DEA National Drug Take-Back day collects nearly 16 tons from Pacific Northwest

Americans nationwide showed their support for the United States Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA’s) National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day program by dropping off more

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Hoquiam standoff ends peacefully, neighbor finds shooting suspect in garage

A Hoquiam man allegedly fired a shotgun at his neighbor then hid, prompting SWAT team response and a standoff at a home on Burns street in Hoquiam Friday night.

Detective Sgt. Shane Krohn tells

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Washington State Department of Financial Institutes Warns Consumers About Internet Payday Loans

Olympia – The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) urges consumers seeking short-term and/or small loans from companies seen on TV or online to be vigilant, read the small print and make sure any company they do business with is licensed to make loans in the state of Washington.

Consumers should be aware that Internet lenders not licensed in Washington State may also not be adhering to our state’s laws. Because of this, the protections in our state’s laws - including limitations on fees that may be charged and laws relating to collection practices - may not be available to consumers using these services should they have trouble with the lender down the line.

“Internet payday lenders who are not willing to abide by Washington law are not welcome to do business with Washington consumers,” DFI Director Scott Jarvis said. “As the state regulator, it’s our job to enforce the consumer protection laws adopted by our legislators – businesses refusing to play by the rules should take note – and be prepared for DFI to take action against them.”

Governor Gregoire signs two DFI-requested bills designed to protect consumers, ensure Sound business practices

Olympia – The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions is pleased to announce the signing of two requested bills offering stronger protection for consumers and establishing guidelines for more sound business practices: HB 2608 regarding Loan Servicers and Loan Modifications and ESHB 2564 regarding Escrow Agents.

"We proposed the loan servicer bill because we received so many complaints from Washington homeowners who lost their dreams their homes to questionable third party loan servicing practices," Deborah Bortner, DFI Director of Consumer Services said. "Throughout the foreclosure crisis, homeowners desperately hoping to avoid losing their home have fallen victim to companies offering to help - for a substantial fee. In many cases, the homeowner pays several thousand dollars, receives no loan modification and loses their home to foreclosure anyway."