Hoquiam School Board selects Kathy Eddy for vacant Director position

The Hoquiam School board tonight will swear in it’s newest member, School Superintendent Mike Parker says “The school board on Monday night interviewed two candidates for the vacant

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Hoquiam School Board looking for Director to replace retiring Dr. Dave Westby

The Hoquiam School District is looking for a new School Board Member, following the resignation of Dr. Dave Westby. The School Board asks that interested parties who wish to serve as

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Grays Harbor Community Foundation awards over forty-one thousand in local grants

ABERDEEN, Wash. - The Grays Harbor Community Foundation is pleased to be able to invest $41,672 into the community through its fourth quarter discretionary grants cycle. The Foundation has been a resource to Grays Harbor County non-profits by offering a quarterly discretionary grants cycle, and this quarter, the Foundation awarded 8 grants that totaled $41,672 in discretionary funding. "We were pleased our first cycle of using an online Grants system worked so well" Program Officer Cassie Lentz said, "We have heard positive things from our applicants about the system."

The organizations that were funded through this discretionary grants cycle include: Citizens for Children Fund for Christmas for Kids 2013, Grays Harbor Youth Works for a Student Internship Program, North Beach School District for the Lighthouse Mentoring Project, Children's Advocacy Center of Grays Harbor for Security Upgrades, Ocosta School District for the Parenting STEP Program, 4-H Ocosta Wild Robotocats for Expanding the Robotocats Program, and Hoquiam School District for their "Bridging the Digital and Academic Divide for Low Income Students" program. 

Grays Harbor Community Foundation now offers online grant applications

ABERDEEN, Wash. - The Grays Harbor Community Foundation has announced they are officially accepting applications for their Discretionary Grants program online, beginning with the fourth quarter cycle which has a deadline of October 1st, 2013.


“We are excited to announce our continued partnership with Bromelkamp Company, LLC with the investment in their eGrant product to receive and review applications online and move towards becoming paperless,” Program Officer Cassie Lentz said.


The application itself has had few revisions, applicants will just now be able to fill it out and upload necessary supporting documents digitally. The Grants Application is up and running and the Scholarship Application will be available online soon, with the target date being the opening of the Scholarship season in October.