Oakville men arrested after taking electric lift on joyride

A pair of Oakville men are in serious trouble after joyriding a piece of equipment from a construction site Thursday night. The Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department tells us the two were reported in a building being renovated on Pine Street. They apparently drove the electric man-lift about two blocks to Main Street, in front of the Oakville Fire Station when the battery died.

Chehalis Tribal Police arrested A 20 year old man on 1st Degree Theft charges, while the 23 year old was interviewed and released, both were reportedly “heavily intoxicated.” Shumate said the lift was valued at around $15,000, making the crime a Class B Felony. Officials are also looking into a third person that may be involved.

Shumate said while it’s possible the men were merely joyriding with the piece of equipment, the man lift was valued at $15,000 therefore the crime is considered Theft 1st, a Class B felony.

Aberdeen man cornered in Grays Harbor City swamp

An Aberdeen man was cornered in a swamp North of Hoquiam this morning, after leading police on a car chase through Hoquiam, then foot chase through the woods of Grays Harbor City.

Sgt. Jeremy Mitchell with the Hoquiam Police Department tells us the 33 year old was driving with a suspended license when an officer attempted to pull him over downtown around 9 Wednesday morning. He sped down side streets toward State Route 109 where he ditched his car on Harborview Court and disappeared into the thick woods. About an hour and a half later, the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s K9 unit found him in a swampy area near the bay. Mitchell said the chase adds felony eluding charges to driving on a suspended license. A passenger in the car, a Hoquiam transient, was also taken into custody on outstanding warrants from the Department of Corrections.

Detective Sergeant Shane Krohn tells KBKW on 07-30-14, Hoquiam Officers were conducting surveillance on a suspected drug location in the 500 block of Emerson Avenue.  While conducting the surveillance a vehicle belonging to a known drug dealer was seen at the location.  Officers observed two males and one female enter the vehicle and drive away from the location.

Officers attempted to intercept the vehicle, but the driver saw the officer and immediately fled at a high rate of speed.  The vehicle traveled through streets in the west end of Hoquiam at very high rates of speed.  The vehicle then turned west onto Emerson Avenue heading for Highway 109 with police in pursuit.

The driver and passengers abandoned the vehicle in a driveway on Harborview court in the Grays Harbor City Hills.

Officers were in a short foot pursuit of the suspects until they ran off into the heavily wooded area.  Containment was setup in the area and assistance from the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s department Canine unit was requested.

Once the Canine team arrived and began their search one of the suspects, a 26-year old Aberdeen man, immediately surrendered saying “he had a warrant and it wasn’t worth getting bit for”.  The suspect was arrested on a confirmed Department of Corrections warrant and booked into the Hoquiam Jail.

The second man, a 33-year old Aberdeen man, was shortly located by the canine team but refused to surrender and was contacted by the canine.  The man was taken into custody and was treated and released at the hospital for a dog bite to his upper left arm.  The suspect was booked into the County Jail for Felony Eluding.

The female who was in the vehicle was located at the residence where the vehicle had been abandoned; no charges have been filed on her.

State and local police asking the public to “Tweet Smart” at crime scenes

Social media has become the tool of choice for sharing life events, from mundane things like family dinners to major, life-changing, emergencies

Seattle-area law enforcement agencies are asking you to “Tweet Smart” during emergencies, to help public safety responders keep you safe.

“Please don’t tweet about the movements of responding police officers, or post pictures,” said Washington State Patrol Chief John R. Batiste. “Sooner or later we’ll have an emergency where the suspect is watching social media. That could allow an offender to escape, or possibly even cost an officer their life.”

The agencies’ concern began to grow after watching events in Moncton, New Brunswick and Portland, OR.

“We watched these incidents as they unfolded on social media. In both cases, there was real-time information posted by individuals that could have compromised officer safety,” said Chief Bret Farrar of the Lakewood Police Department.

Along with not posting information about police movements, posting pictures can also put officers at risk.

“If it’s safe to do so, go ahead and take pictures of our deputies in action,” said Kitsap County Sheriff Steve Boyer.  “We’re very proud of the work they do. We’d simply ask that you wait to post those pictures until the emergency is over.”

In fact, pictures posted after the emergency can help investigators determine what happened as the event unfolded.

