Results of recent Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign in Grays Harbor released

GRAYS HARBOR COUNTY, WA – The results are in from the recent Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over DUI enforcement campaign conducted from November 27, 2013 through January 1, 2014.

In Grays

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Grays Harbor County Sees Record Low in Traffic Accidents for 2013

Traffic accidents on County roads in Grays Harbor were at a record low last year, according to preliminary data released by the County.

There were 99 reported traffic accidents on County roads

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Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over patrols running through New Year

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Hopefully 2013 will be different than the last five holiday seasons. From 2008-2012, an average of 49 people died in traffic crashes in Washington between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. DUI is still the leading cause of traffic death, however it doesn’t have to be that way and that is why between November 27, 2013 and January 1, 2014 extra officers will be looking for drivers under the influence.

 The Shelton and Squaxin Police Departments, along with Grays Harbor, and the Mason County Sheriff’s Office and the Washington State Patrol are working towards zero traffic deaths by participating in this Holiday Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign.

The Grays Harbor and Mason County Target Zero Traffic Safety Task Force organize and support this enforcement effort.

These and all extra patrols are part of Target Zero—striving to end traffic deaths and serious injuries in Washington by 2030. For more information, visit Target Zero. Additional information on the Washington Traffic Safety Commission.

Law Enforcement Efforts over Rod Run Weekend Leads to a Safer Roadway Event

LONG BEACH, Wash. - Local law enforcement agencies in Pacific County are calling Rod Run a successful event, with no major incidents to report over the weekend of events.

Organized by the Beach Barons, the 30th Annual Rod Run to the End of the World has grown in the number of spectators over the past two decades. Approximately 760 classic vehicles met at Wilson Field for the two day event, where an estimated 8,000 people viewed the cars and participated in several family friendly events.


Although the Beach Barons have very strict rules regarding alcohol consumption on the grounds of the event, often the alcohol related problems occur after the festivities wrap up for the day and spectators gather along the streets of Long Beach to view the classic cars once again.


Results of DUI emphasis patrols in Grays Harbor announced

Grays Harbor County, WA - The results are in from the recent Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over DUI enforcement campaign conducted from August 16 through September 2.

In Grays Harbor County, 27 motorists were stopped and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) and statewide, law enforcement officers arrested 1,420 drivers for DUI. Last year in Grays Harbor County during the same time period, officers on routine and extra patrols arrested 16 people for DUI.

In Grays Harbor County, the Aberdeen, Cosmopolis, Elma, Hoquiam, Montesano and Ocean Shores Police Departments, the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department and the Washington State Patrol participated in the extra DUI patrols, with the support of the Grays Harbor Target Zero Traffic Safety Task Force. The extra patrols were funded by a grant from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission.

These patrols are important because August is one of the deadliest months on Washington’s roadways, including all causes of traffic fatalities.

Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

These and all extra patrols are part of Target Zero—striving to end traffic deaths and serious injuries in Washington by 2030. For more information, visit Additional information on the Washington Traffic Safety Commission can be found on the website,

Grays Harbor and Pacific County DUI Emphasis Patrols net 24 arrests

MONTESANO, Wash. - Driving While Under the Influence of drugs or alcohol continues to be the number one factor in traffic fatalities and serious injury statewide as well as here in Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties. In an effort to save lives, local law enforcement agencies participated in a statewide effort to crackdown on impaired drivers. Overtime patrols funded by the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission were conducted border to border throughout Washington State.

Locally, the patrols were coordinated by Grays Harbor County Target Zero Task Force and were conducted throughout Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties. Agencies included: Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department, Pacific County Sheriff’s Department, Montesano, Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Ocean Shores, Cosmopolis, Elma, McCleary, Raymond, South Bend Police Departments, as well as the Washington State Patrol.

The mobilization took place from June 21st to July 7th. During that time period 24 impaired drivers were arrested in Grays Harbor County.

Target Zero, which is a statewide effort to prevent all traffic deaths in Washington by the year 2030.

WSP: Graduations Mean Extra Emphasis On Teen Driving Safety

WSP Media Release

OLYMPIA, Wash. - The months of May and June are always an exciting time for graduating seniors throughout the State of Washington and the entire United States. This is a pivotal point in teen and young adult’s lives and it should be an accomplishment to be anticipated and celebrated.

With that excitement and celebration are the inevitable teen graduation parties that will include alcohol and drug usage. And, sadly, despite the constant messaging about the dangers involved, there seems to always be a tragic story that unfolds every year. The parent’s worst nightmare becomes reality.

