• East County Fire District to Seek Voter Support

    ELMA, Wash. – East Grays Harbor County residents will be asked for a Levy Lid Lift on the August ballot, Fire District 5 Chief Dan Prater said his department cannot afford to make mistakes with old equipment “We have extremely old equipment. It’s just a matter of time, we’re going to have a failure. I just hope that if that happened it doesn’t cost a citizen, or one of our responders, their life.”
    We have extremely old equipment. It’s just a matter of time, we’re going to have a failure. – Fire District 5 Chief Dan Prater
    Prater said the district has struggled for funding over the years “Historically Fire District 5 has asked the citizens to approve either an EMS Levy or a Fire Levy and all three times it failed.”
    After much discussion last night, District Commissioners voted to request the Levy Lid Lift in August. Prater said he will present a draft to the commissioners at their next meeting.
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  • Grays Harbor PUD Planned Power Outage Delayed Two Hours

    Aberdeen– Grays Harbor PUD will conduct a power outage impacting approximately 1,300 customers in east Grays Harbor County this evening. The outage is necessary to repair damage to a transmission pole on Dunlap Road in the eastern part of the county. The outage will allow crews to make repairs and replace the pole, which appears to have been struck by a vehicle (there was no vehicle at the scene and the damage was reported by a customer).

    The outage will begin once crews arrive at the scene with materials, which is expected to be about 7:30pm (updated time) this evening (Tuesday, July 28). The duration of the outage is expected to be about 3 hours.

    The area that will be impacted by the outage is located south of Porter and east to Anderson Road. This includes Oakville, South Bank Road and Highway 12, and the Cedarville area.

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