Here are some suggested dos and don’ts for the use of social media in emergencies.

  • Do get to a safe place and call 911 if possible. Live telephone calls to dispatchers are law enforcement’s best source of real-time information in an emergency.
  • Do feel free to let family and friends know you’ve reached safety.
  • Do feel free to warn friends if you have first-hand knowledge of a developing emergency.
  • Don’t tweet or post about the movements of police, or post pictures of officers. Even what seems like vague information could be used by a criminal familiar with the area.
  • Don’t endanger yourself to get a picture, no matter how compelling.
  • Don’t spread rumors. If you’re not sure, don’t post, tweet or re-tweet.
  • Do feel free to tweet about the response and post pictures after the emergency is over.


Although the term is “Tweet Smart,” the advice applies to whatever is your preferred social media platform.

New phone scam claiming to be Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Deputy

The Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department is warning of a new phone scam where a man is calling senior citizens in the county claiming to be Lt. Johnson with their department.

Undersheriff David Pimentel tells us he is claiming that they have outstanding warrants and fines, and wants them to meet withhim in Montesano with cash to cover the warrants and fines. The calls are coming from 360 214-1541 or 360 214-1525.
This is a scam that preys on the elderly and the person identifying himself as Lt Johnson is in no way associated with the GHSO.
Pimentel said if you should receive a call like this do not respond and call the 911 center. If you have any information on who may be making these calls please contact Detective Darrin Wallace at the sheriff’s office.

Teen arrested for breaking into Brady store, was on probation for breaking into Brady store

The Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department has arrested two men in connection with burglaries at businesses in Ocean Shores and Brady, one of them was on probation for breaking into the same store a month earlier.
Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate tells us on Tuesday, Montesano police were investigating an unrelated complaint when they found the two suspects, brothers aged 20 and 15 were arrested on burglary charges. A search warrant on their Montesano home revealed evidence from burglaries of the Sunshine Deli in Hogan’s Corner, and the Brady Food Mart in Brady last month.
Shumate said the two later admitted to their involvement in both burglaries, the 15 year old was already on probation for his involvement in a previous burglary of the Brady store in April.

Camping parents find adult daughter in Grays Harbor County ditch

The parents of a 21 year old Cosmopolis woman found their daughter in a ditch near Wynoochee Wildwood Park, the victim of an alleged sexual assault. Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate with the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department tells us last night around 11:19 pm, Grays Harbor E911 received a call of a possible sex offense believed to have occurred on Geissler Road near Wynoochee Wildwood (Montesano).  The victim was a 21 year old Cosmopolis woman who was being transported to Summit Pacific Hospital in Elma by her parents.

Deputies met with the victim and her parents at the hospital.  They learned that the family had been camping at Wynoochee Wildwood.  The victim had been in her tent but at some point, and unbeknownst to her parents, she decided to leave the park and walk toward SR 12.  The victim reported that she started to hitchhike on Geissler Road and a silver colored 4 door car stopped and the male driver offered her a ride.  The victim accepted the offer and reported that after getting in the car, the driver (and sole occupant) sexually assaulted her.  After the assault, the victim was able to exit the vehicle and ended up in the ditch.

The parents (still believing their daughter was in her tent) had left the park and approximately 2 blocks south of the park, observed a female in the ditch.  When they stopped to check on the person, they realized at that point the female was their daughter and took her to the hospital.  The victim was eventually taken to St. Peters Hospital in Olympia for a sexual assault exam.  The victim sustained minor scratches to her hands.

The victim advised that the suspect was a white male between 40-50 years of age, with a full beard and a scar below his left eye.  Investigators will be working today to try and develop additional information.

