Boy Scouts from Troop number 5 in Aberdeen earned their fire safety merit badges over the weekend, with the help of some local firefighters.

Tip # 2 Learn CPR & First Aid

Courses are offered for free online and many are available locally through fire departments, the Red Cross and Public Health Agencies for a nominal fee ranging between $15 – $35. World First Aid Day – September 12, 2015 It’s more than a skill — it’s an act of humanity. Given without discrimination, it helps empower […]

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  • Grays Harbor EMS prepping local high schools for new graduation requirement: CPR training

    OLYMPIA, Wash. – New Graduation requirements in Washington will save lives on and off the High School campus, and if they don’t know already, your students will learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation. “They figure the more training they can get, the better for everybody in the public and in school.”
    Sharryl Bell with Grays Harbor EMS said last week that they are working with local schools to make sure that the Class of 2014 knows what to do in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. “A lot of school like Hoquiam High School has a program set up, Aberdeen [trains] their staff and they are working toward their students. For those that are already doing it in school it’s not a big deal.” Bell said students will also be trained to use Automated External Defibrillators that restart a heart with an electric shock.
    According to the American Heart Association, of the nearly 360-thousand people in the US that suffer sudden cardiac arrest outside of the hospital, only 9.5% survive, often because they don’t receive timely CPR.  Bystander CPR, when given right away, can double or even triple a victim’s chances of survival.
    Substitute house bill 1556 was signed into law earlier this year. Beginning this school year, instruction in CPR must be included in at least one health class necessary for graduation.
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  • Child Drowns in Chehalis River

    Boistfort, WA – Lewis County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the 100 block of Ceres Hill Road, in Boistfort, at approximately 1636 hours on May 4, 2012, after an 8 year old boy’s mother reported him missing from their residence.
    Deputies trained in swift water rescue located the boy approximately an hour later 1/4 of a mile down river on a gravel bar in the middle of the river. Lewis County Fire District’s 6, 13, and AMR (American Medical Response) also assisted in the rescue.
    CPR was immediately initiated and continued while the boy was transported to Centralia Providence Hospital. He was pronounced deceased at approximately 1905 hours.
    An investigation into the incident is being conducted.

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  • Aberdeen Fire Department Recognizes Citizens for Life Saving Efforts – Audio Added

    ABERDEEN, Wash. – The Aberdeen Fire Department recognized 3 citizens for their lifesaving efforts at Aberdeen’s City Council meeting Wednesday night, on January 4, 2011 a 911 call was received at 09:11 AM reporting a 57 year old male had collapsed in the Grays Harbor College bookstore.  It was shortly determined that the patient Scott Birdsall had no pulse or respiration and was in full cardiac arrest.  Aberdeen Fire Department Engine 6 and Medic 42 were quickly dispatched from fire station 2 in South Aberdeen and arrived to the patient within 5 minutes.


    Grays Harbor College employees Brenda Dell and Tony Simone along with student Kristy Simpson, who is an EMT, immediately sprang to action.  CPR was started with Kristy doing chest compressions while Brenda operated the resuscitator bag.  Tony retrieved the automatic external defibrillator that the college had on hand, connected the pads to Scott’s chest and turned on the AED.  When the AED advised to defibrillate he did so along with continued CPR efforts of the other two as directed by the machine.  Scott was then defibrillated a second time and CPR continued until AFD personnel arrived. 

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  • Coast Guard rescues unconscious fisherman off of Grays Harbor coast

    GRAYS HARBOR, Wash. – The Coast Guard says it has rescued an unconscious fisherman off a vessel west of Grays Harbor, Wash.

    The Coast Guard received a call for help around 6:30 a.m. Saturday. The crewmember had been knocked unconscious when a block hit him in the head.

    CPR helped the fisherman breath again, but he did not regain consciousness on the vessel.

    The man was taken to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland, Ore.

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  • Satsop Man Dies After Accident

    SATSOP, Wash. – A Satsop man died yesterday after becoming pinned between two vehicles in Satsop, Sheriff’s Chief Criminal Deputy Dave Pimental tells us deputies responding to the 100 block of Keys road discovered 81 year old Ray Scott was pinned between two vehicles on the westbound shoulder of the road. Pimental said Scott and other family members were gathering cattle to take to sale when Scott walked behind his truck to obtain gloves. Scott’s wife of over 50 years pulled up behind the pickup truck in the family SUV to park, when the vehicle lunged forward it pinned Scott.
    Deputies and family members were able to remove him and perform CPR, aid crews from Fire District 5 responded and continued with first aid measures. Scott was transported to the Elma airport, met by a medvac flight from Harboview, and while preparing for flight was pronounced dead.
    Pimental said because Scott was the father of Grays Harbor County Undersheriff Rick Scott, the State Patrol will be conducting the investigation.
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