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John Barclay – Doug McDowell Hang-up victim

John talks everything from “lively debate” to Windows 9 and updates. Part 1 Part 2

Coffeetalk Audio Archive

CoffeeTalk Audio Archives

The “last 30 days” of CoffeeTalk with Doug McDowell. You can also click the mp3 icon below the file name to download them. File naming conventions are  “Year Month Day – Hour Minute Second D”

Deer finds Doug McDowell, Doug takes picture

CoffeeTalk host Doug McDowell woke to deer frolicking in his yard this morning. He was able to snap this photo before this little guy jumped a fence and disappeared.

Bigfoot hunting Part 2, with Johnny Manson

Doug McDowell sits down with local radio air personality Johnny Manson after a recent trip with Dr. Matthew A Johnson of Team Squatchin’ USA. McDowell and Manson interviewed Dr Johnson in January. Join Team Squatchin’ USA on Facebook

Richard Sterban – The Oak Ridge Boys

Richard Sterban

Doug McDowell interviews Richard Sterban, of the Oak Ridge Boys who play the D&R Theater May 9th   May 09 D&R Theatre Aberdeen, WA RSVP  

Beer “tasting” with Doug McDowell and Warren Johanness

Part 1 Part 2

Bigfoot hunting in the Northwest, with Johnny Manson and Dr. Matthew A Johnson

Johnny hunts bigfoot

Doug McDowell sits down with local radio air personality Johnny Manson and Dr. Matthew A Johnson of Team Squatchin’ USA. Manson recently coordinated the Sasquatch Summit at the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino, Eric Wilson-Edge recently posted an article on Thurston Talk about that event.

Coffee Talk with Doug McDowell

Doug McDowell

  Gray Harbor’s ONLY morning drive talk show

Dr Mark Guest Host Doug McDowell

Hoquiam Approves Review of Contract with Hometown Sanitation

The Hoquiam City Council last night narrowly approved the staff report on the contract extension with Hometown Sanitation for the city's waiste removal.

Following a heated comment by resident Dave Forbes during the public comment period, city administrators heard from Pat