Multiple agencies converge on two locations to make suspected Child Pornography arrest in Mason County

On Thursday, March 27, 2014, Detectives from the Mason County Sheriff’s Office, the Seattle Police Department and the Squaxin Island Department of Public Safety served multiple search warrants at the same time in two different locations, Belfair and Seattle.  The person suspected of possession of Child Pornography resides in Belfair, but works in Seattle, so multiple search warrants for his residence, workplace and person were all served simultaneously by two teams of Detectives. Back in 2004, Mason County Sheriff Casey Salisbury signed a memorandum of understanding, assigning one of his Detectives to the Washington State Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force, where a mutual partnership with agencies throughout the state work to stop the sexual abuse of children. This specific case began when the assigned ICAC Detective received a “CyberTip” from the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children, that a person living in Belfair, uploaded depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct.  The investigation found through multiple search warrant services who the person was, where they lived and where they worked. A simultaneous service of multiple search warrants was then orchestrated in order for the prevention of any evidence that may be destroyed.  One team of Detectives from the Mason County Sheriff’s Office, the Seattle Police Department and the Squaxin Island Department of Public Safety served a warrant at the suspect’s residence in Belfair, confiscating computers, computer equipment, cellular devices and depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct.  The second team of Detectives from the Mason County Sheriff’s Office and the Seattle Police Department served two warrants at the suspect’s workplace and on the suspect’s person in downtown Seattle.  Cellular devices and computer equipment were confiscated and the suspect was arrested and transported to the Mason County Jail. Sheriff Casey Salisbury stated that having a good working relationship with other agencies in the state helps to bring suspects to justice in order to protect our children.  If we can apprehend those that possess and view child pornography, we can help stop the sexual abuse of our children.  Sheriff Salisbury also wanted to thank the Detectives from the Seattle Police Department and the Squaxin Island Department of Public Safety for the work and dedication to help his Detectives. Due to the on going investigation, no further information will be released at this time.  The identity of the suspect arrested will be released after he is seen before a Mason County Superior Court Judge scheduled for this afternoon at 1315 hours.  According to the Mason County Prosecutor’s Office, the suspect is facing the charge of Possession of Depictions of Minors Engaged in Sexually Explicit Conduct, but more charges may be pending.

Hot Coffee Documentary Comes to Coffee Capital

SEATTLE, Wash. - The movie "Hot Coffee" focuses on a controversy its filmmaker says has been brewing for years - between corporate America and the legal system. Over the next few months, screenings and discussions are being held in at least eight Washington cities statewide, starting Wednesday in Seattle. Visit the movie's website at

The case of the woman who sued McDonald's when she was scalded by hot coffee got international attention, but it's only one example in the film. Director Susan Saladoff says corporations continue to spend millions to distort public perceptions of lawsuits - and are working to "cap" or limit damages when they're found liable.

When you put a cap on these cases, the taxpayers wind up paying the balance, because when the insurance companies and the defendant are limited in what they have to pay, doesn't mean that the person injured doesn't need the money to pay for their medical bills and so on. It just means that we, as taxpayers, pay through Medicare or Medicaid. - Director Susan Saladoff

All the Shouting Getting You Down? Finding Truth in Health Reform

SEATTLE - The noise around the health reform debate is becoming so loud that some are afraid it will drown out the truth. Laura Dean Freidrich, director of education and advocacy at the organization Protestants for the Common Good, says many people can't figure out whether proposed legislation would be good for their families or not. That's because, she says, it seems like most of the media coverage around the country has been focused on protests and ugly accusations.

"I think the danger is that we won't make a good decision because we get focused on the conflict rather than focused on what the actual facts are."

Lucky Grays Harbor Couple Win a Mystery Get-Away Weekend hosted by the College Foundation

Nellie Miller of Neilton was the lucky winner of the Grays Harbor College Foundation’s Mystery Get-Away Weekend event, benefiting the Foundation’s World Class Scholars program. More than $7,000 was raised for the scholarship program with over 100 in attendance.  

Once her name was announced Thursday night, Nellie and her husband, Steve, were whisked away in a limousine and are enjoying a three-day getaway weekend in Seattle, including limo transportation, accommodations in the Belltown area of downtown Seattle, tasting tour of the Pike Place Market, musical tickets, lots of snacks and surprises, plus $500 spending money, all compliments of the GHC Foundation. Many students currently enrolled as World Class Scholars helped out at the event.