Hoquiam Farmers Market News – SCHOOL’S OUT Edition

The last week of school! Some of the most longed for, highly anticipated words in the English language! Do we ever get over the thrill of hearing them? I hope not. When I get to be an old, old lady, I hope that I still perk up at the news of school summer vacation. Those last few days of school are usually the warmest and most beautiful days of the year. Teachers don’t stand a chance of capturing the students attention, so field trips are especially popular at this time. Yesterday we saw a class of 3rd graders being treated to ice cream cones at the Blue Beacon and admired the teacher for her decision. Yes! Remember those little cups of vanilla and orange sherbert ice cream? And the little wooden paddle spoon for scooping it out? Back in my day, that was the special occasion goodie in the classroom.

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