed a PIT maneuver, causing the fleeing vehicle to spin out.

After still attempting to start his vehicle and flee, the driver had to be forcibly removed and was taken into custody on multiple felony warrants, Felony Eluding for yesterday’s attempt, and one warrant stemming from the previous eluding in May The man was booked into the Grays Harbor County Jail.

Hoquiam Police Seek Assistance in Grays Harbor Transit Burglary

To remove the vaults from the area the suspect(s) apparently stole a white 1994 Chevrolet C2 Truck. The truck has the Washington state exempt license of 55849C. The truck has 4” block letters in red of the identification number “M14” on the front corner panels.

The suspect(s) apparently left the property by cutting off the padlock that secured the gate in the 3100 block of Bay Avenue.

At the time of this release the stolen vehicle and the stolen vaults have not been located. The value of the coins that were removed with the boxes is not known.

No suspects have been developed at this time. Anyone who has any information regarding the burglary, the stolen vaults or the stolen vehicle is asked to telephone Hoquiam detectives at 532-0892 Ext. 102.

Large photo of the style of lockbox stolen recently from sseveral grays Harbor Transit buses.



UPDATE: 6/24/2010

The Hoquiam Police Department reports that on Sunday May 23, 2010 a Hoquiam officer received a telephone call from a concerned citizen regarding the burglary at Gray Harbor Transit. She told the officer that she owned some property on Greenwood Road (which is located off East Hoquiam Road in Grays Harbor County) and that he husband had been on the property on Saturday May 22nd when he discovered that someone had knocked down the cable gate that leads to the property. He had also discovered some metal cans, some nuts and bolts and an identification card in the name of a Grays Harbor

Transit employee. The person reporting this information to the officer had heard about the transit burglary.

The Hoquiam officer relayed the information to a Grays Harbor County deputy who responded to the location. While on the scene he located 9 of the 12 coin boxes that had been removed from the buses at the transit facility during the burglary. All the boxes had been forced open and the money removed. The boxes were turned over to the Hoquiam police for processing for evidence.

The surrounding area of where the boxes were discovered was searched but nothing else was found. The truck stolen during the burglary has not been located.