Grays Harbor County Commissioners campaigning for budget solutions

As the County continues to work out a functioning budget for the coming year, the commissioners are campaigning for their own ideas. Commissioner Frank Gordon spoke at the Aberdeen City

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Pacific County Deputies assist commercial gillnet vessel with engine failure

South Bend, WA. – On August 25th at approximately 6:10 PM, the Sheriff’s Office received a request for assistance from the operator of a commercial gillnetting vessel that had

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Timber Group mulling legal action against Grays Harbor County over fee-for-access

Washington Forest Protection Association, the State’s oldest timber group, is taking legal action to protect private forest landowner’s property rights from Ordinance No. 412 adopted by

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Editorial: Greater Grays Harbor Inc. supports “Yes” vote for Public Hospital District #2

If Grays Harbor Community Hospital does not become a public hospital, our economic health will be in jeopardy. That is why the board of Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. has voted to support the

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Grays Harbor County Commissioners choose not to submit stance on crude by rail

The County Commissioners yesterday decided not to weigh in on the current scoping of two projects that seek to export crude oil through Grays Harbor. Cosmopolis Mayor Vickie Raines advised the commissioners against adopting a resolution “I think at this particular time we don’t have all the information that is necessary to be making a judgment call and passing a resolution on something that is more interstate.” The proposed resolution also called on updates to the county’s incident response plans, Commissioner Wes Cormier said it was just too specific. “I went through this and you know one of the points says that railroad company restriction of petroleum transport through Grays Harbor County and then section 2 weighs in heavily on phasing out older model tank cars. I don’t know much about this type of thing. Like I said I wouldn’t mind sending a more general letter, in support of safety, given that we have had 3 derailments. Commissioner Frank Gordon said he’d like to call for a moratorium on the trains, but said the best they could do was urge the state and federal authorities to tighten restrictions. The next commissioners meeting will be after the deadline for public comment on the scoping phase of two projects proposed to export crude oil from Hoquiam terminals.

County Commissioners shape proposed Public Hospital District #2, heads for August ballot

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners have accepted the proposed Public Hospital District’s boundaries, as it was presented by petition. With a “nay” vote from Commissioner

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Grays Harbor County Commissioners hosting public hearings on Public Hospital District

Grays Harbor County Commissioners are holding public hearings this week on the formation of a public Hospital District. Two hearings today start at 2pm and 5:30pm in the Large Commissioner

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Grays Harbor County Coroner Dan Burns announces retirement

Grays Harbor County Coroner Dan Burns has announced he plans to retire, Burns said in a press release it would take effect June first.

After over 40 years of public service, including 25 years

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WDFW will hold two public meetings on hoof disease in S.W. Washington

OLYMPIA – State wildlife managers believe they are close to determining the cause of hoof disease in southwest Washington elk and plan to hold two meetings in April to share results to date

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Grays Harbor County approves marijuana businesses, meets first business

Marijuana shunned by the city of Hoquiam will be shipped through its downtown core later this summer. The Grays Harbor County Commissioners yesterday lifted their moratorium on marijuana production and sales, amending several ordinances that effectively implemented State Initiative 502. Bob Morse, Executive VP of The Green Harvest Corporation told the commissioners shortly after the adoption “Now that the moratorium has been lifted, our company is going to be producing and processing recreational marijuana in accordance with the state regulations, in accordance with the other state agency’s regulations, and of course with the county’s permission. The location of our 32,000 square foot facility is along highway 101, just North of the city limits of Hoquiam. Morse said they plan to spend about a million dollars to prepare the Mayr Brothers property to grow about 12,000 plants later this summer, they hope to employ about 25. The city of Hoquiam in February drafted a resolution that would make production or sales illegal until it’s federally legal. A public hearing on that matter starts at 10 this Thursday morning at City Hall.