Statistics point out that serious injury and fatality collisions have a high occurrence in the teen and young adult population. Over 1003 drivers age 16-25 yrs old have been killed in fatality collisions in the last few years. Many of these collisions involve speeding, alcohol and drug usage or some form of distracted driving. A recent NHTSA study said research found drivers under the age of 24 were much more likely to send and receive text messages while driving. Another study by AAA concluded that the likelihood of a teen driver being involved in a collision increases by half if carrying just one passenger. That likelihood increased by double with two passengers and quadrupled with three or more. Combine all of the above with inexperience and that equals HIGH RISK.

So do we throw up our hands and say “that’s just part of growing up”? The answer from Law Enforcement, EMS and their various partners in public safety such as Traffic Safety Task Forces and MADD is a resounding NO.

Through proactive educational programs such as the Every 15 Minutes and Mock Crash, both emphasizing DUI awareness and distracted driving. Through community school education programs that promote driver safety and awareness. By supporting and enforcing of provisional licensing laws for teens. Seatbelt and aggressive driving campaigns, the list is long. The end goal in all of these efforts is the same, to save lives.

Yet, we cannot accomplish this alone and parents are a key player. Parents are role models. Set an example for your young drivers because they do model you. Talk candidly and often about drinking and driving. Know their friends personally and talk to them. Build the rapport that says you care and trust them to do the right thing when no one is looking.

WSP: Graduation Should be a Time to Celebrate, Not Grieve

WSP Media Release

The Washington State Patrol wants to remind everyone to enjoy graduation, but not too much. Every year we see tragic and senseless deaths of minors who took their graduation celebrations too far. There is nothing more heartbreaking then to knock on the door of a family to tell them their child has been killed right after graduating. We urge all parents to have “THE talk” with your children before it is too late.

I have seen my share of fatal collisions involving kids who just graduated from high school and were celebrating with their friends - Lieutenant Kandi Patrick

Patrick said the worst collision she investigated was when she had to make next of kin notification to a neighbor, and said that it really hits home when you are face to face with someone you know.

Over the last several years there were more than 1,003 fatal collisions involving drivers between the ages of 16-25. Over 90% of young driver involved deaths were vehicle drivers and passengers, with 61% of the deaths being the driver of the vehicle. Over 20% of the deaths involving young drivers occurred in July or August and occurred between 6:00PM Friday to 5:59AM Monday. The number one factor involved in these fatal collisions was speeding, followed by alcohol/drug impairment and distracted driving. (A distracted driver is one who is paying attention to something other than driving. The distraction can be anything from typing a text message to putting a disk in a CD player, or talking on a cell phone.)

Washington state law is very clear on minors who drink and drive – if you are under 21 and have an alcohol concentration of at least 0.02 you can be arrested for DUI, which is a misdemeanor. Think about it: 0.02 - A SIP! Is it really worth it?

Safety Tips:

  • Put the phone down – don’t text and drive
  • Do not let yourself be pressured into drinking
  • Slow down and pay attention to the road and your surroundings
  • Wear your seatbelt

Forks Man Rear Ended, Cited for DUI, 2 Year Old Daughter Suffers Head Injuries

AMANDA PARK, Wash. - A 28 year old Forks man was cited for DUI, Driving While Revoked, Reckless Endangerment, and not using an interlock device Friday in Amanda park, when his 1991 Toyota pickup slowed to make a left turn and was rear-ended by a 1993 International on Highway 101. The man's 2 year old daughter was seat belted but not in a booster seat, she suffered head injuries and was transported to Community Hospital. The other driver was cited for failure to stop.

Hoquiam High School Students Discuss Distracted and Impaired Driving

HOQUIAM, Wash. - Hoquiam High School Students read the obituaries of their best friends from trembling pages today over the school's PA system "She was a daughter, a sister, a great student, a friend, and my best friend.."
Students also witnessed the scene of a dui-involved accident, and watched as one of their fellow students was declared dead, and yet another student arrested for driving while under the influence. Student Haily Adams said it felt real enough "When I first saw it you know, I knew, it wasn't real. But then they turned my friend over and I saw his face it hurt me a lot."
It's all part of the 32-minute program presented by the Grays Harbor Traffic Safety Task Force to raise awareness of driving while intoxicated. Local Coordinator, Susan Bradbury, tells us they tweaked their version of the national program, adding texting while driving "We also added the component of arresting someone because we thought that was another valuable aspect that they could learn from." At an assembly tomorrow Hoquiam students will hear from an Olympia man who killed his best friend in a dui-involved accident last year.
Next week, the program moves to Elma, Thursday and Friday in Aberdeen, then Montesano and North Beach the following week.