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East Grays Harbor County residents asked to report suspicious activity

The Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department is warning Brady and Satsop residents of an increase in Burglaries, Thefts, and Vehicle Prowls. Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate tells us over the past week and a half, there have been four separate incidents in the area including burglaries on the 18th and 25th in Brady, a burglary in Satsop on the 20th, and aparrently someone stole batteries out of vehicles in the 500 block of the Monte Elma Road East of Montesano on Wednesday. Then just before 7 last night, Shumate reports residents in the 300 block of that road – closer to Brady, watched as a white or lighter colored Jeep Cherokee pull into their driveway and turn off it’s headlights. When asked, the occupants claimed to be lost, but sped away when the residents tried to help.

The driver was described as being a white male in his late 20’s to early 30’s with a skinny build and bald/shaved head. The Jeep was further described as being “beat up looking”. There was a white female passenger of about the same age who was described as having a bigger build than the male.

Anyone seeing a vehicle matching this description in that area is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 360-249-3711 or the Grays Harbor Dispatch Center at 360-533-8765.

On 02/18/14 the department investigated a burglary that occurred at a residence in the 100 block of Winkleman Road (Brady). Suspect(s) broke into the residence and stole several items that included a large flat screen TV, a DVD player, a computer and a laptop. The victim also noticed metals had been taken from around his shop. Investigators eventually developed a suspect of the metal theft and he was located and arrested. It is unknown at this time if he was responsible for the burglary to the home. That investigation is ongoing.

On 02/20/14 the department investigated a burglary that occurred in the 1000 block of Monte Elma Road (Satsop). Suspect(s) burglarized a shed and stole items from the carport. Items included a 10 speed bike, a drill press, and miscellaneous tools. It was believed this crime occurred at night.

On 02/25/14 our agency investigated a burglary that occurred to a residence in the 500 block of Monte Elma Road (Brady). The home owners had only been gone a few hours mid day when they returned home and discovered that suspect(s) had forcefully entered their residence and shop and stole numerous items. Some of the stolen items included a flat screen TV, food, clothing, jewelry, and tools. Due to the extent of theft, detectives were called to assist deputies with this investigation. The sheriff’s department K-9 unit was also utilized however it was believed the suspect(s) arrived and left in a vehicle.

On 02/26/14 residents in the 500 block of Monte Elma Road (Montesano) discovered that someone had stolen the batteries out of their vehicles.
Anyone with information on the above referenced crimes are asked to call the sheriff’s department at 360-249-3711. We are also requesting residents in that area to report any unusual or suspicious activity.

Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Department arrests 5 in ongoing investigation

The man ran to a running green colored Nissan Altima and got into the passenger side.  The driver of the vehicle then attempted to flee the scene however Deputies blocked the exit of the station and attempted to order the passenger out of the vehicle.  The man refused to comply with the orders and moved furtively throughout the vehicle. He was also trying to get the driver to put the vehicle in gear.  Knowing that the man had stolen firearms in the past, and was a suspect of recent thefts, deputies had to kick the window of the passenger door out in order to apprehend the suspect. 

During the arrest of the suspect, the man swallowed a bindle of what deputies believed to be methamphetamines.  The man was eventually transported to Summit Pacific Hospital in Elma and remained there overnight for observation.  He was booked earlier this morning on numerous charges.  In addition to the 29 year old McCleary man, a 31 year old East County transient, and a 28 year old Lacey man  were arrested.

A number of stolen items have been recovered to include firearms.  At this point, investigators are continuing to identify additional suspects and locate additional stolen items.   

Grays Harbor residential burglaries increase with summer heat

With respect to the list below, investigators do look at trends and see if suspects from past burglaries have recently been released from incarceration, or are living in the area.  At this time, some of the crimes have been solved however the majority are still active.  As always, if anyone has information regarding any of the listed crimes, they are asked to call the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department.


                North Beach

                                Burglaries occurred on Copalis Beach Road, Ocean City, Powell Road, and SR 109 in Copalis Beach


                South Beach

                                Multiple burglaries have been reported on Johns River Road; one burglary in Ocosta, and two in Grayland


                West (Central)

                                Multiple burglaries on East Hoquiam Road, one on the Wishkah Road, and one in Grays Harbor City Hills


                East County

                               Burglaries have occurred on Stamper Road (Elma), Alfredson Road (Oakville), South Union Road (Elma), Mox Chehalis Road (Malone),

Monte Brady Road, Chehalis Lane (Satsop), Garden Hill Road (Elma), Monte Elma Road, South Bank Road (Elma), and Elma McCleary Road (Elma)