Will Farm Bill ‘Level the Field’ for Organic Producers?

Lotti says the current system sets up an unnecessary barrier for organic producers, and it affects their ability to get loans as well as disaster relief. She points out that the insurance prices and payout differences are based on a common assumption that organic farming is somehow riskier than conventional farming – a belief she says is turning out to be incorrect.

“As the scientific literature expands on organic farming, we’re actually seeing that organic farming systems are more resilient in the face of extreme weather, such as droughts and flooding. So, one could argue that organic farming is less risky than conventional farming in certain respects.”

The Farm Bill hits the Senate floor today for what could be a few weeks of debate and amendments. Lotti thinks there’s a good chance the Merkley amendment will be adopted.

“I absolutely do feel like it has a chance – because it’s a question of fairness. And it’s also a question of making sure that the core of our farm policy works for, not just one sector of agriculture, which is the conventional sector, but the full array of farmers in America.”

Sen. Merkley wants to require the USDA to publish an organic price series for all crops – something it has only done for five crops to date.

Hoquiam Fire Displaces Family of Four

When disaster strikes our community, the local Red Cross is your conduit of compassion — the most direct link between people who want to help and people who need help in an emergency. You can help this family and hundreds of others affected by local disasters by making a financial gift to the American Red Cross Mount Rainier Chapter. The most common disaster the local Red Cross chapter responds to is a house or apartment fire.

Financial contributions enable the American Red Cross Mount Rainier Chapter to provide shelter, food, counseling and other assistance to local disaster victims in need. All Red Cross disaster assistance is free, made possible by voluntary donations of time and money from the local community.

Donations can be made by calling (360) 249-2349 or by mail to the:

American Red Cross Mount Rainier Chapter
Grays Harbor County Office
21 Clemons Road North
Montesano, WA 98563

The Red Cross is not a government agency. Therefore, donations to the American Red Cross Mount Rainier Chapter are even more critical to supporting local Red Cross programs and services in our community. The local Red Cross disaster relief and emergency services budget is dependant upon the contributions made by community members – individual donors, businesses, and foundations.

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