Woman’s throat slashed after party in Grays Harbor County

A 25 year old Aberdeen man remains in jail on two counts of Assault in the First Degree after allegedly slashing the throat of a Wishkah Road resident at the end of a party early Sunday morning.
Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate with the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department reports the man was passed out at the home in the 50 block of Johnson Road as the 51 year old woman was being taken to Grays Harbor Community Hospital in Aberdeen by her husband. He was taken into custody without incident, a 22 year old neighbor who was at the home at the time of the attack told investigators that they had hosted a party earlier that night, and while most had left the suspect and two victims were the last three awake when he became violent and slashed at them with a knife.
The commotion woke her husband and while the three began to subdue him he passed out – and remained that way until officers woke him around 3 Sunday morning.
The husband immediately took his wife to the hospital. Shumate said upon arrival, deputies met the husband in the parking lot and the victim was rushed in.  The cut to her throat was significant however not life threatening.  It was also determined that the reporting party had sustained a number of cut wounds as well however did not require hospitalization.  The suspect was extremely intoxicated and had to be taken to the hospital to be cleared for incarceration.  It appears that the attack was unprovoked and without notice.  He is currently in the Grays Harbor County Jail on two counts of Assault 1st degree.

Reported drug house in Hoquiam shut down after complaints

Heavy foot and vehicle traffic reported at a suspected drug house turned up a few arrests for Hoquiam Police yesterday. Chief Jeff Myers tells us deputies from the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department aided in serving a search warrant in the 200 block of K Street yesterday morning. A 34 year old Hoquiam woman was arrested on methamphetamine charges. A 28 year old Hoquiam man was also arrested on DOC felony warrants.
Myers said the home had no electrical service, and was in such disrepair that the city plans to condemn the building
In the morning hours of June 26, 2014, detectives with the Grays Harbor Drug Task Force, along with officers from the Hoquiam Police Department and Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office, served a search warrant at 211 K Street in Hoquiam pursuant to an investigation regarding small-scale methamphetamine sales.
During the course of the search warrant, the suspect and resident of the premises, a 34-year old Hoquiam woman, was arrested for multiple counts of Violation of the Uniform Substance Act. The female was subsequently booked into the Grays Harbor County Jail on pending felony drug charges.
A 28-year old Hoquiam man, who was staying at the home, was arrested on an outstanding DOC felony warrant for probation violations. Suspected methamphetamine was also found on his person. He was booked at the Hoquiam City Jail under the contract with DOC to hold state probation offenders and may face additional felony drug charges.
Other occupants staying at the residence at the time of the search warrant were checked for outstanding wants and released.
This investigation stemmed from numerous neighborhood complaints to the Hoquiam Police Department of heavy foot and vehicle traffic to and from the residence. These complaints were forwarded to the Drug Task Force, which initiated an undercover investigation.
Given the conditions of the residence, including the fact there was no electrical service, the premises will be condemned by the Hoquiam Building Department. Anyone who returns will be arrested for trespassing once the premises is posted “unsafe to occupy”.
A derelict vehicle, also belonging to the female resident, was impounded from the street in front of the house.
“One of our three Department Focus Points is targeting drug dealers and drug locations. The Drug Task Force took on this location based on citizen concerns and developed a case which will hopefully resolve the problem.”

Scrolling sign prompts evacuation and search of Pacific Transit bus

Police pulled over, evacuated, and searched a transit bus headed to Raymond yesterday, after a distress signal was reported to 911.
Chief Criminal Deputy Pat Matlock with the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office reports Raymond, South Bend, Pacific County and Washington State Patrol deputies detained the bus at milepost 61 alongside State Route 101. It was reported just before 6 Monday evening, an alert driver said they had passed a transit bus, it’s scrolling reader board read “emergency call police” while driving on State Route 101.

Pacific Transit tells us Route 14 runs from Raymond to Aberdeen 3 times a day. The last run was stopped on the way back.

Matlock said 10-12 people were delayed by about an hour while State Patrol and Sheriff’s deputies searched the bus for any suspicious activity. The inspection revealed the bus driver had accidentally tripped a warning message built into their reader boards.

Shelton driver runs stop sign, hit by Sheriff’s truck

A Shelton man was arrested at the scene of a collision with a Mason County Sheriff’s truck yesterday. The Washington State Patrol reports his 97 Honda Accord failed to stop at a stop sign at 1st street in Shelton just after 5 Wednesday. His car was struck by a fully marked Ford truck driven by Mason County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Sisson. Both were injured, and transported to Mason General with undisclosed injuries. The 30 year old driver of the Honda was charged with DUI, his vehicle listed as totaled. The Sheriff’s truck sustained reportable damage, the investigation blocked the road for 2 and a half hours.